Saturday, August 20, 2005


I am finally making some headway in this blogging thing. Thanks to my dear friend Afdlin Shauki whose blogsite showed me the light. Nobody will be reading this blogsite for quite a while so I shan't write anymore lah.


cyber-red said...

congrats on the new blog =)

Julian Chan said...


Heheheheh.. welcome to da blogging world, man!

Nice to see you "hooked" up! AHhaha..

shamaine said...

hi Patrick! blog now? awesome! i blog too but not on blogspot,although I do have an account with them.Weirdest thing were in my dream last nite,it was completely random.Anyway,hope you and the family are fine.Take care!

sunny-side up said...

Hi Patrick,

How are you? long time no see.
found your blog at the kakiseni notice board!
look forward to hear from you!

Trashed said...

Patrick, bahger you.

Wahh, now in cyberspace also izzit ? Good, good. Orang tua still can.

You Da Man.

lecram sinun said...

hey, I'm reading it! check mine out at

synical said...

Aiseyman... never say you got blog also.

P.S. Romi and Joolee highly enjoyable.

seth.frostheart said...


selambakodok said...

hello brudder,
So happy to see you here!!... just another supercool method of trying to get ourselves into ISA. heehee

got to be careful brudder, this thing very addictive one. once the bug hit you. You will wish, somebody paid you to blog all the time.

your fren,

ps start sharing something profound (heehee) and i will direct my traffic to your blog. Actually if you put TAN SRI MICHAEL as your nick i think alot of people will identify.

she-shima said...

hi sayang,

hehehehehe.. LOL just to let u know dat i miss u lah.. dunno when will afdlin gonna start shoot again, can't wait to work with u again, and again, and again, like afdlin said, sain matilahh!!!
i lost my phone anyway, can't call me for now.

send my regards to ur family,love u.

lecram sinun said...

Just to let you know... I've linked your blog to mine.


FoggyDuo said...

There seems to be no end to the places where you can now 'express yourself'... just try not to get sued :-)

Enjoy the blogging Pat, and keep an eye on that silver lining... it is just temporarily tarnished, that's why you don't see it so easily, but it IS there.

Muchos hugs
the FoggyDuo team

vagus said...

welcome, patrick. i'm a big fan of yours.

patrickteoh said...

I think I should have left that last comment here instead of posting it. Please don angry ah? Learning ma.

patrickteoh said...

Hey Julian. What a pleasant surprise to see you here. How are you man? I vaguely remember our meeting at Alexis a few months ago. I have not been back since. I don't think they will be too welcoming after I chewed them up about the bad whiskey they sell for RM21++(?) per shot. Really! But I guess most visitors to Alexis drink that grape stuff in tall glasses held with their pinkies in the air. You of course will always stick to your glass of ice water, right? anyway, no sign of when Jazz Cafe will be aired. RTM is objecting to the Coca Cola machine that is behind me in all the opening monologues. Ah some things never change lah.

patrickteoh said...

Errr....I don't know how to do this individually so I am doing it all here lah. To cyber-red, thanks. Anybody who is blur is a friend of mine unless you happen to be working as a front line staff in any government department.

Julian, I've already replied.

Shamaine. Hi there. Is this Shamaine from Life? Well, anyone who has me in their dreams, wet or otherwise is a friend of mine. Thanks, the family and I are fine.

Hi sunny-side up. You found me at kakiseni??? Wow I didn't realise that my blog would be listed there. Oh yes, I think it was from my email signature when I posted a notice there.

Hi trashed. Don't know who you are either. But thanks for the blog friendship.

Hi to my old friend, lecram sinun in Fresno, CA. Thanks for linking my blog. You all should go visit lecram's blog. It is interesting man.

Glad you enjoyed Romi And Joolee synically_jaded. Sorry i dinch say I got blog. Don't know how to blog also how to say?

Hi seth. Yeah I am as surprised as you are that I have a blog. Well, one has to move with the times as well as age with it.

To my blog mentor, Afdlin mucho gracias. You the MAN!

Aiyoh Shima you lost your phone? Why you careless? Never mind la. Boss will get you a new one. Or he won't be able to contact you. And we know he can't work without you. Heh heh heh.....

To Vagus. Thanks. I'm a big fan of mine too. That makes it a round figure of 2 in the patrick teoh fan club:-)

To Sheila and Ken, thanks. Looking forward to the next roast:-)

patrickteoh said...

I am trying to figure out how to put some photos here with picasa's hello. Downloaded the thing but can't connect. Message says that I should check my internet connection. Huh? All I know is I am connected. Anyone want to bother with educating this IT idiot?

uncle bob said...

Nice to find your page, Patrick. Even nicer to see a young at heart ( chewah !)tingle with technology...just like the kodok fella said, this thing is addictive ! Technology has provided a global platform ( aka loudspeaker) for people to share their thoughts, discuss ideas & express individuality.