Saturday, October 08, 2005

Buka Puasa Contest

Keep your eyes open for the funniest, strangest, most laughable Buka Puasa advertisements that have sprouted all over the country. In the newspapers, billboards, TV, radio, flyers etc.

Take a photo, write a short report, send in a recording. Whatever. The best and most interesting entry sent to us WINS ........drum roll).............3 bowls of Hokkein Mee at Champ's @ Centre Point, Bandar Utama. Sorry lah, outstation flers have to arrange your own transport to come here lah.

Will try and get TV Smith and Jeff Ooi to be judges if we get enough entries. If they don't want, then it will be Patrick Teoh's final decision. It's good to be a dictator:-)

This contest is open to all Malaysians. However, the prize is non halal but can be substituted for 3 servings of Nasi Kandar at the mamak fler's place just downstairs of Champ's lah.


Samm said...

*rummaging for digital camera* whezzit? whezzit? 3 bowls woh, enuf for papa, gordon & i.

mob1900 said...

I knew I should've taken pics of the coppers sitting at Rafi since 6:30pm doing nuthin' brandishing their unloaded MP5 while waiting for buka puasa.

"Coppers demands to be fed or the cook gets it!"

patrickteoh said...

For all our Muslim friends here's some useful information courtesy of a friend named Francis Chai..........

1- Istana Hotel (03-21419988)* RM 78++
2- Crown Mutiara (03-21482322) RM 68++
3- Concorde KLIA (03-87833188)* RM 30++
4- Crown Princess (03-21625522) RM 68++
5- Federal Hotel (03-21630463) RM 48++
6- Dorsett Regency (03-2715500) RM 48++
7- Concorde KL (03-21442200) RM 48++
8- Dynasty Hotel (03-40437777) RM 48++
9- Swiss Garden Hotel (03-21413333) RM 48++
10- Corus Hotel (03-21618888) RM 48++
11- Coronade Hotel (03-21486388) RM 39++
12- Prince Hotel (03-21708888)* RM 70++
13- Restoran Seri Melayu RM 60++
14- Restoran Al Marjan (KLCC)* RM 34.50++
15- Restoran Berputar Menara KL RM 88++
16- Restoran Nelayan Titiwangsa RM 28++
17- Hotel Midah KL (03-22739999) RM 29++
18- Hotel Grand Continental (03-26939333) RM 48++
19- Cititel Hotel MidValley (03-22961188) RM 50 nett
20- Concorde Shah Alam (03-55122200) RM 48++

patrickteoh said...

So nobody wants this contest ah? Okay then, the offer will expire in 7 days. You missed out.

Trashed said...

Wah liau, must say terima kasih to Francis for his research.

Baarger, buka puasa must also buka dompet, man. Life tak adil, rupa nya.

patrickteoh said...

Just curious a bit lah. Does anyone know which hotel pissed off the ministers and other buka puasa flers ah? The last few days they were all complaining about some hotel charging RM100+ for a buka puasa buffet.

The list that Francis provided lists only the 3 star or no star hotels. Prices there not so bad ma. Hor? LOL

blastmeister said...

The minister will alwiz hv the choice of not eating at the hotel that charged rm100++ for a buka puasa...why they complaint? jealous bcos some ppl can go there buka puasa but too expensive for the minister? how about asking mercedes benz to sell the slk series at about proton cars price? hahahah

alwiz complaint at nothing...guess they need to show some talking to the press, parliment or news..if not ppl will said this minister got nothing to do...