Friday, December 09, 2005

Nell Bares All!!!

(photo courtesy Christina and Isma)

That's right Nell takes it all off. All her inhibitions. Her fears. She lays bare on stage... her immense comic talent.

That got your attention? With a babe like Nell and the kings of comedy, Afdlin Shauki, Harith Iskander and Jit Murad PLUS Rashid Salleh, Ida Nerina and Gavin Yap how can you not want to buy a ticket and be part of the fun......

End the year with a blast! For an evening of comedy improv from Malaysia's best entertainers, comes Actorlympics! at the Actors Studio@BSC - Malaysia's version of "Whose Line Is It Anyway?"

Actorlympics! is a test of skills for the players, all of whom rely on the wit and demands of the audience to push themselves to the limits of Improvisational performance!

Watch crusty old veterans pitch their talents against newbie upstarts, playing theatresports games - inluding old favourites like the freeze game, censorship game and line in a bucket, as well as new games like the ting game, bocelli, music video and the like.

Audience members stand a chance to win prizes every night! Look out for our special ticket offer for two and special time of 5pm for the new year weekend shows (sat/sun). Hope to see you there! Book early to avoid disappointment!

Call for ticket promotions.
Date: 28 to 30 December 2005 @ 8.30PM
31 Dec 2005 & 1 Jan 2006 @ 5PM
Price: RM45 RM40 RM80 RM70,
RM20 (Students)


Samm said...

When are you gonna bare it all on stage??

patrickteoh said...

Samm, the thing is to 'sell' tickets. Nor frighten old ladies and children;-)

DeLiRiuM said...

Hi there,

It's been years since I used to listen to your show over at Radio 4, prior to you getting banned (for a reason that remains lost within my brain someplace) and come to think of it, it's been years since I've listened to Radio 4. Hmm...

Anyway, caught a movie of yours on the flight back to England and it got me to thinking about how I used to enjoy your shows, along with shows from the likes of Harith Iskandar, which're admittedly non-existent over here.

But I'm glad to have come across your blog, and I look forward to the day when I'll be back home and be able to (at the very least) catch a few shows over at BSC.

patrickteoh said...

Hi Delirium. Thanks for the comment. The truth is I was never banned from Radio 4. After almost 3 years there I just got tired of it one day and decided to quit. That was that. But somehow the rumours flew that I was banned because of my 'controversies'. It sounded like a good way of making an exit so I let it go.
You saw a movie on the plane with me in it? Which one? I'm in another movie which will be released on December 22 called Baik Punya Cilok. It's an Afdlin Shauki film and stars Afdlin, Hans Isaac, A.C. Mizal and Awie. It's a very funny film. Do catch it if you can. Which of course is going to be difficult since you're in the UK.

Tomorrow night is another milestone in Malaysian comedy show history. Malaysia's top 3 comedians are going to be on stage at the same time. Jit Murad, Harith Iskander and Afdlin Shauki are performing a show titled, "Fat, Fossil & Funny" at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC). One night only. It is part of the programme to celebrate YTL's 50th Anniversary. Tickets are free and have been all taken up. Promises to be a great evening for all attending.

I'll bet if those 3 flers performed at the Royal ALbert Hall they'd fill the place too. Write to your MP! Petition the Malaysian High Commission. Make it happen.

DeLiRiuM said...

I bet more folks will see it at the Royal Albert than the paltry amount of folks who went to see Siti Nurhaliza. Poor girl.

Can't remember the name of the movie to be also had Afdlin and Harith in it, and it was about a couple of investigators who were looking into so-called paranormal activity in a hotel in which one of the girls had died. You played the hotel owner who had a crush on said dead girl.

As for Baik Punya Cilok, I think I saw a friend of mine with a VCD of it. But if it's only out on Dec 22...hmm...?

patrickteoh said...

Hey delirium, you may have started something here. Did you go see the concert at the Royal Albert Hall? Poor girl??? The reports in the press here all said it was a SRO concert. Or at least gave the impression that the girl performed to a capacity crowd. Don't tell me they would lie about such a thing. I hope not.

Yeah the movie you saw was "Kelibat" a movie that Afdlin made last year. It was a straight to video movie and never meant for general release. I am surprised that they showed it on the plane. It was fun working on that.

Baik Punya Cilok on VCD??? Wow those pirate f**Kers work fast. My wife and I went to see the press preview today. It is FUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNIIIIIIEEEEEEE!

Don't miss you all of you who are in Malaysia. It opens December 22.

ja$on said...

Nell's blazing HOT! damn ...

Anyway, I do hope to make it to Actorlympics tis year round & catch u guys busting my gut out after much laughter. Nevertheless, u guys have been making huge waves in the local scene - Bravo to tat!!

Would like to see more good materials coming from u guys. Keep up the good work!

psst! Ipoh mali tarak sombong! Hehe!

patrickteoh said...

LOL, Jason you're another one of those stricken by Nell's babelicious looks. Yes do go and watch Actorlympics. I am sure that you won't regret it.

You also Ipoh mali issit?

ja$on said...

Yah, Ipoh mali indeed. Was a silent observer to ur blog until u mentioned abt Nell, damn - tat brought me straight out from the (kuku)nut shell!! Hah!

Will try to grab some tix for the show. Am going oversea next week, and hope to return before the dates of the show. Hopefully when i am back, i can still get them tix. If not, just stand as close to the entrance like a dunguk & painfully listen to the show - if i dont get thrown away by then.

All the best! And Merry Christmas too!

JasonL said...

Patrick, how come u are not in this segment of the Actorlympics??

I saw Amir's movie, THE BIG DURIAN,with you in it and I thought you were pretty "brave" considering the lines that you were given to say.......

I see that Nell sure sells with jason with the $$, which is different from me. Anyway, don't think I can make it for the shows as the timing is not so good-lah...being the end of the year when there's lots of company dinners and functions. I did catch "Jit Happens ... Again" recently and it was really hilarious and funny......

patrickteoh said...

Hi Ja$on. I'm glad that you have come out of the shadows. That it took Nell to bring you out is not surprising at all:-) Book your tickets before you go overseas. That way you are assured of seeing Nell bare all on stage and not just listen to the screams coming from inside the theatre.

JasonL, You saw The Big Durian? Did you enjoy it? We went to see Fat, Fossil & Funny at the KLPAC last night and it was a blast. A privilege to see Malaysia's 3 best stand-up comedians, Afdlin Shauki, Jit Murad and Harith Iskander on stage in one bill.

lecram sinun said...

My final HNT extravaganza for the year will be up later today... this one is pretty wild. Just giving you a head's up. Cheers!

Adam said...

is this coming out on DVD ah?

can pirate one can

JasonL said...

I really enjoyed THE BIG DURIAN and we get to ask Amir some questions too as he was there at the screening at The Actor's Studio in Bangsar. Too bad such a film will never hit the big screens in the local cinemas but it is a great start and if ever the local movie scene do evolve and improve into something really big in the years to come then this film will cited as the historical turning point.

I also saw the other movie with you in it as Mr. Wong ie. THE BEAUTIFUL WASHING MACHINE by James Lee and felt that it was painfully slow and silent for me. Anyway, it did well enough to win the FIPRESCI in Bangkok and also the Best ASEAN Feature Awards, beating the big-budget Puteri Gunung Ledang.

U appeared in any other movies lately? I never heard of KELIBAT, what I can get it? Speedy shops?

Didn't take the effort to get the tickets for the YTL thingy so I missed the 3 "stooges"...haha

DeLiRiuM said...

Well, I didn't watch Siti at the Royal Albert 'cause I'm not really a fan. A few of my friends did though.

The main problem with the event (in my humble opinion) is that there wasn't much in terms of publicising the event. Yes, a few big shots came over and yes, there were e-mails and what not, but what's the point of having a show full of M'sian songs at the Royal Albert if it's only going to be seen by M'sians?

At the end, they were actually giving free tickets to students at the MSD in order to fill up seats (which didn't make a friend of mine happy - he is a big fan of siti and actually paid over a hundred pounds to get a good seat!) and I can't help but think that this was a good opportunity for the M'sian arts that was put to waste.

lecram sinun said...

Patrick, I want to thank you for stopping by... and for your kind comments. I'll tell you the photo-shoot for this one was fun and wild... and that alone was worth the effort that went into putting it together.

Yeahg, lets chat a little more about working together... or at least putting away copious amounts booze! Cheers!

Aswad said...

dude i just made a movie blog.
come and read la and waste some time there. come ah

Yvonne Lee said...

Dear Patrick, like Ja$on, I shall come out of the shadow too :)

Some ten years ago, as a lonely housewife with two bawling toddlers at my hip, I used to listen to you on Radio 4. Even spoken to you during the call-in session. Ah...those were the days.

Anyway, to make up for those days, it's still great to be able to catch you in Teohlogy (hey, come to think of it, I'm still keeping your "Parlaiz Manglaish" (or something like dat-lah...), your language rant piece of the defunct VOX magazine!!)

The last I saw you was during Roomi, Joo Li dll.

Like Ja$on, when I saw Nell posted here, I must put my praise here. She very pretty hor?

BTW, she is also a very kind girl. Months back, though she barely knew me, she got together with some of her theatre friends and put up an act to help promote my humour book "The Sky is Crazy" during my signing session at MPH. They braved the traffic on Merdeka Day to Mid Valley Mall some more!

Patrick, it has been nice to finally come out and thank you for your acts; whether on air, in print or on stage.

Oh, I just remembered something, pardon me for dropping your name during one of my book interviews. When FACES magazine asked me who I read, I mentioned your name. ( check out and click books.

Yvonne Lee
The Sky is Crazy.

PS, I'm also Ipoh mali.

patrickteoh said...

HI Aswad. Thanks for telling us about your movie blog. I shall go visit.

Yvonne! Wah! We have a celebrity 'comment-er'here. Welcome. Thank you for having been a listener and a caller too to my radio programmes. I had a great deal of fun doing those shows and I hope that the listeners enjoyed themselves too. It was really just one BIG tokkok session around a BIG mamak stall table over some teh tariks. It was fun.

VOX? My goodness I had almost forgotten about that publication altogether. Does anyone else remember? VOX was a pull-out mag in the Sun newspaper in its previous life. I wrote a monthly column which was called Vox Populi or something like that la.

Yes, Yvonne Nell did tell me about your book The Sky Is Crazy and I'd made a mental note to get a copy. But my mental notebook isn't what it used to be. So thank you for reminding me. I will go get one and read about your escapades at 30,000 feet. I'm gald that Nell made it to your book signing. Aiyah! Next time tell me la I will go also. Tumpang glamour a bit la:-)

Drop my name? Please feel free to do so. It is my honour.

patrickteoh said...

Hi Delirium. Can you ask your friends who were at the Siti Nurhaliza concert at the Royal Albert Hall just how many people they estimate were actually in the hall? I think it would make a very interesting read for those of us back here at home who've been given the impression that the concert was a HUGE success and proving yet again that Malaysia Boleh. If my memory serves me all the reports in the local papers gave the impression of a concert being a great success and that Siti was given praise by all and sundry in the UK. I am very happy for Siti it is true but I will be pissed off as a Malaysian if it can be proven that the Malaysian media lied. Again.

Ayah said...

will try to catch it... hummm end of the year...

King's wife said...

what about you? dun see your name?
I enjoyed it very much last time..Will try to catch it again.

Yvonne Lee said...

Hello Patrick! Thanks for your reply. Sorry, I was away.
No, lah, don't call me a celebrity, shy only...

Nell did tell you about the book? Don't worry about not getting the book yet. In this yuletide mood, allow me to send you an autographed book as a gift. After all, I'm a fan of your column. My email address is

Yvonne Lee

JasonL said...

Hi Patrick , geee it is quiet here.....must be the holidays season.To me, this is an ideal time to enjoy more sherry, tequila and some buds and sit back and contemplate which paintng in my humble collection to package and sell to MAS to get bonus angpow money, heh heh.

An old Irish friend now sailing somewhere in the Pacific ocean used to say this his toastings in pubs, here's to you and all here too:

"May love and laughter light your
and warm your heart and home.
May good and faithful friends be
wherever you may roam.
May peace and plenty bless your
with joy that long endures.
May all life's passing seasons
bring the best to you and yours!"

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Bill Teoh said...

This is a test comment from Bill Teoh, Patrick's computer illiterate elder brother. I have been trying to comment here but couldn't because I didn't know that I had to have a blogger account first. So now I have.....

lecram sinun said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

DeLiRiuM said...


Sorry for the lambat reply, been bz with work! Anyways, apparently the Hall was slightly less than half-filled, and as I mentioned before, a few of them did receive free tix. I guess they had to spruce things up a lil 'cause after all, it was attended by royalty and a number of datos' and tan sris'. Apparently. Anyways, merry xmas and a happy new year to ya!

ja$on said...

so the kan-cheong-nya! even my musings manage to bring Yvonne out from her hide-outs! hehe!

i just got back from Bali, woo-hoo! nice break! but sad lah, the island is pretty much in dire need of financial aids, mostly from the tourism industry. alot still shun the island. poor thing ...

but, i had my fair share of sun, sea, shopping, eating, boozing, spa-ing (if there's such a word) & watever tat is legal and otherwise.

now, i need to get my bearings back & try to get some of the tix for tis w'end.

wish me luck!

Trashed said...

Wahhh, Delirium

Looks like the Malaysian media bluff you and me and every other Mat, Ah Chong and Samy on Siti's big time London concert. Never the mind lah. I donch believe everything they write.

Alamak, even Performing Arts osso wan to tipu orang ke ? Aiyah, I see now lah - Malaysia Boleh in London mah.

bubbly soda said...

well i am glad that you guys are putting GREAT efforts into ARTS. I am proud of this. Really wanna come but... Anyways, thanks coz this will prove those who don't appreciate art that they are on the losing path.

lecram sinun said...

OK, man.... time for a new post! :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick,
Where have you been? Yes, time for a new post, missin your thoughts :D

Trashed said...


Baarger you. Still on holiday ah ? Plenty plenty to write - lecram wants to involve weblogs as an art form; Carmen Soo ada form in 3G; Street Roar plays rawk after Besi Hitam interruptus at Paul's Place.

How can ?

patrickteoh said...

Oi! trashed! You saw 3rd Generation meh? I was told by someone who very sarcastically referred to it as the best sitcom ever made. But I would buy a RM10 ticket just to see Carmen Soo on a big screen.

lecram wants to involve weblogs as a artform? What meaning that? But when it becomes art I shall just leave la:-)