Friday, December 02, 2005

William Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar"

(Photo of Patrick Teoh as Cassius and Amsalan Dooraisingam as Messala....."Caesar, thou art revenged; even with the sword that killed thee."_Photo courtesy of Isma

"Julius Caesar" opens tonight at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre at 8.30 p.m. The play will run until December 11 nightly at 8.30 p.m. except for Sundays when it starts at 3 p.m. Come and see it. There is no show on Monday.

The show on December 6 is for students and there are limited FREE tickets available for 'deserving' students.

If you scored 27 A1's in your last exam....
If you're dyslexic....
If you can prove that the pocket money your dad gives you does not amount to RM40 per annum....
If you can convince us that you will fail your Literature paper if you don't see this show....
If you can still fit into your primary school uniform....
If you can describe in vivid details your last wet dream about Gavin Yap....

Give Faridah Merican (Executive Producer) a call at the KLPAC ( 03 4047 9010).
Or leave a note here.

Yesterday, a deejay on Lite N' Easy while promoting Julius Caesar and giving away tickets to the show refered to Julius Caesar as a CONCERT at the KLPAC! So maybe if you exercise your imagination real hard you can even hear some rap when Gavin Yap as Antony speechifies....."Friends, Romans, countrymen.....



Egghead said...

what about too poor to buy new working clothes after 5 years of working and wearing the same 2 shirts?

patrickteoh said...

Egghead, I think you're in the wrong job or somebody is ripping you off.

"...too poor to buy new working clothes after 5 years of working and wearing the same 2 shirts?"

You can't have too many friends around you either. Re-read the free tickets conditions above. You might be eligible.

sic6sense said...

Suppose to attend on the 6th as dotter has voluntered to help sell tickets. Close to students only?

Samm said...

i'm entitled to claim for my FREE ticket coz:

1) I can still fit into primary school uniform, i'll post u a pic of me it one too, k.

2) I'm not good with word. I'll just bring along proof of my wet-dreams, deal..

3) My daddy never gives me pocket money ANYMORE. Sugar-daddy not counted ah.

4) What kind of exams u referring to. I've lots of A's one, you know.

patrickteoh said...

Hi Samm. If you do even #1 & #2 I'll BUY you the tickets:-)

No, sic6sense. It is a CLOSED performance but there will be a lot of students attending.

patrickteoh said...

Sorry I meant it is NOT a closed performance.

JasonL said...

Fuuuuuyooooo....Patrick,I just bought my 2 tickets for this Sunday's afternoon show fromAcor's Studio at BSC and u know what they have run out of those little postcards featuring u alone......all others still got, even Gavin Yap & Samantha.Cannot get my hands on even one for you to autograph. How come?

Bet it has all been snapped up by the ladies of your "era" many of whom are now probably "tai's tai's " in their own right......all having their own wet dreams (on second thoughts, maybe-not-so-wet dreams, heh he) of u I reckon......

Good luck guys on your opening night!

lecram sinun said...


patrickteoh said...

Well, opening night went off....okay. But I am honored that my blogger friends came. Big thank you to TV Smith, Jeff Ooi, Jess and Sultan Muzaffar

Thanks guys. It means a lot to me.

mamasan said...

saw you tonight and of course you were a dream to watch and to listen to. catch my review on kakiseni coming soon and hopefully before the run you patrick teoh hot stuff daddy-o!

(Maybe I'm too old to speak like that...)

lovey christina

midnite lily said...

does Faridah know u've put all these requirements to get free tics? hahah.. she might think its a prank call. i can still fit into my sch uniform! =P

although, i already got my tics for sunday!

HeadLiner said...

amazing stage talent u r, Mr. Teoh..

and with regards to the blast from the past for these are the few of my favourite things...mine was also " the cool and swinging show"...

JasonL said...

Hi Patrick, we enjoyed the play on Sunday, ha ha u play a real mean Cassius, cerebral but in the face of a close, emotional friend, his judgment became clouded, this intense friendship with Brutus really made him go against his best judgments. Sometimes close friends do that to us.So it is really the tragedy of Cassius.
I thought that Samantha was great too with her limited lines but she did bring out the emotions required.
My daughter was thrilled to get her photo with Gavin.
Congrats and Bravo to all u guys!

It is a pity that your Streamyx is down again. I don't seem to be able to find your email and so I am posting this here. E-mail me at so I can contact u. Like I said, maybe u should try Jaring Wireless Broadband and they have their roadshow at the moment at:

TESCO, Shah Alam
1st - 18th December
10.00 am - 10.00 pm

TESCO, Puchong
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If u miss them, then you may go to sign up at:

Lot No. C40,
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Monday to Friday
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IT World,
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Please bring along the following documents to support your application:
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I think the cost now is RM99 + RM25 = RM124 per month, a tad higher than TMNET but u don't have to suffer the constant breakdown of TMNET.

Nickxandar said...

Saw "Julius Caesar" on opening night and I have to say that I was totally floored by the production. Thoroughly enjoyed myself. Had hoped that the would be a Q&A or meet & greet session after the show but I then again I might have been to shy to come up to you and chat about your performance.

lecram sinun said...

Patrick, the reviews are sounding good. Congrats to you and the cast!

BTW, I've posted a new edition of Picture Daze.

patrickteoh said...

Hi nickxandar. Thank you for coming to watch JC and I am so glad that you enjoyed yourself. Q&A? No we didn't have that but you could have spoken to the cast and the director at the theatre lobby after the performance. Anyway, if you have any questions you can post them here and I will try my best to get them answered for you.

Thanks lecram. Yes, the comments on have been good so far. And the ticket sales are picking up a little. Tonight and Sunday's matinee are sold out. Bought out by some corporation or other. This JC is a short run and so far only about 650 people have seen it!!! Pity. But it is good that the people have seen it have mostly enjoyed it.

Nickxandar said...

Thanks, Patrick. Most of the questions I have posed in my review of JC on my blog. I do wonder if there is any tools/skill you used to memorise all those lines?

Anonymous said...


The free tickets should be given to me because we are so poor (I dont have pocket money from Dad, he just gives me his pocket for me to put money in) that I let my granny suck free sample chocolate peanuts for the chocolate sugar coating to keep her alive and then, I crunch and chew the peanuts for a minute to get some nutrition and then spit it out to give a share to my big brother to feed on.
I love my family.

Not to mention that I stitched discarded old dirty underwear into a school uniform shirt and bleach it white with discarded industrial acid... I use it for work now. It's kinda cool too when you Calvin Klein and Diesel Labels all over the outfit. The G-string discards work well as button laces.
I've been copied by famous designers like Tang Zoi and Jln Ipoh's Ah Huat Taylor.
I am a creative student.

In order not to burn rubber on my 25 year old hand me down 5th hand canvas shoes, i take them out when I walk on tarmac, and put them back on when I walk on grass. I am an ecological student.

As for books, to save cost, I use kindergarten picture books to do my add-math, chemistry and biology revision. a=apple could be used for algebra you know... b=banana can be used to study human anatomy... c=car -bondioxide for chem. ...
I am an economical student.

I tuition at a place underneath MRR2 where my tutors teach me how to preserve rat bones and weed as kim-chi. I use the technology to save the mamak business.
I am a nationalistic student.

I need to watch Julius Caesar in order to preach life to my community under MRR2 in order to upgrade and move underground to the sewers to gain independance from land above.
I am an idealistic student.

I want to watch the play to learn techniques on saliva spraying and for my literature exam I have this coming friday at Steven's Corner.

as for my wet dreams with Gavin... oh yeaaah.. I dress him like a woman. I call him Mc Gavy ..

my 2-sens worth... (which also are my life savings.)

- Z T D..

[scored 30 A0 (All-Zeros) in previous magnum papers]

Crap, just realised Dec 6 is over.. I guess I just deserve the play done personally to me in my chow kit living room.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Teoh, I would like to say that I absolutely LOVED your Cassius. Fantastic!

An awed audience member.

JasonL said...

Hi Patrick,I was right in that you are the star of Julius Caesar. You've got a good review.
See the review in The Star at this link:

However, I don't think that it is correct to say that "Samantha Schubert chose to portray her almost like an American sit-com housewife, pleading, demanding, haranguing and then running around half demented.....(like)a neurotic woman from Desperate Housewives." It is difficult to really understand what Portia has to go through since she is obviously agonized by Brutus and the turn of events. The important fact is that after Brutus flees Rome, she commits suicide by swallowing burning coals.That itself is an indication of the intense mental torture that she has to go through, yes, perhaps making her half-demented, as why would one choose such a horrible way to die when there are obviously many simpler and less painful ways.
In this regard, I feel that Samantha did well to bring out the emotional upheaval of Portia.

On the point of costumes, "reducing the actors to men in mass produced cheap uniforms" and men in "magnificent togas of the Romans", I think it is deliberate move on the part of Joe and it is consistent with the minimalist set so as not to distract from the main focus of the play ie. on the characters themselves. Lofty manificence of Rome? The reviewer should have caught the Denzel Washington version where the costumes were dark business suits as opposed to to toga-clad Romans and the physical setting seemed like a cross between ruined Rome and bombed out Iraq, haha...

'Nuff said!

Stand tall guys.

Anonymous said...

two thumbs-up for the 'Julius Caesar' team!!

patrickteoh said...

Thank you to all of you who have given so much support. Both as ticket buyers and also comment-ta-tors here. Julius Caesar ends tomorrow with a matinee show at 3 p.m. It has been a great experience. And as usual, most people have liked it and some have hated it. But that is theatre.

Playing Cassius was the fulfilment of a dream and an idea mooted more than 15 years ago. Maybe I did a good job maybe I didn't. But I enjoyed myself tremendously working with a great cast and a wonderful production team.

Thank you.

nakedwriter said...

Hey...i'm 16 (so don't mind my shallow theatre sense), but being one who loves to sing along with Broadway musicals and obsessed by literature i went for Julius Caesar, my first ever play. I must say that i really enjoyed it - the effects were great. And i also must say how good you were as Cassius - all conspiring, manipulative, rotten in an honoured way - very well done. And i just immensely enjoyed Gavin's monologue as Mark Antony when he said "Honourable men". LOVELY!! Good job

patrickteoh said...

Hi naked sense. There is no need to be apologetic. There is no such creature as one with narrow theatre sense. You're exactly the type of person that theater should be for. Someone who is interested enought to buy a ticket and go watch. The more "theatre sense" one acquires the less one can enjoy an evening at the theatre. So thank your lucky stars:-)

Anonymous said...

Albeit being modern, I must say the clothing and set was a little too simple. The props could improve further.
As for the sound effects - quite good but too loud at times - distorts the speech.
Acting is pretty good except for Brutus.

patrickteoh said...

Set and clothing too simple? What yould you like to have been used instead? It would be interesting to note for future productions. Do tell. What props were you referring to? If I remember correctly the only props used were Cassius's cane, papers to throw in at Brutus's windows, the daggers. That was all. What other props were there that you saw and thought could be improved? Did the microphones distort the actors voices? If that is true it must be rectified for future shows. Thank you for your comments.