Thursday, April 06, 2006

Jalur Gemilang

(Photo taken in the kampung that is next to Damansara Jaya)

Is it patriotism or a state of the nation statement? I just think it is a jailable offence.

Even with the poor quality of the photograph one can see that the flag is a tattered and pathetic piece of cloth fluttering in the breeze atop a flagpole that stands high above the roofs for all to see. Maybe the owner of this weather worn Jalur Gemilang is making a statement. Sure got me pissed off.


Trashed said...

I think the fler who put this flag up 3 Merdekas ago must either have misplaced his patriotism or maybe he will claim that you have "misquoted" his nationalistic statement.

Just like Khir "semua nya OK" saying that the PJX project launch was a "gimmick launch". Where got companies spend so much money on "gimmicks" ? (Sorry ah Patrick - had to get that one in because it is so ridiculous)

Aiyah, everything seems to be misqouted these days. Makes it seem like the reporters need to get their ear wax out. And the tape recorders also need to get the tape heads cleaned osso.

patrickteoh said...

yeah la trashed. In any other country that Khir fler would have been crucified, his balls torn out and fed to hungry dogs. Only in Bolehland can someone of his level be allowed to say that something as big as the launch of that PJX thing was a "gimmick". Fooled you guys!!! Hahahahahahaha...And to think they wanted to string me up for the Dancing Ducks on Radio 4. Ha!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I remember the Duck incident. Those were the days when Radio 4 was still my top choice.. it's really been such a long time since those days

hemu2 said...

they should keep Khir in the current least we can have a good laugh once in a while

patrickteoh said...

hemu2, I guess he's good for laughs for a few more years. But don't forget comedy like that served up by him and his colleagues are very, very expensive and we shall be paying for the 'tickets' for years after. I don't' think that's so funny.

Hi anonymous. "'s really been such a long time since those days"...that really made me laugh. Thanks. Radio 4 can't be your choice now anyway. It doesn't exist anymore. In one of their moments of marketing brilliance the RTM flers, who are so fond of re-naming and re-branding, changed it to TRAXX FM. Now, can anyone tell me what the fuck that means to anyone? If there are marketing students or 'guru-s' reading this please share with us this piece of RTM wisdom.

sherrina said...

sponsor a new flag to the owner lah..I'm sure he will appreciate it so much, he will keep it there for the next 10 Merdeka event :)

p/s: I read about your opinion on Rose Chan in The Star. Now I know who is Rose Chan that older people always talk about (I heard it a lot in Kopitiam sitcom). :)

patrickteoh said...

I saw another Jalour Gemilang that was in worse condition. This time it was in a government clinic in Simpang Pulai near Ipoh. I think people are just using that as their view of the state of our country:-)

mirul said...

I am definitely proud when a non-bumi is more concerned than the jalur gemilang than the bumi's, eg me.

Honestly, i couldn't care less.

I'm really proud of you uncle :)

mrsandwichan said...

I still remember when I was little me. I connected my radio to the TV antenna to get a better reception for Radio 4 (I was staying in Kuala Lipis, Pahang. Reception was not good). It works.