Friday, May 12, 2006

Comedy, Tragedy and Everything Else in Between

(Adam: Yay! Papa another newspaper is here. Let's have some fun.)

Forget ASTRO, Star Movies, HBO...there's much better entertainment delivered right to your doorstep every morning. That's right I am talking about Malaysian newspapers. Best la I tell you. Just today in The Star...

Melodrama...on the front page the headline screamed "PM: We must make it", "Failure is not an option. Our only choice is to succeed." Pak Lah was addressing the audience at the mammoth UMNO 60th birhday party held at Istana Besar in Johor. So what is so funny, you ask. Well, nothing in those words. Very serious indeed. But then later on in the same story Pak Lah is quoted as saying to his audience that "...if the Malays fail to achieve the status of developed race, it would be embarassing." I find Pak Lah's use of the word "embarassing" totally inappropriate and very funny. Unless the reporter got it wrong. "Embarassing" when you are talking about life and death issues? Okay lah. maybe some of you are saying that I am making a mountain out of a molehill la. Sure makes you want to think about using the right words to get your point across the next time you want to say something isneet? The tragic part of this story is that while mountains of print has been used to drive Malays into becoming a developed race I think somebody forgot to inform the pak cik and mak cik and their anak-anak just what the hell that means. Developed race? But I thought we are okay what. Oh you mean we should work hard, make lots of money, get into politics maybe, import some timber, make more money. But then can I still make the toilet floors wet, put my cucu on the toilet wash basin and ask him to piss into it because all the urinals are being used, spit out of my car window, throw rubbish anywhere I like, talk loudly on my handphone in the cinema? Huh? You also don't know ah? Then what is the meaning this developed race? Needs work, Pak Lah.


The Star today (Saturday May 13, 2006) reports that the Jasin fler is a director of a company that was fined by Customs for trying to smuggle VCD's to Indonesia 7 years ago. Ever ready with an answer the fler said that the VCD's didn't belong to his company and added that his company was only the forwarding agent. I wonder how many eyes he asked the Customs to close that time? VCD's? I think one eye enough lah.

And some more lah.

I found this excerpt from Tun Mahathir's DVD rant quite appropriate for this Jasin fler's case. See what you think.

When we want to change the Malays, we look at the history of the Malays. We have values that are not conducive to success. We don't give value to the sense of shame, for example.

Of course, if you take off your clothing, you'll feel malu (shame). When you fail in something, you should feel ashamed. If you study something and you don't succeed, you should feel ashamed. But, some people say, 'I failed the exam, seronok pula (happy too)'. There is no sense of shame. We have to build a sense of shame so that when you have a strong sense of shame, you will strive not to feel a sense of shame and when you undertake to do something, you do it well. If you do business, you must succeed in business. You must do the right things. You mustn't cheat and things like that. We must try get these New Malays to have this sense of shame."

Maybe he is not ashamed because he hasn't really failed yet has he? Well, up to now his only shortcoming was that he was found out.

Mystery-thriller...on page N6 the headline was "Jasin MP must explain actions". The Prime Minister was quoted as saying, "We have to ascertain what had happened because he already said he was willing to be investigated. We cannot simply take action just like that." Yippee! Yes we are very happy that he is willing to be investigated. But I think there are people who may have lost the point here. Sure I believe that he should be given his day to explain the reasons for his actions and whether they were criminal or not. But this man, an elected Member of Parliament had openly lied to the country and openly and arrogantly admitted that he lied. In my book that is ground enough for action to be taken against him. You are a public servant you told a blatant lie and you insult your fellow countrymen by daring them to prove you are wrong? What happened to HONOUR? Or is that not a prerequisite for being a Member of the Malaysian Parliament? Or simply being a good Malaysian?

Horror...on page N18 of The Star today we learned that from next year cosmetics which do not carry a halal certificate will not be allowed into the country. This idea (again something that does not sound like it's been properly thought through) was announced by the director-general of the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (JAKIM). I think you can imagine for yourself what effect that banning action will have on Malaysia's cosmetics industry and the thousands of Malaysian who work in it. By all means talk to the L'Oreal's, the MAC's, the Revlon's and the Maybelline's about making a halal range specially for Muslim consumers. But in the meantime just label non-halal cosmetics as such so that Muslims will not unwittingly use frog DNA mixed with fruits on their skin. But no. In true Malaysian fashion we ban first. I am suspecting that some MP may be building some factory somewhere to churn out a range of Halal cosmetics very soon. Anyone got shares in Zaitun ah? Better buy some more. Good times ahead. Tanpa was-was somemore.

Actually, as a patriotic Chinese Malaysian I am really scared by all the recent talk about Halal this and that.

First, it started with the news of the increase in the price for pork. The reason for that apparently is the declining number of pig farms in the country. Some of these were found to be polluting rivers and our water supplies and were closed by state governments. With no plans at all of solving the basic problem of these farms which is proper location, maintenance and adherence to rules and regulations. Just close them down. Why worry? We don't eat pork what. My old memory isn't what it used to be but didn't I remember that we are Malaysia and we are always "tolerant" and we live in "harmony" with all the races? So sure, Halal is a big deal for our Muslim brethren. But pork is part of Chinese cuisine and culture isn't it? Speaking of which, I always find it really strange and tragic that at big festivals we happily serve halal food on the buffet table but don't give a shit about serving beef rendang knowing very well that there are Hindu guests present. One Malay friend told me that Hindu's do not mind seeing beef on the table they just won't eat it. But some Muslims cannot even stand the sight of pork or being near anything that might have been tainted by those cursed animals. Oh I see. That's alright then. Thank you.

Okay okay, sorry for taking a slight detour la. After that pork thing came a big international expo or something focussed on Halal food industries. Don't know the details of that but I did see our Deputy Prime Minister on TV walking around the expo and tasting some of the halal exhibits. I think I even saw him smacking his lips after visiting what must have been a delicious exhibit. And then today the halal cosmetics thing.

I am really scared la. After Malaysia become a totally halal country then how? I don't think I can permanently abstain from bak kut teh and Hokkein mee will not taste the same fried with palm oil instead of lard and without the pork crackling bits. What will my mother and father in the big Malaysia in the sky say when I make offerings to them next Cheng Beng without their favorite roast pork on their ancestral altar? And somemore my mother prayed to Kwan Yin and would never touch beef and my father didn't like chicken that much. I never did get used to beef bacon with my breakfast eggs or those awful sandwiches served by 5-star hotels using Turkey ham. And I mean what the fuck is turkey ham. Ham is pig not turkey and bacon is swine not bull. So if these flers want to be halal they should just say beef and turkey. I think these flers with their fancy menu's are just trying to piss us pork eaters off. They sure succeeded. With me anyway.

Guess what? Typing this I didn't realise that it was past midnight. Yay! Another newspaper will be at the door step in a few hours. I don't know if I can take this much entertainment on a daily basis.


Trashed said...

Akselly, Patrick, your blog gives me the best entertainment value, sad as some topics might be.

*lynne* (azlynne1972) said...

yeah, that halal thing caught my attention too... was wondering if that "use of frog DNA to get the wet look" was for real... sounds so sensationalistic and improbable to me.. just cos a frog spend lots of time in the water doesn't mean use of its DNA will result in a "wet look", right?

If so, then how about all those many people who consume frogs legs?? Do they all look wet? Or feel wet? Ooooh, I better not go there, LOL!!

But, aiyah, you dunno ah, who is World Halal Forum chairman? Alllllll linked, I'm sure....

Nicholas said...

Amen. Seriously, just because they can't eat pork doesn't mean I shouldn't be able to enjoy it.

Just like how Cold Storage in Singapore has (IMHO) the worlds best spare ribs, but you can't buy it in KL.

Trashed said...

I have always maintained that "tolerating" each other's differences is not as effective as "accepting" them.

13 said...

People can be selfish, Patrick... They only know how to think for themselves but not for others. Perhaps that is what stopping them from becoming a developed race, the lack of consideration.

Ah Chong said...

All the bad news are created by the politicians. Politicians said we are tolerance to each other's community. Tolerance is one step before confronting each other in an ugly way. Are we really in such status? I had a good breakfast with my Malay friends this morning, are we tolerating each other or were we sitting down chatting away like good friends? Why is this country politician always insist we are tolerant with each other and not seeing the true relationship among the races. Put the Malay, Chinese, Indian dan lain lain together, we still can strike up a good friendship together, we are not tolerant to each other, we are one.

soleilina said...

bahhhh... i go out makann with my chinese friends and we eat at the same table with them enjoying their bak kut teh or loh bak away.. how come lightning never strikes me? some people just like to be 'over' in everything!

KK said...

The halal issue is cracking me up lah. I wonder if Proton Perdana's leather seats are halal certified?:) And what about those parallel import luxury cars by Naza?

smeagroo said...

tolerance is not meant for us malays, chines, indians to live harmoniusly with eahc other. It is meant for us rakyat to be tolerant with the Govt for always screwing up with the many projects using our money. Here again, they are telling us flers to close one eye on Halal issues. I better start a company dealing with halal certs. Good money. Sure get BURSA listing. MULTI BILLION INDUSTRY. See who has parked himself nicely.

mrbherng said...
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tgsherilamirah said...

halal cosmetics??

now we've seen it all.

patrickteoh said...

Now, now mrbherng, there is nothing wrong with halal food. Muslims have to eat halal food and of course if they know that McD chicken is not halal they should not eat it. Halal and non halal chicken? I think it is the method of slaughter. Anybody care to explain? You're right. We should accept our Malaysian brethren's beliefs just as we as them to accept ours. Amen.

Hey, smeagroo. Good one. I never thought of it that way. Tolerant. No wonder they are always asking us to be tolerant. Tolerant of their consistent screw up record.

KK, good question KK. So are Proton leather upholstery halal? Don't be surprised those JAKIM flers might go after them next.

solielina says,..."i am Malaysian in every way there is as I am 25% Chinese, 25%Aussie, 25% Malay and 25%Indian..." I presume that you are Muslim, solielina. What you do is great. You know your religion and are confident enough in your position as a good Muslim. You don't do what is wrong in your religion and you do force your beliefs on others. Now if there were more of you:-)

Words of wisdom, trashed. words of wisdom.

ah chong, you said what has been my thinking all along. Left alone, we are all Malaysians. Satu bangsa, satu negara. Put the politicians into the mix and we become Malay, Chinese, Indian and Lain-lain.

turkeyham said...

when tolerance has to be legislated, when food has to be religiously certified, when you can lie in parliament, when cosmetics have to be halal .......... we are making a mockery of religion.

Anonymous said...
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soleilina said...

Thanks, Patrick.Yeah, I am a Muslim. A liberal one if I may say so myself. No religion in this world exists to complicate things for us. It's human beings themselves making religion (especially Islam) into something so complicated and restrictive.. and I hate complicated and restrictive things!

crayon said...

Each human has only got two eyes, how many more eyes can 'they' close la. And with so many skeletons being taken out of the closet, wouldn't it be apt to step down? Or do things work differently back home?

And it's strange that non-halal food products can be handled by Muslim cashiers (wearing gloves) or by non-halal counters, but non-halal cosmetics that are completely sealed won't be allowed into the country. Goodbye Gatsby hair wax, hello unknown brand from the Mid East. Wonder what happened to "Live and let live".

patrickteoh said...

step down, crayon???!!! Where do you think we are? There is no such thing that will ever happen here in Bolehland. Like the old man said, there is no sense of shame. So why step down? Honour is a word that does not exist here. Not anymore it would appear anyway.

Anonymous said...

Easy answer for you on halal cosmetics..

Go ask Khairy Jamaluddin how much was allocated to his proxy for the Halah Hub Initiatives.

Hmm around 500 million maybe?

Pat you got caught in the polemics of race, religion, etc.

Someone is making hard cash on this one. Malaysia is to become the global halal hub, Arabs and MidEast will be flocking soon. The flocks WILL trade. The country will benefit.. with the tollmasters involved.

joy said...

have they thought of this...i go to market and buy pork, give the pork seller RM50 and he gives me change with all his hand wet with pork laced water and oil, then i use the change to pay toll, groceries at cold storage, etc...whereby the toll collecter/cashier could be muslim and which in turn the toll collecter/cashier gives this monies laced with dried up pork water and oil possibly to a muslim.....go figure what is the big deal with halal make up if it can be clearly marked non-halal...maybe one day monies must be marked as halal and non halal

Anonymous said...

joy...good point
then can ban non-halal money...

crayon said...

And halal money must be banned in non-halal places. To make sure the fellas won't buy 4D :)

patrickteoh said...

Anonymous, I have nothing against halal and I don't think any intelligent Malaysian has. It is something we accept and understand. It is when halal is used as a political tool to divide people that I get really mad. By all means make Malaysia the halal hub of the universe. It will benefit everybody. I can't argue with that. But don't tell me that I have to give up my culture and traditions etc. because of it.

That's a good laugh, Joy. Just goes to prove how ridiculous things can become without exercising some common sense.

turkeyham said...

...... intelligent malaysian .......
hmmmmmm! isn't that a cotradiction in terms?

patrickteoh said...

Old joke, turkeyham. And it's not funny. And no it is not a contradiction in terms. Thank you.

Sarah said...

I saw the responses above and seriously i have often wondered,would we now have halal ringgit and nonhalal ringgit?.. Would the pork sellers use non halal ringgit for trade, so the currency won't get contaminated with swine blood?..

bob said...

Perhaps someone who could share with us what is the real objective of staying away from "non-halal" items from the Quran point of view?

U-En said...

Incendiary issues like race, religion, language (did I leave out anything?) become incendiary simply because we let them.

The halal business (that is to say, the economics of the halal industry) is a fine thing when it provides wider consumer choice. If I were a Muslim, I might want products that I am comfortable using. I've created demand. Anyone who wants to supply me with what I demand will have the support of my dollar.

Nothing wrong with that. Makes the wheels go round. I am not a Muslim, but I will support halal products for Muslims. It's a basic human right, and the fact that one has to make an issue of this cheapens the whole thing.

But this friendly view of the world assumes that demand creates supply. What I think we're seeing here with the cosmetics issue is a reversal of the same equation: Suppliers (or potential suppliers) creating demand. The frog thing is an unsubstantiated rumour.

The stuff that makes cosmetics shiny is a chemical called guanine. It is the same chemical that produces the shine in fish skin and amphibians. This much is true. What they didn't say was that guanine is a DNA component of ALL living tissue, plant and animal. Commercial guanine is produced from fish scales (herring, apparently), but this is an expensive process.

Now I got all this from a google search. I'm not a microbiologist or geneticist so I can't say if it's accurate. But it's enough, for me anyway, to think twice about the whole frog DNA business.

I assume the chaps at Jakim have internet access, if not vast piles of WHO, FDA and FSA reports they can cite in support of their claim. I should certainly expect the reports, but an internet quotation would be better than nothing.

This makes me think of something else: It seems increasingly evident that a wide division in Malaysian society gets wider every day. It isn't the division of race or language, religion or gender, class or politics.

It's an even simpler thing. We've put people in power who cannot understand what we say.

Ann said...

I see that the tragicomedy continues. The bintang paper of May 16 says Bank Negara will set up a RM1 billion fund to "finance viable Malaysian firms venturing into businesses abroad." Hmmm...I wonder what criteria will be used to gauge viability.
Call me a cynic, but I smell pig. Specifically, pork barrel.

mob1900 said...

Things I see they'll coming up with Halal tags:
1. Halal condoms
2. Halal underwear
3. Halal saman
4. Halal 4D
5. Halal electricity
6. Halal water
7. Halal transportation
8. Halal sugar
9. Halal salt
10. Halal politicians? (impossible, all politicians are doomed...)=P

Ann said...

Hey mob, you forgot an important one. Halal sex :)

Cuddly Family said...

U know they talk of Bangsa Malaysia, and yet do nothing to bring it together in a REAL sense.. Why must we always be defined as race etc. Like when I first go for IC, they say cos Mat salleh celup, must be christian lah, nemind I have never had any affinity for that religion, or u cant be a real Malaysian cos I have mat salleh blood.. Im like eh? so all the "Malaysian born" folks u seem to glorify, are Malaysian? lol Like the beauty queen who has only stepped foot in Malaysian ONCE.. (rolls eyes)... nemind we represent country before, nemind my father always told us no matter where you are, folks will see you as Malaysian and you are an ambassador for your country. Patriotism is not waving the biggest flag, making the largest roti canai is it?

the divide is going to get bigger and bigger (look at what happened in the Penang forum, constitution also kena whack)..

tolerance smacks of "I just tahan you, dont like you but what to do, have to tahan u mah"... Not any real understanding, nothing..

very sad leh.. Pork fish, all getting expensive.. Beef issue, they happily show the slaughtering of the cattle on TV, offend any buddhist/hindus ah?Nemind, they have to "tolerate" mah...

and what the $$ is halal cosmectics????? remember they did that investigation into whether botox was "halal" or not.. (do they have to slaughter the kuman2 or frog in a halal way?). Even my muslim friends are all very confused about this whole thing.. I mean even Middle East they sell all the Maybelline, stila etc.. they dont seem so concerned about all that? very confuzzling

oooo I think Im getting crankier in my old age.. :D

deepblue_dude said...

hmm..guyz..lets soak up these criticisms on the halal issue a little. Notwithstanding the hype created by the politicians on halal products - food or non-food, halal certification does have its obvious benefit, when it is not 'tampered' or 'over-politicized'.

Halal certification in the food industry is merely a certification of process. A certified process so that it complies with certain Islamic principles. It is like a HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) certification.

For an example, all food products going to the EU requires a HACCP certification, which basically means that products manufactured through this process (certified and audited annually) have attained safety food standards and procedures and are safe to be consumed by the general public.

Halal certification basically works in the same way therefore allowing products to be served to a wider market, ie. muslims and non-muslims may consume it --- therefore from an economic point of view, provides Malaysia with an advantage, because our standards ARE in fact quite recognized according to my experience.

A combination of Halal and HACCP certifications will provide manufacturers (food especially now) with the advantage to serve a larger spectrum of the market.

So, i would say that Halal is not a bad thing --- minus the 'political' influence --- economically, if it is allowed to develop in a free market manner.

raz said...

Well, about the halal thing, I agree with deepbluedude, it is sort of a standard that could lead to better quality products and served to a wider market.

However, I feel that the halal certification issue on everything, now including make up etc, might be because it is generating revenue for the govt or jakim (not sure). Companies have to pay to get a 'halal' certification and carry the 'halal' logo. Therefore, by widening the range of things that must be certified halal, they are in fact generating more revenue, that could be put to better use by the govt. Well that's in theorylah and to a certain extent, in practice.

I might be wrong though, don't quote me on that.

Trashed said...

Ay Deepblue_dude,

You are right. Halal is not a bad thing. It is only a process of certification.

But when you osso ban the non-halal cosmetics at the same time, this is effectively creating a new supply curve. Demand still got but suppliers maybe have to change (maybe becos wrong process?). Guess who is ready and able to fill the gap with the right process and certified, too? Get the drift ?

As someone wrote earlier, why in other Muslim countries, this is not a big deal. Mana ada certification?

tgsherilamirah said...

i found out today what "non-halal" cosmetics really meant. there are actually some cosmetics that are made out of a woman's placenta. how it is graded "non-halal" i have no idea, but the thought of having some woman's placenta on my lips irks me. so maybe this non halal cosmetic thing is actually worth something.

Anonymous said...

The part about frog DNA being mixed with cosmetics sounds rather dubious.

Firstly, DNA is essentially a molecule, and there is no difference between a DNA of a frog and any other living creature, other than the sequence itself and the length. Why should frog DNA be used is not clearly explained, besides giving 'a wet look'. But if that is the case, then any DNA will do, since it is unlikely that the extracted DNA is used for producing proteins (since they are not inside living cells).

Secondly, if DNA really should be used at all, frogs as a source of DNA are not economically practical. It would be possible to use DNA from plants, which would be a more practical choice as compared to frogs. Even better, you do not need to have any living organisms at all: just use Polymerase chain reaction (PCR). So why bother cultivating frogs or any other living organisms at all.

In other words, frog DNA being mixed with cosmetics sounds like a rumour.

Anonymous said...

I was told that in Dubai, pork dishes are served in restaurants. These are simply marked with a note to say that the dish contains pork.

Anonymous said...

In Dubai pork dishes are served in restaurants? And rightly so. Why the fuss? You don't like it, don't eat it la. Why all the 'drama'? Don't get it.

Bangsa : Malaysia. said...

it's true that pork is served alongside other dishes in Dubai. I have seen this myself. They just put a note that it contains pork. It is also not uncommon to see Arabs in robes drinking liquor.

After being around half the world I think Malaysia is too hung-up on this halal non halal issue. As Anon 2:07 said, you don't like it don't eat it lah. Why the fuss?

I have been with some Muslim friends in UK who do not mind me taking bacon with him. In fact they used the same utensils for halal and non halal to get their food. When I told them that this will not be tolerated in Malaysia, they were puzzled. This reminds me of the good old days when my Muslim friends would not mind having a makan with us non Muslims in restaurants. They take other food as long as there was no pork. today I dare not even suggest to them going to a non halal restaurant for a drink.

Sometimes I wonder if we non Muslims are too sensitive of not offending the Muslims (when perhaps they do not really mind) or my good old Muslim friends have grown to be more sensitive.

Anyway, I think we should not be too pre-occupied with this halal non-halal thingy and should hang loose to enjoy each other's company. I treasure good nature ribbing with all my Bangsa Malaysian friends of various creed and faith. Give me those times.

MaoBi said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
bongkersz said...

patrick, i love your writing very very much! honest words. yes, i feel that, some groups of people in this country only know how to take, without giving, always do things which is 'good and acceptable' for them (so they thought it's acceptable to others??) sad... sad... hargh!

BaganSPU said...

We must not comment on Halal issue if we don't know really on what is halal. Please ask your muslim friends if you really want to know.

And we must not promote the chinese from not taking pork and changed to beef. What we might afraid is like Buah Petai/Patai Padi today, because the Chinese also eating Petai in a large quantity, we are now suffered so much that the Petai price shoot up so high, and became something very rare on our dining table today because it is now consider something luxury for us. Toooooooo expensive lah.

May I beg all of you please, never ask the Chinese to switched their food chain from pork to beef. Well, beef is already so expensive nowadays, will it get toooooooo expensive if all the Chinese consume it.?

adiba said...

"I have no problems with Muslims living under their stupid rules. What I have a problem with is that the rest of us have to pay for them to satisfy the burdens of their retrogressive faith." i quoted maobi because i find this statement is utterly offensive.

i just read the yahoo news and the DG of JAKIM, mustafa abdul rahman was quoted as saying,Malaysia has banned meat imports that do not conform to Islamic laws of slaughtering and preparation,(this does not mean swine are banned) but Mustafa said religious authorities WOULD NOT APPLY THE SAME RULES TO COSMETICS.

he also stressed that "There is no law that prohibits the entering of all these cosmetics. Only meat and meat products if they are entering the country must first be halal,"

Mustafa also denied a report on Friday that said authorities would ban imports of cosmetics that do not have halal certificates.

"It's wrong. I didn't say that JAKIM will not allow the cosmetics without the halal logo to enter the country," he said.

the international trade fair on halal products that malaysia is currently hosting is done to position itself as a world leader in halal certification to meet the demands of Muslim consumers worldwide.

so... there's clearly no one banning the cosmetic products without the halal logo. which means the non halal ones will still be available but it won't be certified as halal and thus will not be bought by muslims who abide by the rules that govern their lives. so, those who still want the placenta on their lips can continue with their choice and those who don't want, have another option.

A halal designation generally means a product, usually food, complies with Islamic principles of hygiene and humane treatment of animals, as well as other rules involving the production processes. so, stop all these baseless paranoia and offensive remarks regarding muslims and their rules(is principles on hygeine treatment considered stupid?)and also stop believing in rumours without doublechecking with the authorities.

this is what makes unity almost an impossible thing to achieve.

patrickteoh said...

HI Adiba. Good reply and valid points. Thank you. And you're right, maobi's remarks were uncalled for and offensive.And they have been removed. He has obviously missed the point.

Halal is important to our Muslim brethren. We accept and respect that. As we should. It is that certain so called "authorities" use the label to polarise and discriminate that we all should find unacceptable.

moo_t said...

Uncle Patrik, cannot buy Zaitun ler, it is ta-pau from KLSE since 2003.

burntck said...

halal tak halal, semua gua sapu! asalkan perut kenyang!

Joy said...

If according to Adiba's quote on the DG of Jakim's comment is correct and accurate that :

"...Only meat and meat products if they are entering the country must first be halal,"

does this mean there will be no imported pork in those canned tins...??

just wondering.

Anonymous said...

ooooOOO..noooooooo....i need my fix of MaLing's Pork Luncheon Meat at least once a week! How can anything this good be banned??!!


adiba said...

joy, you clearly don't get the point. porks, swines, pigs or any other term you'd prefer to use are not in any way banned from entering malaysia... canned or not canned. is it so hard to believe that?

when i said meat and meat products must first be halal when they're entering the country, i was referring to the already halal thing like meat derived from that of bulls, lambs, chickens and etc in which they must conform to the specific rules and principles on slaughtering treatment. ever heard of the term 'sembelih'? before these meat products can be brought into malaysia, JAKIM must first confirm that these meat products are sembelihed.

i noticed that most people who commented here don't really understand what is halal.

so, swines, porks, hams or anything of that sort, canned or not canned have got nothing to do with the sembelih thingy. since they're not halal in the first place. so SWINES will NOT be banned. you can still enjoy your bak kut teh or canned pork or pork chop freely. thank you.

Sagaladoola said...

Take it easy people, if what Adiba says is true, then we can all relax.

We should not blame Muslims for issues as such but only certain inconsiderate people in power when they are being unreasonable.

patrickteoh said...

Yes, adiba. it is not hard to believe that in a Malaysia that we all know and love. Acceptance and understanding of each other's cultures, beliefs, traditions. But when politicians make statements and media report them they have a responsibility to make themselves crystal clear as to what they are actually saying. Otherwise, misunderstanding and suspicion are the results. How many times have we 'heard' and 'read' statements and pronouncements by politicians etc which are reported only to be refuted by themselves days later after public outcry resulting from misunderstanding. You're also right in saying that a lot of the people who commented here do not understand what "halal" really means. so it is doubly important that when statements are made and reported they should never be ambiguous or misleading.
I think we should all go dig out that edition of The Star and re-read what was reportely quoting the JAKIM gent who made the statement.

joy said...

thanks for your clarification adiba.

it was just that when the general statement was made "that meat n meat products must be halal", from the literal interpretation pork is a type of meat and since pork will never be halal even if it is slaughtered in accordance to the muslim way, it clearly meant that meat will not be allowed entry into the country...well to me at least.

like patrick said, the Jakim gent should be more precise or the press should be more clear to prevent misunderstanding/misinterpretation as isn't pork a meat?.

The Deaf Listener said...

Yeah, scary and highly entertaining. That's how i find our newspapers these days. It's better than reality show on TV!

Bout the halal thing, I always wonder how tolerate some Malays can be with out culture? As what u've said, they always serve beef in the presence of hindu friends, knowing that they can't eat while we are supposed/expected to be senstive enough to serve only halal food to them.. Worse still there are some functions where they served only beef. So what our hindu friend gonna eat? The plate and the spoon? Or the tissue paper?

If this thing really comes true, does it means we gotta smuggled pork and makeups from now on? Or maybe we should start stocking it up? Cham oredi.. cannot eat char siew fan anymore..

Anonymous said...

Speaking of char siew, you ain't eaten charsiew till you have eaten at this place somewhere behind the old Cathay cinema, Jalan Bukit Bintang. Sorry, I can't remember the name? Anyone in here does?

Puspha said...

Hi Patrick, just stumbled upon ur blog and wat an amazing one u have?! Kudos 2 u.

I once had an experience while eating in the office pantry. I was eating grilled lamb. A muslim office mate who was eating opposite of me got a shock & he angrily asked me what meat is tat tat I’m eating. I told him tat pork meat is not red. Anyway, I’m not a pork eater. Never eaten it in my life. So, not to worry.

To my understanding, the muslims r not supposed to EAT pork. Wat I don’t understand is tat they over react they even SEE pork. Is it a sin to SEE pork meat?

Another thing tat I’d like to clarify here is tat beef is not a sin to the hindus or Buddhist. Cow is considered a holy animal to them. So, tat is the reason y they r not supposed to be eaten.

During an office reception, the food tat was served were all beef. From the rice to the curries all contained beef. So, all the hindus & buddhists did not eat at all!!!! We all just watched at the ‘others’ eating. In this situation, where has the Malaysianism gone?

Anonymous said...

'Malaysianism' gone? It's never been there. Just that most of us have learnt to...urmmm...tolerate it, if you will.


adiba said...

hey pushpa... i know that some muslims may not have tolerated the presence of pork.

but as far as i am concerned, I have no problem whatsoever if a non muslim friend wants to enjoy his/her non halal meal in front of me. i don't know about everyone else.

as for the beef situation during the office reception, that is maybe due to the company's lack of sensitivity and awareness per se. but you couldn't percieve that all muslims are discriminative just because of the incident.

because, not all muslims are like that.

i think this thing arises from lack of understanding of other people's culture and tradition. for instance, some of my non-muslim friends don't even know how many time in a day does a muslim need to perform his prayers

ignorance may not be the best word to describe this but as i said earlier, this is all due to the lack of understanding.

so the next time you encounter the same situation, why don't you go and talk to someone to clarify things up, cause i'm sure the confusion occured during the reception was unintended.

Anonymous said...

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