Thursday, January 26, 2006

Be Afraid....... Be Very Afraid.

Five-day week for banks

KUALA LUMPUR: Banks will implement a five-day working week from Feb 1 in a bid to encourage electronic banking and give bank employees more time off.

Did this headline story in today's Star newspaper scare you? If you're a consumer it should have frightened the shit out of you. I am very scared. It's not so much the 5-day work week but the line that says this action is to 'encourage electronic banking...' . Remember when they told us that ATM machines were put out there so that banking would be made more convenient for us? What happened later? They began charging us for transactions made using ATM's!!! Did we ask for ATM's? So now banks pay us shit for interest on our hard earned money which we give them to safeguard and use for investments. Soon they are going to want us to pay THEM money to keep OUR money. What is it coming to? So with this 5-day work week, which they say is also so that their staff can have more time off, is going to save them money. No offices open so save on power bills and overtime pay, right? Great. Just don't charge me money when I am "encouraged" to do my banking using ATM's because Saturdays are the only days that my work will allow me to do my banking chores.

Another similiar thing happened when Selangor declared itself a developed state HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...oh sorry ah, I couldn't help laughing. Now folks in parts of Petaling Jaya, which surely must be the jewel in the developed state's crown, are being asked to pay hugely increased rates for their properties. For what?

Hello! You don't read the papers issit? You're paying for the privilege of living in a developed state ma.

The way things are happening if you didn't get more than the usual 5-8% increment in your salary this year I am so sorry for you la. It ain't going to be a very Fa Cai Year of the Dog for you la.

Actually, you'll soon start feeling like a dog though. And as you know Malaysia has never been a dog friendly country.


Lizzam said...

if using ATm is charged either RM10 per year, or 50 sen after the 4th withdrawal, wait 'till you use Internet'll be charged RM1 for most transaction (i.e: to pay bills)

now all the more reasons for the banks to send us reposession letters just because we failed to get some time out and go to the bank to pay them...

zona marie said...

they already charge RM2 for GIRO interbank transactions via online banking. the problem is, even with electronic banking, its not 24 hours. online sites shut off at midnite.

& then, there's banks who are fussy about signing up agreements with other banks - in case they lose customers.

& don't forget perpetually "out of service" ATMs. tsk.

synical said...

What the?!

I knew there was a reason why I don't like banking in Malaysia... = P First the 5 day banking week, then want to charge for online transactions? So cekik darah...

Anyway, thanks for updating this Malaysian so far away from home (who also can't remember to check Star Online half the time).

Samm said...

i really have nothing against online banking. when you have as many credit cards as i do, you'll really appreciate online banking when you dont have to rush here and there when it's time to do repayment. Saves me petrol and lots of frustration trying to get a parking space. give them lah that rm2 fee.

Trashed said...

Akshelly, no need to have 5 day banking week. Can still have 5+1 days if got some staff working. Just give them incentive mah.

Like, those who work the Saturday can have one day off in the week (kira the half day as one day).

Same same, wat? All bank staff still work 5 days (some staff only work only 4 1/2 days) and consumers get 5+1 days service.

Another brainwave I got is why not have longer banking hours during the week ? Then at least ada chan to do some banking otherwise got to ponteng or eat the chicken rice lunch while waiting in line.

I agree la, the banks very suay if they charge all those fees for ATM and electronic banking. Already, I am so marah that even house cheque takes one day to clear. Mana eh sai ?

patrickteoh said...

Actually, the whole equation is wrong isn't it? Look at it this way. The poorer people work 6 maybe 7 days a week to make ends meet. The poorer people also don't have computers or broadband connections. The poorer people have to do their banking on Saturdays or ponteng and risk losing their jobs. So how does this help the country as a whole to become more efficient?

Sure, offer electronic banking as an option for people like Samm. But I want to know my bank, its manager the counter staff, the security guard, the amah. Shouldn't banking be a more personal business? After all these are people who are entrusted with our money you know.

Then if you want to shove electronic banking down our throats can you give us an assurance that you won't start charging us for services which used be provided free over the counter with the bonus of a nice smile once in a while?

Is this progress? Then I'd rather live without it.

soowm said...

Eons ago, you get to interact with humans in the bank and sometimes do some chit chat while waiting for the teller to be done with the transaction. Nowdays only can talk with machines. Somemore the world local bank makes it so troublesome for you to cash out cheque from their counter (must set appointment 1 day in advance)..nabeh!!

sherrina said...

if you can get a bank especially Maybank with a working ATM machine / cheque deposit machine / cash deposit machine on saturday, then you must be lucky. Most of the time, by Friday nite..most machine kaput. Again, welcome to Malaysia :)

patrickteoh said...

soowm, you mean you have to make an appointment to take your own money out of the bank? Niamah! How can they do this to us? I think we should all withdraw ALL our money out of our bank accounts, rent a safe deposit box in the same bank if they have one or another bank if they don't, hold it in there for a month. If enough people did that it will cripple the bank. Then let's see how they like it. Hold it! But this is Malaysia so most of us will just be saying, "Hiyah, too much trouble la. Waffor? Naer mine la. Just continue to get screwed up the A** lor. After all it's becoming quite pleasurable isnit?"

Sherrina, I went to a Maybank ATM last week, inserted my ATM card, keyed in my password..."Incorrect password" came on the screen. How can that be? I was positive I had keyed in the correct number. I didn't want to try keying in hte password for fear that the machine will swallow up my card and the legend, "Please contact the bank for details" will pop up. But what do I do now? I guess I will go to the ATM machine again and try in a couple of days.

Kat said...

Tried to bank in a cheque at Maybank via cheque deposit machine. Rejected because 'account inactive'. Have to do at counter. So what is this crap about encouraging more electronic banking when I can't even bank in a dang cheque through a machine???

Anonymous said...

This is my complaint sent to Maybank online custcare.

With reference to the above matter, I wish to voice my dissastisfaction with the Customer Service provided to me at Maybank Kepong Prima Branch on 2nd January 2008.

No 10&12, Pusat Niaga Metro Prima
Jalan Prima 5, Metro Prima
52100 Kepong
Kuala Lumpur

I went to Kepong Prima branch on 2nd January 2008 to activate back my Maybank Saving Accounts. The officer in charge manage to activate my savings account ONLY after more than 2 hours of waiting and delegating to different department.

To make the matter worse, I discovered TODAY(31st January 2008)that I can only check my account balance using my ATM card; but unable to make any withdrawal at ALL using my ATM card. When I call up your officer at 5.30p.m. today, I was informed that my ATM card is not yet activated.

I am furious that the officer in charge on 2nd January 2008 did not take extra mile to check whether my ATM card was activated or not. They suppose to activate it together with my savings account.

I hope Maybank Malaysia is able to provide me with a clearer picture about my ATM card status. I am providing the following details for Sir/Madam to follow up:

Maybank Savings Account Number:XXXXXXXXXXXX
Handphone contact number: XXXXXXXXX

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon!