Friday, January 27, 2006

Blogging As An Art Form?

(Poster courtesy of lecram sinun)

Do you think Blogging is an art form? My friend, Marcel thinks it is or can be. And he's doing something interesting to explore and raise awareness to this addictive online phenomenon. This will happen at The Rogue an annual festival celebrating independent performance and art in Fresno, California. Go check out the website or go check out The Rogue in person if you're in Fresno or anywhere near. Wouldn't it be great if our National Art Gallery flers can do something like this? Ah well.

For a full explanation of how Marcel and his blogger friends put this together go here... HNT@The Rogue

Maybe someone here in Malaysia would like to start something similiar too? Boleh!

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lecram sinun said...

Patrick, thanks for the plug. Really appreciate it, my friend! :) The Rogue Festival site will be NEW as of Feb.1... at least that's what I'm pushing for. (I'm currently working on it... gonna be a long weekend.) You'll be able to see (and read) all who are performing and showing in the festival this year.

Actually, I think it would be great if something like the Rogue (a fringe festival) could be started there. There is one in Hong Kong, Seoul and (several) in Australia. There is actually a circuit of over 50 festivals worldwide.

Over the years most of the new works in theatre, music, etc... has come out of the fringe movement. It also helps goose up the locals to be come more active in the scene. Fresno was primarily a 3 company theatre town (for about 20 years)... until the Rogue. Since we started at least 5 new local independent theatre companies have sprung up.