Friday, January 27, 2006

Damn Scary Lah!

On page 5 of today's STAR there is a story which sent shivers down my spine when I read it. What is this? Ths Star is becoming more scary than a Stephen King novel la.

The story is headlined "Green light for scenic bridge". It has been announced that RM2billion is going to be spent on building this scenic bridge. But the most frightening revelation came from the mouth of our Deputy Prime Minister when he was quoted as saying, “If the negotiations are not successful, the bridge will become a half-bridge or scenic bridge".

Spend RM2 billion on building a half-bridge or scenic bridge???!!! Why?
A scenic bridge? What the F**K is that? People will drive on it to take in the view and take photographs?

Maybe there is some good political or economic reason for doing this but we the tax-payers would appreciate knowing what the reasons are for spending 2 billion Ringgit.

Wait a minute, the DPM made this announcement when he was at the ground breaking ceremony for a bio-diesel factory. Remember, this was the same guy who sanctioned the Malaysian 'expedition' to drape a giant Malaysian flag over the Great Pyramid of Giza.

So perhaps it was just gas.


Trashed said...

Baarger, this bridge is betul betul going to be a "bridge to nowhere".

Maybe it will join these others

Anonymous said...

"bridge will become a half-bridge or scenic bridge"... from a half- brained man.

god help us... wtf is going on with these !d!ots ?

patrickteoh said...

Well, it isn't exactly going nowhere. Just not anywhere useful:-)

A half brained man? Who you tokking about in such complimentary terms?

Trashed said...

Ya Lah, Patrick,

Whoever thunk of this "idea" really tokkok.

Spending RM2 billion of taxpayers hard earned Ringgit to build this bridge and then wait for Lion Land to build the other side is playing poker. Aiyah, maybe that's why lah. CNY coming so open table lor.

sherrina said...

you are absolutely in the right place, welcome to Malaysia. The land where nothing is impossible....nothing, even if it sounds stupid. :p

Kat said...

And the scary thing is this intelligent person may one day rule the country...