Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Whew! For a while I thought I was in ....

I am very thankful for whoever is responsible for my renewed confidence that I hadn't died and gone to heaven. For weeks I had been seeing squeaky clean RapidKL busses on the streets of Kuala Lumpur. Okay mainly just going round and round with empty bellies circling the Golden Triangle la. But they were all new and clean and ... so un-Malaysian leh.

But today I saw this and heaved a sigh of relief! I wonder what keeps some RapidKL busses so clean and 1st World and others so.......Ghana la. Ah! I know. Golden Triangle = tourists. So must present good image. Other RapidKL busses just ferry Malaysians to and from sweathouses what. So what they complaining about? They should be 'grateful'. Ah! There's that word again.

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Vaseau said...

Clean busses in the Golden Triangle? Same reason why Putrajaya is so 1st world looking (from the outside).

Show foreigners that we too have arrived. Showcasing is a government-inspired activity started by our erstwhile 22 years-at-the-helm", "Someone-paid-for-me-to-visit-Bush" hero