Thursday, February 09, 2006

You Sure Or Not

Afdlin Shauki's BULI BALIK grossed RM2 million in 10 days and shows no sign of stopping! That surely must be a Malaysian record. Syabas to Afdlin who continues to scale new heights.

I was privileged to be in both BULI and BULI BALIK. The character I played, Tan Sri Michael of Michaelsoft, became quite popular with audiences when he first appeared in BULI..."Lu jangan main gua punya hati ah. Saya anak yatim tahu?"...and so Afdlin wrote him into the sequel as well. This time, Tan Sri Michael, after handing over the reins of Michaelsoft to his trusted partner (Nordin, played by Afdlin Shauki), indulges in his favorite hobby. Singing. And because he has loads of money he makes a music video of 'his' song "You Sure Or Not?" The producers of BULI BALIK used clips of the music video to promote the film on television. And since it aired I have been stopped by strangers who all give me big smiles and say, "You sure or not?". Many friends who have seen in on TV and in the film have been asking where and how they can watch it again. So here it is. If you like the music video go watch the movie. Again. Thank you.

Here's the link


King's wife said...

LOL hahaaaa....yes, I like the video and I'm sure I'll like the movie too!!!

Abah Kau said...

At last I manage to communicate with my DJ.
Hmmm.....i was still a weeee lad when listening to your Key Huat Radio.The Blue Radion Rtm every Sunday.I nevery miss not a single of your radio show every Sunday.You are the one whom taught in Engkish on air.A 'solok' nun jauh diperdalaman then.The in roads was still
merah then but by now thanks to the JKKK
inroads gets better.

Not theather goer myself,but an avid supporter you call it art.
Your are buzy even after retirement sir?
Lastly,bak kata pepatah melayu jangan dilupa guru kita,thus you are one of my early guru on English Language and Pak Chik Yahya Long Chik,Kak Rubiah Lubis,Abang Nornekman Dadameah,Mam Faridah,How could i forget the golden voices.
Thanks again Sir

adriantai said...

saw the video on tv over the cny break and had a good laugh.

u really look so different from when i first heard of your name - back then, you were with tv3, i believe... yes, that's how long its been...


patrickteoh said...

Hi abah kau. Wah you really from the old school man. Can still remember all those flers ah? I don't have the luxury of retirement. Still got to work for my supper.

Yes adriantai. It was a long time ago. A very long time ago that I read the news for TV3. I should look different. It's more than 20 years ago.

cyber-red said...

ohmygosh hilarious and u had the guts to do it.. brilliant *grins*

akina said...

thank you for the link.. sure or not?

Lil Patchee said...

Wah.. Rolling in the sand pun ada. Love the MTV. Must go watch the movie then. ;)

patrickteoh said...

Oi! lil patchee. Still haven't seen the movie ah? Baarger go faster la. You will like it one.

murni said...

ROTFL!! or maybe Roll On The Sand Laughing would be more apt?! ;)

Kudos sir. You've got guts!

Nida Ariena Mohd Ariff said...

my dad once worked in RTM alongside Encik Yahya Longchik, please is there some way that I can contact him? My email address is:
Please send me his email address! My dad's name is Encik Mohd Ariff bin Essa, he worked in the Myanmar Service for almost 30 years in RTM, Suara Malaysia.