Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Well, I'll Be Damned!!!

(Ong Ka Ting on LRT. Photo from The Star, March 8, 2006)

(Passenger with tie: "Baarger! Najib should have done this first la. Miss la. Ape hal le lu?)

(Woman passenger thinking: "So hemsome he."

(Man behind OKT: "F**K! Forgot my deodorant again!")

They are actually doing it!!! Well, one of them anyway. MCA prez and Minister, Ong Ka Ting was pictured in The Star today riding the LRT to his meeting in Jalan Ampang. This is leadership by example of the finest degree. His leader speaks, he makes the example. LOL...sorry couldn't resist that one. My first thought when I saw the photo today was to poo-poo it as a PR stunt. But on second thought, I also thought that it was a step, however small, in our VIP's realisation process that they should show by example rather than spew advice ad-nauseum. However, my cynical side still believes that this is just a PR stunt. Riding the LRT in a suit and tie among the rest of the long suffering raayat? Who is the PR person? Sack him/her. I remember that when the MCA leaders meet with members all these flers would wear their short sleeved white shirts. White=I am pure as snow. Trust me. Short sleeved shirt=I am just like you. A working slob. But once you elect me, it's Zegna suits and Gucci ties. Sorry la, have to look good for the TV camera ma.

But it is good la. If all the VIP's put their money where their mouths are and take public transport to work and be with the raayat I am sure that would go a long way in making things better. LRT's would not dare be late, dirty, rude etc. if VIP's are regular users. Or would they? But then ah...if VIP's use public transport they would be accompanied by all their minders who would push people aside, blare their sirens and generally be pains in the ass. Wouldn't they? Well, we shall see. Not that it's going to happen sometime soon la:-)

Meanwhile, here's a contest. Look at the photo of OKT on the LRT with the raayat. Caption it. What is he saying? What are the other passengers saying? Be creative. The best caption, judges' (TV Smith and Patrick Teoh) decision is final, wins any ONE of the following prizes:-

1. Satay dinner and teh tarik for you and your partner with TV Smith and Patrick Teoh at Studio 5, Ampang Jaya.

2. 2 tickets to the KLPAC production of Harold Pinter's "The Homecoming", March 24 to April 2, 2006.

3. A visit from TV Smith and Patrick Teoh AND the King of Malaysian Bloggers, Jeff Ooi to your town of residence to buy you and your partner a dinner and teh tarik and maybe tok some kok. Peninsula Malaysia only. Sorry.

4. The name and address of Ong Ka Ting's tailor.

No anonymous posts. These will be deleted. If you don't have a blogger account use the tab "Other".
No personal attacks, gay bashing etc. These will be deleted.

Keep it clean. Keep it real. Keep it funny.

CONTEST ENDS March 15, 2006. Results here on March 19, 2006.

Go crazy guys!

p/s I don't think that Najib is going to be seen on the LRT or RapidKL busses real soon. Might crease his Hugo Boss suit.


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TV Smith said...

I can take part ah? OK. Here goes...

OKT: "I never take LRT before. Sit on LRT must put hands in groin issit?"

Egghead said...

OKT: See? This is the way to ride a public transport without sufficient seatings and filled with people who don't respect a nice suit...

Woman Passenger: (*OMG! If only I were 20 years younger) nice suit! love the tie!

Man behind OKT: (softly) Man! get a room! as if you cannot afford it with the suit and all...

patrickteoh said...

Smith, sure u can take part la. Get the balls...I mean ball...rolling ma.

Bald man: "Now why can't Samy get a hairpiece like that?"

Ok, ok. Got to stop before this gets accused of being a TV Smith/Patrick Teoh siok sendiri.

gier said...

I try Uncle,

"See, the trick is to make sure the driver is already waiting at the station."

agent_kay7 said...

1."Hidup manyak susah jadi humble political leader friend, get the hint..let me sit la"

2." no no...that was another ex-politician...u can remove your hand from your groin now..."

Anonymous said...
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Sibeh Tulan said...

Wahlan!! Today LRT, tomorrow bullock-cart ride. Patrick, get your camera ready hor.

IRIZ said...

1. running through the mind of OKT "can claim this LRT ticket later or not ah?..."

2. OKT: "this seat for VIP is it?" (pointing to bald man)

3. OKT: "now i know why you always late to work maa..hali-hali nampak your punch kad led. LRT so slow..."
Guy with tie staring back at OKT: "tau takpe!"

i've just said...

wait wait...not gonna post up mine so soon.

gotta think of a really funny wan...

i wanna win!~!!~!

Sibeh Tulan said...

Reaction from LRT passengers on seeing a "suspicious and hypocritical creature:

Man standing: Nah!!! Smell my stinko armpit lah!

Bald man: My balls to you! Try taking the LRT everyday.

Woman (thinking): Better be careful with my hand-bag. This baarger looks like a snatch thief in disguise.

Man with tie: Fook off lah!! Smell my fart, hypocrite! Phooooooottt!

chinomalayo said...

OKT: "WTF......i thought the Cabinet is taking the LRT today" - so much for the change of lifestyle!

Anonymous said...
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desiderata said...

OKT: How come you [people are so early one, can get seats summore!

OKT (orang kena tendang) jest seated in front:
"Yes, we did not have the luxury of being with your MCA Youth lust night -- to Eat, Drink and Be Merry!"

Gal: miniSTER, can I gthumb a ride in your car klater to get to Ampang Parkm ah? Then maybe I can sign a membership form on the way...Also inform Pak Lah you saved RM3 on petrol today, how patriotik -- and you kill 3 birds with one stone."

Sorry: "long" as I have to live up to my Nama, no Datuk in front, OK (T is missing co I dowan to be Tahan!)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Aredale said...

passenger (mind): Are all the Rm4 billion going to be spent by making this guy ride LRT with us?

OKT (mind): Im getting paid RM4 billion to do this.

Aredale said...

OKT: Wah, the train are so cold and comfortable. So many spaces and seats left.

Passenger(mind): Try taking the LRT from Wangsa Maju during morning rush hours.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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anonymous said...
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wine guy said...

OKT: Wah so cosy and comfortable... more people should give up driving and use this world class public transport.

Man with tie: Yeah right... try during peak hour lah, kena molest sama pijak baru tahu... na beh!

Lady: world class? you very cute la... very farnee

Anonymous said...
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budakindia said...

OKT: Hello!! Today I'm riding with all of you!!
Lady: Yeah ! Whatever!!!
Man with tie: He doesn't have even eye brows!! Oh God!!!

i've just said...

OKT: Shit, I thought this is Proton Putra?? Not meh??
Passengers (mind): Bodoh.

kacang_inc said...

man-wif-tie : sapa ni? berheboh-heboh aje...

lady (in her mind): (giggles) wah...hou leng chai wor....wonder attached or not?

guy next to lady : ya betul betul....zzzzzz...snort snort....zzzzzzzzz

man standing (in-his-mind) : kanasai betul, gua punya look dengan style macam tom jones, tapi org cina it macam lagi popular....siapa dia ni??? gggrrrrr......

okt : bla bla bla yada yada...( all is good in our gah-men) bla bla bla .......oil price is much cheaper in our country...bla bla bla, yada yada,

Anonymous said...
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Kenny said...

OKT: "Quick the photographer is ready now, look at me and smile!"

Anonymous said...

The date is not right:

2. 2 tickets to the KLPAC production of Harold Pinter's "The Homecoming", March 24 to April 2, 2006.

CONTEST ENDS APRIL 15, 2006. Results here on April 19, 2006.

mahfoolut said...

OKT: "Actually, I did not know the Press will be here today. I am a little free today, so I thought I'll come here and tok kok lah"

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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wklim said...

OKT: eh, how do i stop the LRT?

man with tie: thinking "aiks, menteri tak pandai naik LRT?"

lady: thinking "u must be joking rite OKT?"

man with black shirt: thinking "ini unker macam kenal saje..."

man behind OKT: thinking "itu tiga olang tak nak jawab ka tak pandai chakap engrish?"

technoroti said...

OKT: Mana driver? I want shake hand him.
man with tie: Mana ada driver datuk.
lady: If my son study hard, can be like him next time.
man with black shirt: don't touch my head.
man behind OKT: i pwned okt.

andrewk said...

Man in tie: "Shit. Better give up my seat in case Yasmin Ahmad is filming this."

howsy said...

OKT: Wow, this shiny pole. Solid lah! You all mind seeing me doing a pole strip? I have some recycled moves, if you like. It may come with a price tag: RM 4 billion!
Man behind: Oi, Brokeback tadak menang Oscar Best Picture, you don't have to make up for that here, o.k.!
Half bald man: I like man in suits!
Smiling woman: Strip you noti boi! Strip!
Far left man: Can you hold on for a sec? Lemme hang myself with my mobile phone chain first. *Die*

ebbs said...

OKT - eh.. u never watch tv commercials ar?isnt this the seats for the elderly, disabled and preggie ladies?

passenger with tie : die ... like that also he noticed...

women passenger.. he he he he.. okt.. you are so sharp..what is your other favourite soap opera?

men passenger : u din know meh, now privellege extended to people like me mah. tak per la.. relaks la...

men behind okt : *thinking* i will appear slimmer this way.

COGOH said...

OKT: Why are you using LRT? Cannot affort your own car issit? Hahaha...losers!

Bald Man: .....!
WOman: .....!
Man with tie: Cilaka mia Chinakui!

Kwang Yew said...

OKT : (thinking to himself) oh.. darn it.. it's the pole... ok..ok.. hold on tight, don't move. i can't resist.. i feel like dancing.. people looking... control yourself...

Camera man to the rest in photos : ok, please look at dato' and smile... smile, ok? smile.. 1... 2... click.. good shot!

kwang yew said...

OKT : er... excuse me.. where's the toilet ar???

Woman : Ohh... i can look at him forever...

Men : Ohh... i can look at him forever...

i've just said...

OKT (thinking): Darn, I took the wrong Putra!!

(Putra LRT & Proton Putra)

kroni2u said...

OKT - "Don't blame me for the petrol hike, I voted for DAP!"

auyongtc said...

(from left to right, only OKT is talking since nobody talks to strangers in LRT):

Encik: (Apasal you cakap dengan I? Banyak wartawan sini lah, segan aku!) - (translated: why on earth you're talking to me? There's so many reporters here, I'm blushing!)

Makcik: (Ehh, ni gor yan kam min sin keh? Mmm ji pin chut hon kok hei lam ji kok. Man hei lor chim meng hou mmm hou leh?) - (translated: ehh, this fella so familiar one? Dunno which Korean drama male actor leh. Should I get his autograph?)

Pakcik: (Alamak, baru sekarang aku stim tengok ah moi tu, datang pulak budak cina ni. Kena cover cover sikit, senyum sikit, biar tak nampak) - (translated: damn, now I'm erect staring at that girl there, this chinese guy is blocking my view. Have to cover up quick, and smile)

Orang ni OKT nak kecik: (Ha, tengok aku, gaya sial, nasib baik ingat pakai jeans ketat ni. Ambiklah gambar, ambik) - (translated: look at me, I'm so stylish, luckily I remembered to wear my tight jeans today. Go ahead, snap more photos)

OKT: Itulah sebab kitaorang mesti mahu naik LRT. LRT tak guna petrol. Harga tiket takkan naik. Jadi, kerajaan banyak mahu tolong kitaorang semua. Harga petrol naik bukan sebab kerajaan nak ambik duit tu, bagi kat MAS... (translation: blah blah blah...)

Cik Adik: (oh my gawd, I forgot to shave my legs again, damn!)

kroni2u said...

OKT to the guy in tie "from the side you look like Rafidah!"

OKT - "A penny saved is a penny you can use to buy 4D."

jebat2020 said...

OKT said: "woi, you guys not working hah? what you doing in here?

The extreme left man said: "alamak, mana mau lari?"

The lady said: "haiya, mau bangun ka terus duduk ka ting?"

The man standing behind said: "bila la ini pintu mau bukak, wa mau cabut lor!"

kroni2u said...

OKT - "I've developed allegies from all sitting in my Perdana"

OKT - "Beneath that hairpiece, Samy Veloo is as bald as that guy"

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey Patrick Teoh, I am a fan since my A level days listening to you deejaying!

Glad to meet you in cyberspace. Will bookmark this blog . Stay well : )

Anonymous said...
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cyber-red said...

oh my gosh this is hilarious =P

remember to post up the winning slogans!!

smeagroo said...

OKT : OK peeps! I hv a malay, chinese, malay and where the heck is that Shah Gruk Can wannabe?

Woman : Can we get on with this? I hv been sitting on my arse for hours just to get one frigging pic!

Man in Tie : Why do i hv to wear this stupid tie? I am just a despatch rider for heaven's sake!

Baldie : I gotta get one of OKT's toupee.

Shah Gruk Can : If in India i get the front seat and can shake hands with the VVIPs. Nooomberrrnahhhlerrrteeer

Celestine said...

OKT: [points] This. is. a. steeeel barrr. I am holding a steeeel bar.

Man with tie: [Dude, pick a better line for this photoshoot.]

Woman: [O. My. God...! *Mentally slaps forehead*]

Man at the corner: [speaking thru teeth] Wookay... somebody needs deodorant.

Man with raised arms: Not me dammit!

darthkc said...

OKT: I didn't pay for this ride, ya know??? He he he...

bluesky said...

OKT "Aiks, no manners, still dun wan to give me the sit?"

Man "WHAT??"

Woman "hahhaa... I dun wan to stand up la... no need to stare and talk la... ur air liur spoil my make-up la"

sonofsparda said...

OKT : see...? men of my calibre stooping down to your likes just to prove i walk the walk UNLIKE some guy on the way pls excuse my secret service agents..err..bodyguards, assistants & the camera crew......oh long am i suppose stand here huh? geez....

by the way next time oil price &*&%^$% up - tell them to find some other sucker!!

Men in black shirt : (to give up seat OR NOT to give seat)

Lady : will all due respect sir ...can we have this coach move now..your mock "one-with-the-people" session not withstanding , i'm late for work

Men w Tie : (i know I've seen this chap somewhere before....who ahhhh???)

nor'aini said...

woman : sorry sir VVIP seat here..

man in tie : pat pat nya..siapa cepat dia punya..

OKT : that's why im checking...after this there'll be seats reserved for VVIP

man with hand at groins : VVIP equals to "orang cacat"


MunshiAbdullah said...

OKT: Akshually ah, Pee Am say da money save we can make Malaysia's first Disneyworld and all public transport will go there!

Bald Man: Mmm. Right. I join KeADILan after fuel hike.

Woman: And I'm Teresa Kok's campaign manager

Man in Tie: Er -- are you Danish?

VsDGrain said...

OKT : "And to save EVEN more money, I bought the RETURN ticket somemore!!!! You see? You see?"

People (thinking in their minds) : "Shithead. Return ticket cost EXACTLY the same as buying a one way ticket twice. WHAT A PRIZED MORON".

afiq said...

Man in black:(in a rush)air conditioner not working properly.. persperation out of control.. must..use..superpower..(lifts arm heroically)

OKT: I will ensure you that our government will inspect whether this steel bars are not recycled sewer pipes due to its assumingly unhygenic smell.

Smiling man:I don't give a...
Keep looking at my...
'Cause it don't mean a thing if you're looking at my...
I'm a do my thing while you're playing with your...
Ha, ha-ha, ha-ha, ha-ha

Woman: So liang chai ah this milister.. So smart some more.. Too bad ah.. the smell a bit like pig ah.

Man w/ tie: Alamak.. Secret service looking for me ka? My mistress tell story ka?? Ok.. stay calm.. hooh..haah..hooh..haah

LangChiaPek said...

OKT : u olang semua um chai see ... LRT akan naik harga ... nget nget nget

Man In Tie : KNN

Lady : OKT so hansem i lup

Man with Misai : OKT = Or Kooi Tou ? ;)

suyuf said...

OKT : u sumer tak payah cakap apa- apa. u sana duduk diam saja.. sbb itu patrick teoh bikin contest mau guess apa kita cakap.. itu orang yang masuk itu contest kena buat caption kreatif la kononnya.. dia orang tak tau kita diam saja sini.. wakakaka..

man standing behind OKT : nasib baik aku sempat masuk dalam gambar ni. diorang sure buat jgk caption untuk aku.. eeeiii best nye.. glemer pakcik..

T-Boy said...

OKT: Wah, how come everything so blurry... Clarice, has Samy confirmed the time he wants to meet at the Selangor club for drinks?

Woman in white shirt: Uh... I'm solly Yang Berbahagia, but my name is Vivian, and I don'ch work for chew.

Man with the armpit pose: Hey, lepak la sister. At least not call you Samy.

Man in collared shirt: Ataupun Ghafar. Muka aku macam Ghafar Baba sangat ke?

Tie Guy: Yah, at least dia tak panggil you "Darling". Naik bulu roma I, eeeee, geli.

Vaseau said...

OKT monologue (since the other three are too startled to see an inappropriately dressed man in their midst)

OKT: See, it pays to dress like me ...the press is here to take pictures of my changed lifestyle, you are all listening to me and I am going to make headlines tomorrow. So the quick lesson for all of you is this: be like me, dress like me ...because that is what Najib said "change your style and your life will change"

gunnena said...

OKT: NiaMaFulat, Ah Wee increase fuel price, I kena sacrifice for PR stunt to naik LRT.

The 3 Passengers: Dun worry Lah, the PM very fair one Lah. Who knows PM will ask Semi Value to ride beca, Geng Yak to kayuh sampan along Syabas shit water-pipe, or Rapidah to ride Shimano bicycle to office. LRT not bad wat, got air con!

rcsh said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Andrew said...
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tdyymal said...

OKT: foo-wah! dunno who lah but that one big fart sure didn't come from me wan...

everyone else: *polite smiles*

retard said...

okt: see, i am living proof that politicians too can follow the advise of lifestyle adjustment. next, i will also use the lrt during rush hour like everbody else. not only that, i will be using the lrt to commute to work from now on until the next election.

seated lady thinking to herself: wow, those shoulder pads are even wider than his shoulders.

patrickteoh said...

Wah! I am glad to see that you guys are having fun. I didn't know that so many people want to go out with Jeff Ooi!

Okay some house-keeping rules.

As this is a contest Anonymous posts will not be accepted and will be deleted. If you do not have a blogger account you can post your comment/entry using "Other".

Also please refrain from personal attacks like gay bashing etc. These will be deleted also.

I think the trick is to focus on the photo and what you think makes the captions funny.

Keep it funny. Keep it real. Keep it Clean.

Thanks to one anonymous who pointed out the dates boo-boo. It will be corrected.

Looking forward to more blogging creativity.

Ann said...

OKT: Bloody hell, where's Najib? Baarger stood me up. Got to grin and bear it. Oy pixman, you better get my good side.

Bald man: Hmmm, what to have for lunch today ah?

Woman: Can't tahan any more. I really, really have to go to the loo.

Man with name tag in pocket: What's that bad smell?

Vincent said...

OKT: PM Abdullah say he will improve public transport system. We are still working on the plan so that you all can have a better life and enjoy public transport. You all don't wolli, be happi okay ! As long as I OKT around, everything sure okay 1 !

Man in tie: wa piaang. Sure bo? I don't believe you lah. *gives a fake smile*

Lady & bald guy: yalo yalo. we all support Abdullah and OKT. 4.4B subsidy savings can change malaysia ! Petrol hike 30 cents won't hurt me lah, sap sap water only. we all can CHANGE LIFESTYLE and take LRT everyday wat !

man behind: *habis Proton*. At first got big national car project and they want to make car affordable to malaysians. Now petrol hike, proton car cannot sell. pancit lah !

yapthomas said...

See, I also know your problem wan, I take LRT for me okay.. I sure help you all wan..wait.. (pointing to the seats)
Isn't this place for the "orang keistimewaan"? (keistimewaan=cacat)

Passenger with tie:
Huh? Saya tak ada paham england la.

Passenger beside woman's left:
*snorts then giggle* in mind thinking.. "BAH.."

Woman passenger (eager):
Whoa, so understanding.. Cum cum cum, I gip u my seat.

Man behind OKT: Alaaaa, mana Najib and gang ni.. Tengok da bagi MEREKA take the spotlight dah..

Bet that you all get something out of my post.. the differences i potrait is so similar to today's our country.

Anonymous said...

OKT do travel on LRT occasionally... I have met him few times at LRT Taman Bahagia last year. Just to clarify ... i don't think this is a PR stunt.

Sarah said...

OKT: to all the passengers."you mean you take LRT everyday kah? What happend to your Kereta ma?"
Lady"" my proton sudah potong"!!
Bald(thinking):"goodness is this guy real"?
tie(thinking):oi, look at that tie, where did he buy it"
Guy at the back (thinking)"how long do i have to keep holding the rail so YB won't fall when the train stop?"

gunnena said...
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Bennyloh said...
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i've just said...

OKT: Today's weather very hot hor?!

sheriff singh said...

OKT: Where's Samy? Oh, he's driving the train!

kyl said...

I've got two..

1st caption

Guy on left: I hope I don't have to give up my seat.


OKT: Before one does a pole dance, one HAS to warm up the pole. (Rubs pole up and down sensuously)

minority said...

Woman Thinking: "Smile dammit smile! This might be the day you get lucky!"

Two seated men: "Who the fish is this again?"

OKT Thinking: "Oooh that working class stench from the guys behind my back is killin me!"

OKT saying: "Where was I....? Oh right so was talking bout the pickup on my new Merc and...."

Sheriff Singh said...

OKT: Ong Ka Ting. That's O-N-G K...Aiyah, I'm a very famous man la.

Nazrah said...

OKT: make sure everything looks muhibbah ok? look happy, look happy, malaysia boleh! u want to kompren come my ofis talk to my secretary ok? eh where's the camera?

man with little hair : kontrol hensem...kontroooool. i seriously need to go pee n this mangkuk want to take picture some more?

nyonya: u say okay i also okay lah. sap sap sui plobrem.

man in tie: ha bodek la tu, angkat la tu, kipas la tu. eleh...

thirdshifter said...

The conversation i overheard:

OKT: You want answers?

Tie Too Big: I want the truth!

OKT: You can't handle the truth!

Amoi: (whispering): Either way, I don't give a damn what you think you're entitled to!

Botak: I just found Nemo in my pants..

Mucho macho Behind OKT: It wasn't me! it was the one armed man!

And so on and so forth they continued their no-conversation conversation.

mat said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
mat said...


"Apa tengok tengok... bangun lah!"

"Jangan bangun... biar dia ambik gambar dulu"

"Miss, you division mana?"

"Satu lagi projek Barisan Nasional"

"Aiyah... buang masa... Lain kali, kalau you mau tampal poster, tolong tampal BN punya lah. Duit upah pun dapat tau."

"... so Samy tells Mahathir, it means, Ayam Kambing Beg!"

"Kalau you tak suka you boleh pulang balik. Kalau you mau five star, saya punya kawan ada jual" (motions to dude in black)

yumseng said...

OKT to everyone: "Smile, you're all on Candid Camera"

yumseng said...

Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah: "Petrol Naik Harga - VVIP OKT menumpang LRT!!

yumseng said...

My above caption should have read as:

"Petrol Naik Harga: VVIP OKT terpaksa menumpang LRT!" - Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah Malaysia

elpee said...

"Hello everyone, I am the famous OKT, u can brag about seeing me in person, ekeke. Actually i lost my train ticket, and i am very late to a meeting with famous person u will probably never meet this life (grin on the face). So, just a thought, if any of you are willing to gimme your ticket, i will shake your hand passionately until i get off the train using my infamous right hand on the pole. deal?",OKT

"WTF? Handshake with this dude?Hmmm....i am better of handshaking myself...ohh...ohhh", bald dude

"My right hand..oooooh...first time going to be touched by such macho fella, shy u go~! My ticket!!!" lady next to bald dude

"You're such a noob",guy next to lady next to bald dude

tatt said...

OKT - i'm trying to boost passenger numbers on the LRT, see, i brought along 5 camera men.

mrjefe said...

OKT: Heheh... lucky I got LRT... Samy take bus, Keng Yaik lagi worse... car pool with Kit Siang!

Aredale said...

OKT: Like you poor ppl that are affected by the oil prices Im changing my lifestyle. Instead of taking my limo from my house, I'll be stopping at Ampang Park station and take my limo from there instead. Can saves money can arr?

Aredale said...

passengers: What next? Rafidah taking the Rapid KL buses?

Sagaladoola said...

I am a frequent user @ Poor Working Slob of ERL and Monorail (2 times a week).

According to "The Star", it took OKT 30 minutes to commute from ERL to LRT to Wisma MCA.

Well, that is rubbish, because:
1) Journey starts 5.30 p.m.
2) Feeder Bus arrives in Putrajaya/Cyberjaya at 5.45 (15 minutes)
3) Arrival at ERL station in Putrajaya , 5.55 p.m. (10 minutes)
4) ERL transit starts to move , 6.05 p.m. (10 minutes)
5) ERL transit reaches KL Sentral, 6.30 p.m. (25 minutes)

Hmm, I have not mentioned about the LRT / Monorail travel segment yet. Let us look at the time spent:
15 + 10 + 10 + 25 = 60 minutes
put it better, 1 hour

You are right, sack the PR person as well as The Star columnist, he does not know how to count.

Not to mention that travelling in KL from KL Sentral back to your home in Jalan Kuchai Lama using public transport makes it more fun!! Unless you take a taxi of course but that will be more expensive than private transport

I think I misunderstood Najib.
Public transport not equals to inter-KL transport
Public transport = MAS

TreVesco said...

OKT: For so many years, this is the first time I stand, when I go to work...
The rest: Luckily for so many years, we had many chances to sit, when we go to work!

TreVesco said...

OKT: O.K. Tak ?

sashi said...

OKT: "I don't like standing la - so can I sit on your lap? Anyone? Anyone?"

Bald Guy (seated): "Oh wow, OKT wants to sit on me... OMG, I'm getting a woody, shit, think football, think ugly bearded women, shit, not working, must cover it... umphh..."

Woman in middle: "Hmm, yeah baby, two guys on the side and one minister in front - all those trips to the RM10 bomoh has paid off at last!"

Guy with tie: "Don't look at me, don't look at me, don't look at me.... doh! he's looking at me! i'm going to be his bitch now!"

oliviasy said...

OKT: eh no need get up... i stand enuf liaooo... sit too much in ofis dy... backside getting bigger lar...

guy1: ini minister how long can tahan public transport? *thinks*

woman: wah he more hensem in real life oh!

guy2: siapa kata i nak bagi you duduk? *thinks*

alright said...

Man with Tie: Sorry brader you cannot have my seat

lady: well you can sit on my lap if you want to..he..ehe..

Bald man: he sure looks like James Bond ...yeah i thought i know this guy but kat mana eh.

man behind OKT: hey guys.. less talk more action please..stand up

OKT: saya cadangkan kita ada banyak lagi ERP dan LRT supaya kita jadi lebih mesra...together gather

Sisuahlai said...

What a coincidence! I did a blog on that pic on 2 March. The OKT thought bubble. So do I qualify for the contest?

lizzie pumpkins said...

OKT: This would be a good publicity stunt

(People you don't see in the picture): What is this! For the sake of publicity, we are asked to clear the coach! We wanna go to work wei!

Sisuahlai said...

OKT thought bubble: These people don't look too convinced, especially that brudder with the tali leher. Now where do I hop off for Bus Kotaraya?

hang tuah said...

okt : hello good morning. surprised to see me ha ? actually ha i wanted to show to the public a very good example of rule by example champion by pak lah.

( speckie thinking ) : how come his chin look like mine ?

( bold man thinking ) : is he pointing at me ? i think i got his attention.

man in tie : i am ashamed of pak lah and najib.

okt : kawan, no need to be ashamed. look at the star tomorrow, you will see pak lah riding a camel, najib riding a buffalo, tdm riding his horse to klcc and semi value in bullock cart. i am just doing my small part.

leech25 said...

OKT: Since I wear so smart ah, I think I should take the monorail to Jalan Alor after the meeting and eat with the rakyat. Must show more face there lah to win BB back.

IRIZ said...

running through OKT's mind: DSOKT...when can change to TLLS, eh TOK T almost like that patrick baarger's website

OKT:eh..unker you know where i can..
man with big tie: eh demo kecek omputih...
OKT: lookinnnng for this place ahh..
MWBT: eh...kecek kelate..kecek kelate...
OKT: ehhh...looking for shell station...
MWBT: ohhh nok cari sheeeel...mano-mano jale pun ado...

Eantau said...

YAB Ong : "Kita sumua musti sokong itu Yang Amat Berhormat Pak Lah punya nasihat sama policy", while quitely complaining 'I bet Liong Sik never had to go through this crap'.

Bald Guy : Is this minister younger or older than me?.. should I give up my seat to him ah?.. or else our highly respected MPs might again debate that this is stereotyping again...

Inside the head of the woman : "Hemberger, hemblerger, hambleger, embleger, engblugerr.....control, control...cannot control la..hihhihihiihihihhi"
(Suddenly a scene from a Petaling street DVD that she watched last night flashes through her head)

Tie Guy : Publicity stunt..publicity stunt....publicity stunnnnnnnnnnnnnnt..

Partialy hidden lady: tomolow my face keluar paper..

PS: YAB , i respect la.. next time ask Jib together eh..

in said...

OKT: you'll realise that you're sitting at seats reserved for the elderly?

Guy behind OKT: Yah! I'm big and strong and can hold the this!

OKT: *Pointing to the guy* that..!

Man seated on the right: But..but..I'm elderly too. See...I got no hair oledi.

Woman seated in the middle: *Thinking to self* Maybe if i smile and bat my eyes at him, he'll be so bedazzled, he'll let me sit here.

Man seated on the left: You talking to me ah?

Ling said...

"OKT's pole dance was a welcome surprise for the excited LRT passengers"

Zep Tepi 2012 said...

Hello Pat,

Remember you from the "Cool and Swinging Show" wayyyyy back when! I remembered you read out my dedication on air and mentioned "Coke and Lime".

Anyway, my 2 sens worth on the caption.

OKT : Actually, I would like to sit down if there is a seat -- not because I am what you called OKU (Orang Kurang Upaya) but OKB (Orang Kot Berupaya).

Just a joke, no offence to all disabled persons.

Billy said...

Passenger with tie & lanyard: Show off!! Try travelling like this for another 365 days and you won't be wearing that suit at all.

Smiling Lady: If you don't mind, ah. I sit, you stand (to OKT).

Bald-headed guy: In case he decides to sit on my lap, I have better cover my you-know-what!

Man holding the rail : Aiyah, forgot to wash my armpit this morning. Uugghh!!! Really strong BSKT (besuk ketiak).

OKT : Hi my name is not Ong Ka Ting. It is Oh Kooi Tow (Hokkien for pimp). You guys, OK? (Hope they don't start grilling me)

Pseudo said...

OKT : Can i get a seat, please?

Man with tie : Tak faham, ada apa pegi tanya driver.

Lady : I'll vacate the seat if you make me MCA Wanita president. snicker.

Semi-bald man : (thinking aloud) this chinaman might be one of those molestors i read in the newspapers. i better cover my genitals just in case.

Man behind OKT : (thinking) hehehe, should i molest the baldy? i am so attracted to middle-aged balding man. ooooohhhh....

ted teh said...

Man on the left: No! You cannot have my seat! i am the pakcik here.

6ixer said...

The guy with tie : "Eh macam pernah nampak la apek nie. Lim Keng Yek ker."

yanty ghani said...

OKT: From now on, I'm declaring these seats are for the disabled, elderly and menteri.

Yumcious said...

OKT: "Lemme telchu dis. You all look like der free-kick wall when Terry Only leerdy to kick."

Leithaisor said...

[REPOST - original 8 Mar 06 posting was deleted]

OKT [proclaims smugly]: See... The government recommendation to use public
transport is good. Comfortable, air-con, no jam and cheap too!

3 captive audience [opinions reached separately and independantly in their
minds}: Yeah RIGHT! You should try the LRT at 5:30pm without bodyguard
clearing the way for the real sardine-packed experience, escpecially when
the air-con is kaput. And did he actually pay with his own money for his
ticket? Does he even know how much the fare is?

Cue card held by female aide in orange behind OKT: LOOK HAPPY AND AWED BY

Card held by bodyguard in jeans [message for tens of passengers pushed into
corner to create the spacious ambience for photo op]: STAY BACK! THIS IS

Moontime said...

OKT: Do you know who I am?
Man in tie: You look like the MCA Prez, but I know you're not him!
Smiling lady: Yelah! Mana ada menteri naik LRT! Drop water face mah!
Man behind OKT: (Thinking) Last week Koh Tsu Koon's SONY Eriksson, today OKT's Nokia...hehehehe

celaka communication said...

OKT: remember vote for MCA next election.
man with tie: no wai, I'm Umno
Woman: I'm with teresa kok.
Man in shirt: PAS lar ni..

Man in black thinking silently: "Long live Samy"

Anonymous said...
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all-aboard! said...

At that very moment, OKT knew that Joe Public finally realised that he had been truthful in his assets declaration to the Prime Minister.

Anonymous said...

does OKT take LRT to work today?! or is he just show-show that he obeys DPM "tokkok"?

1 trip show... so many reporters and presses do a "promotion" for him for the swk election... WOW~

was his driver waited him at wisma mca?!

the botak: "dato, macam mana dato balik lepas kerja?"

OTK pointed his finger to the MAN IN BLACK who forgotten to put on his deodorant: "my bodyguard will inform him what time should be there to pick me up..."

the guy with tie: "then what for u take LRT?!"

lady: "self and party promotion for swk election mar..."

lady in orange behind OKT with full of daubt and question-marks: "wah... branded coat wor... tot DPM recommended the mini-ster to change lifestyle one...?!"

jaytea said...

OKT : *SMIRK* good thing i chop the lrt ride. semi-value will have to do the cyling stint

Anonymous said...
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syaf said...

OKT: (singing) Gemilaangg itu semakin pasti ku genggammm....

Roslan Aziz Stand-In: Awak ni menyanyi ke bercakap tu?

Fauziah Latiff Stand-In: I suka dengan suit you. You ada style you sendiri.

Paul Moss Stand-In: I think you tried too hard, but honestly, you still far away from becoming The Idol. And OKT, your smile bothers me.

patrickteoh said...

An anonymous post-er claims that he's seen OKT taking the LRT to work several times. Anonymous says that he 'met' OKT a few times at the Taman Bahagia station last year and he does not think that this LRT ride is a PR stunt. Well done, anonymous post-er. Please let us know who you are and tell us about those few encounters you had with OKT. Was he alone? Bodyguards? Did people approach and speak with him? Etc. Etc. Come on la. Tell us, brother.

iloveongkating said...

OKT: Look Ma!(to AAB who is not in picture) Walk with me, not for me! I'm walking the walk and talking the talk.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Patrick Chan said...

OKT: "You people should be thankful for the Govment. If not for the Govment, there were still be no LRT till today!"

Man in tie: "Hey! You sound very familiar lah! I think I've seen you in TV...let me see... Malaysian Idol?"

Woman: "Ah-yo-yo! Leng-chai lo... I'm still not merried yet...this year."

Bald man: "I cannot tahan oledi... Where's the toilet?"

Man behind OKT: "What? You smell something? I think must be Datuk Seri's perfume."

kk said...

OKT: “OK, Ok, I know what you guys are thinking and going to say so please be nice. I don't want to be here either but I was given an order to lead by example first. But wait till you see what Najib and Samy going to do. Meanwhile, just play along with me, OK?”

Man with tie have this thought in his mind: "Shit man, don't point at me all the reporters
gonna snap pictures and I will be caught by my boss playing hooky if they published it on newspaper tomorrow.

Lady sitting in between 2 men have this thought in her mind: "How I wish my one and only daughter married to OKT then I "ciak beh liao" oredi and no need to work part time at McD."

Botak man sitting next to the lady have this thought in mind: "Oii, cakap bahasa melayu lah, i tak faham apa awak cakap?!"

Man behind OKT have this thought in mind presumbly OKT's bodyguard: "Kita orang diam diam dengar boss saya cakap ya..jangan complain atau buat apa-apa".

Lady behind OKT (presumbly OKT's publicist) talking at reporters: "OK guys, snap some pictures quick please...Datuk needs to dash off for Ampang Yong Tau Foo with Chan Kong Choy as soon as we reach Ampang station as Chan has been text messaging Datuk many times already".

wuhu said...

Heading : LRT IDOL

OKT : "my wayyyyy"
Lady : "err...err... i like your style! tee hee hee"
Man with Tie : "yo yo.. it was aight"
Bald man : "you can't sing, you can't dance.. what do you want me to say"

i've just said...

OKT: this gahmen ar, really teruk la..always raise petrol price only..and now i have to take LRT. !@#$%&^*(

(OKT talking as if he is one of the member of the public effected badly by the petrol increment.)

fatboybakes said...

OKT: You Malaysians ah, always complain. Don't realise how lucky you all are. Whenever I fly to London on 1st class, on MAS, of course, have to take the tube, it is so hot, dirty and expensive. Here our LRT is aircond, cheap, empty, still you all complain.

charkoaytiao said...

OKT : "ai-sei man.... I myself also got problem with 0.45 cents... oops... err.. I mean 0.30 cents increase of petrol price this year lah... hehe."

Man with tie : "Walau Datuk, jangan takut sama gua lah, gahmen sudah promise talak increase bagi tahun ini, you sekarang ini macam, gua macam mana caya sama lu ?" (begin to move away from OKT)

Lady : "Unless this is insider info, hor Datuk hor ?" (try to smile so OKT can give more insider info)

Green shirt guy : "Dulu gua manyak hensem, tapi skorang petrol sudah naik, gua paksa gunting rambut sampai botak supaya boleh tahan lama sikit takyah pegi barber hari-hari."

OKT : "Nah, you all should set a good example like saudara kita ini (pointing finger). Not only we should take LRT like me, but LIFESTYLE also must change."

Man with tie : (terkejut lagi) "cayalah datuk... cayalah"

Lady : "Wut tu duuuu.... semuanya okie lor"

Pseudo said...
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erina93 said...

OKT to man with tie:
"Haiya!, I Menteri you Kuli,
Apa pasat I berdiri?
You sekalang mali sini
I duduk, U berdiri"

Man with tie to OKT:
"Ok, I maybe Kuli, you Menteri,
Sama-sama cari rezeki
You berdiri, I apa peduli
Lain kali, you jalan kaki"

MahaguruSia said...
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osh said...
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sheriff singh said...

The Minister for Transport,
Hopped on a train without much of a thought,
Well he got groped here, he was fondled there,
'I must take this train again' he swear.

Pierce Wong said...

OKT - Ong Ka Ting
YMWT - Young Man with Tie
LWS - Lady with smile
BIS - Bald Indian Senior Citizen
YMS - Young Man Standing

OKT: Do you all take this ride everyday?
YMWT: * Apalah, minister juga pakai LRT. Rakyat macam mana? *
LWS: Yes, we have to take this to work everyday. Eh! Eh! Minister, your kereta rosak kah?
OKT: No lah, I take this ride occasionally to beat the traffic. KL Traffic so teruk.
BIS: Yes Minister. Very the Teruk.
YMS: Steady.. Steady... Don't want to jatuh in front of the minister.
OKT: How do you think about LRT, Good what?
BIS: The seat is nice, Aircon cool, much better than minibus last time.
YMWT: * Eh! Eh! Minister don't have seat here. Next station I get off he sure sit here. Let me warm up the seat for him *
OKT: Eh! Eh! got reporter here.

azah said...

bodyguards, reporters, etc (not in picture): "tepi, tepi, tepi!!... jangan enterframe!! must show in the paper he's rakyat-friendly ma!"

photographer (not in picture): "put on a happy face people!"

lady: "is this smile good enough? my pipi sakit already laa!"

OKT: "can we get this over and done with?, so that i get get off the next stop where my driver and S-class is waiting for me... eh you! with the necktie, smile at me!"

man with tie: "a-e'la dia nih, nak aje aku kasi pelempang.."

sheriff singh said...

The 'good looking' prez,
together with the 'peperoni' press,
Went on a joy ride one hot and barmy day.

Wearing his best grey Zenga suit,
With a matching tie and some brut,
He was indeed very happy, he was gay.

Anonymous said...
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FLM said...

OKT: "I've changed my lifestyle."
Hands in groin: "Aku juga!"
Amoi: "Ngo Tow Hi!"
Tie: "Me also the same."
Behind OKT: "xxxxx"

Many Malaysians change their lifetyle. Petrol consumption unchanged. LRT stations jam-packed with waiting drivers.

wongsp said...

OKT: This my first time taking LRT to all first time also ah?
Bald man(thinking): Wish I have hair like him.
Woman (thinking): person more ugly oh.
Man with tie (thinking): Eh...siapa ini?
Man in black (thinking): What lah...never give up seat for VIP also.

sheriff singh said...

OKT: All together now

"Eff chew mess dis tlain ayam ong,
Den yewill no, dat ayam gong,
Chew can ear der wissel blo,
a hunderd smile.

Lor ayam wan, lor ayam doo,
Lor ayam tlee, lor ayam for,
Lor ayam five hunderd smile awei flom omm.

Nor a shitt ong mai bag,
Nor a peni sto mai nem,
Lor ay kanot goo bag omm, pis awei."

Der Blothers For : Five hunderd smile.

Anonymous said...
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Grengo01 said...

OKT: hmmm... hello.. hello... waaa.. actually I din noe that LRT so pack.. I need to make sure my team get to clear off one car for this photo shoot session. Err.. by the way, you people are lucky eh..get to sit down but I..... ahh nevermind, this is good for publicity.

Man in Tie: Tahu pun we gotta squeeze everyday like sardines.. summore ask us to change lifestyle la this la that la.

Lady: I think without all the body guards, I dont think I get to see him in here.. probably get squeezed out of this coach and because of him my hubby gotta wait for the next train.

Man in brown shirt: This Datuk, heh, does he know I get to sit because I got in at Kelana Jaya?

Man behind: Behave yourself arr.. you guys are going on National Newspaper.

Anonymous said...
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justme said...

(the camera man said)

Camera... lights... ACTION!

Grengo01 said...

OKT: (smilingly ask) eh... this train got go to Ampang Park or not arr? I need to get to my HQ for a meeting.

Man far left: Never mind, I tell him when we reach Setapak.

Lady: All because of you the train gotta wait at jelatek station for 15 minutes and better no more delays else I cant tahan anymore.

Man in brown shirt: aiyo, you dunno how to read at the station arr? you took the wrong train.

AL Lye said...

OKT: Samy say, sit this one... no need pay toll... and he oso say... What? Ticket? What ticket? Must BUY ticket?

OKT, try taking the LRT at peak hours. On occasions that I have to take the LRT to work from Ampant to Kelana Jaya, I miss at least two trains at my start station before I find one that allows me to squeeze into it.

Kash said...

OKT: Isn’t this is so much better than the jam outside?

Woman: My Hero! He can see that there is a jam despite us being in the tunnel.

Man with hands in lap: Damn! I knew I shouldn’t have worn my torn pants.

Man with tie: Cheez...this man knows nothing about style. On the LRT, must hang name tag on neck and inside front pocket lah.

The guy behind OKT: Whoa. I see a camera. It’s time to put on my best Sharukh Khan pose.

Alphabet Soup said...

OKT: "selamat pagi saudara, saudari. I am leading my party's Get Real, Use Rail campaign to encourage use of LRT cos of petrol price rise. Err, is that seat available?"

Man in foreground: "Kawan, itu seat for disabled leh"

Babe: "C'mon baby, you can lapdance on me instead. Hehehe OKT the lapdancer. My friends will never believe me."

Man in dark shirt: "Datuk Seri I am on my way to see Michael Chong. Look at my head and guess who shaved it?"

AnnoyedAnonymous said...

Lady (assuming she is the PRO) : Boss, tommorrow schedule to take public bus to work. OK?
Man in dark shirt (thinking to himself) : Haha, I'll see what time you reach your office tommorrow.
OKT (Speaking to Lady) : No problem, babe.
OKT (Thinking to himself) : What's the complains about the our "world class" public transport?? Look, it's comfortable. Sooooo spacious and cooling. I dun feel warm even with my Mamani blazer on.
Young man behind OKT (thinking) : Oh no, I'll be damned. Have to go TOKKOK and clarify myself (like Mawi) --- I am not a supporter of MCA, I am not a friend of OKT, I am a passer-by.
Me (NOT IN PICTURE) : No, I do not wan to go out with Jeff Ooi.

justme said...

OKT: "Wah, not bad ah, the LRT is very comfortable. Nowadays everyone should save fuel eh"

Lady: "Saving fuel? Can I have your autograph, please?"

OKT: "Shylah, so many people looking, you know I'm no superstar. (blink right eye and whispered softly: come to my office tomorrow)"

Bald man: "Yang Berhormat, what a suprise seeing you here, where is your car?"

OKT: "Oh, my driver drove it to the office"

Get the joke?

annoyedanonymous said...

Sorry -- Repost

Lady (assuming she is the PRO) : Boss, tommorrow schedule to take public bus to work. OK?
Man in dark shirt (thinking to himself) : Haha, I'll see what time you reach your office tommorrow.
OKT (Speaking to Lady) : No problem, babe.
OKT (Thinking to himself) : What's the complains about the our "world class" public transport?? Look, it's comfortable. Sooooo spacious and cooling. I dun feel warm even with my Mamani blazer on.
Young man behind OKT (thinking) : Oh no, I'll be damned to be seen in the same picture as OKT. Have to go TOKKOK and clarify myself (like Mawi) --- I am not a supporter of MCA, I am not a friend of OKT, I am a passer-by.
Me (NOT IN PICTURE) : And NO, I STILL dun wan to go out with Jeff Ooi. ;-)

To OKT : Not that I dun like you but just could not resist the temptation of this great chance to take a dig at you.Hehe.

cklee said...

Bald Man (thinking to himself): Is he LOST?

Lady (in her mind): 大家自己人,不好做戏 (we are one family, dun act act le) (famous quote in Perodua CNY's ad)

Guy behind OKT (deep into his thought) : Increase 30 sen only,minister also take LRT liau, somemore still say our fuel price 'cheap'

OKT : "Our public transport clean, efficient, and always on time rite?"

Guy with tie : 'YB, wait until u try our bus then only comment la'

wani said...
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tulanlampah said...

OKT: Eh, what car am I in?!
Woman: ERL lah, Sir.
OKT : My God! It's longer than my Merc. Forgive me, I thought a limo was the longest car ever invented. I guess you learn something new everyday!

adiba said...

it's good la that the mentris have started using the lrt. hope the ride wasn't just for the sake of the ride, implying that the gov is also devastated and affected by the price hike.

hopefully more mentris will be doing the same thing. not that it's fascinating to see mentri riding an lrt. hell... more brad pitt lookalikes would be better.

it's just that it'd be some sort of remedy la to the rakyat to know that the people up there are actually walking the talk instead of just making blunt remarks of how a citizen should lead their life when in fact they don't have the slightest inkling of what they're suggesting.

bet shahidan kassim would look cute riding a BMX next time...

Mahfoolut said...

OKT: "OK, on behalf of the government, let me try to convince you all in person why we have increased the fuel prices"

TreVesco said...

OKT: Hmm, the train driver drove too fast at the corner just now. i'll speak to them
the rest (thought): there's no driver la

tulanlampah said...

Lady: Tan Sri Dato Dr ummm, whatever, please have my seat! You can't possibly be standing! You're a VIP!

OKT: Hmmm, you can just call me 'Dato. Thanks, but no cigar. You can have the seat, I'll only be doing this once in my lifetime. Nice to know how you commoners travel anyway. I'm still keeping my Merc.

tulanlampah said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
J!MMY said...

man behind OKT : This pose the best ar? ok ar?

auntie : you look like Mr Bean lar....

man with tie : 30 cents increase also you cannot drive car, i think i no need to buy car for the rest of my life lar. AMMA!

bald : I got three big rolls of paper. Afterwards can get his autograph, then can sell! haha!

OKT : SHIT! I think got chewing gum on my hand lar... how now? Stuck lar! KNNBCCB!

tulanlampah said...

OKT: What do you call someone who takes the train to work everyday?

Lady: A Plebian, Sir!

OKT: Very good! Now, what do you call Ministers who take the train?

Man 1: Attention seekers, Sir!

Man 2: Publicity Stuntmen, lah.

tulanlampah said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
ioney said...

So, to attend to the rakyat's needs for better public transportation, we will feature the LRT in the upcoming Malaysian version of "Pimp My Ride"

jesscet said...

Hi Patrick, interesting post and it sure is generating lots of traffic!

Well, just a tip from someone in the industry with regards to selecting the `best caption' - a caption shouldn't be TOO LONG! besides being witty and fitting of course.

but am not taking part at the moment.. have fun! ;)

Abdul Hanif Khan said...

OKT: How's you guys doing...nice ride maa..(internal monolog: haiyyohh kaki sudah kebas ma...bile mau sampai nih - i should'nt have agree with this)

Bald Guy: Can I take your Merc, i'll give you my monthly card?

Woman: What!! you did'nt even recognize me..I work in your ministry for 20 years.

Young man: Nak kasi ke die duduk...pure2 tido la...

socratestes said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Fatfreddy said...

OKT - No, Proton didnt make this carriage. And dont worry, stay in your seats, my man behind me is holding up the rail and I am hanging onto the pole. They wont drop on you yet.

o said...

Horray! i did this before my boss do!

Sagaladoola said...

OKT: You all are good people, always listen to the government. We say sit you sit. We say stand you stand. So now you sit and I stand. Everybody happy right?

Bald Guy: Boleh lar boss.., I work in your Kementerian. Malaysia also boleh. Remember to give me 'the thing that you have promised' so that I can upgrade my Proton to Mercedes yeah.

Woman in middle: No problem, OKT. We are relative mar. I sure help you one. In business you help me so much also mar... You scratch my back and I scratch yours... Sama-sama cari makan saja mar."

Guy with tie: Coincidence only lar! Oil quality drop after fuel price increase. Proton car masuk kilang because of that. Got mix with water arr? LRT ok but bus terrible. Have to wait long long time. You sure arr 30 minutes can reach Wisma MCA?"

Brian said...

OKT (thinking): Wah, this LRT not bad also ar, got air cond summore.

Girl (thinking): This surely YB's first time here...

Guy with tie (thinking): Malaysia punya ekonomi memang teruk skarang...

Brian said...

Woman: Dato Seri, what you doing in this LRT?

OKT: Party leaders say must change lifestyle, so I just follow orders lor.

Brian said...

Woman: YB, wah... you also affected by the price hike ar?

OKT: No la, I just testing only... to see whether public transportation really need improvement.

moo_t said...

OKT : Phew! Luckily they didn't ask me to eat chicken.
Passenger 1 : Lame joke, datuk.
Passenger 2 : I though you work PutraJaya?
Passenger 3 : Are you talking to me?

chinny said...

Okt: I know the price of petrol has gone up and a lot of you people are wondering how you are going to pay for our (Government) next suit, but don’t worry, because if you all continue to contribute to the your EPF, pay your Income Tax on time, pay for the higher tariffs that we the government is going to impose on electricity, water, car and air…we will be OK because we can always down grade to a Hugo Boss suit instead of Armani….

Azim said...

OKT: Satu dua tiga lekuk..... Jantan betina aku ketuk!

Doc said...

OKT : Wah why does it feel so breezy down there?

Man in Dark Shirt sitting : psst..boss...your fly is down..

Woman : Wah Malaysian flag underwear...

Man In White Shirt : Takut he interested in me?

chinny said...

OKT: ….Singapore ada Bar Top Dancing….We can be better…We shall have pole dancing in the LRT…it will be part of the 9th Malaysian Plan….Malaysia Boleh…

Anonymous said...

OTK: Lady, make sure this comes out in the papers the way we want it to be.
OTK: (To his bodyguard in tie) Keep an eye on the guy beside me. His armpit smell funny.
OTK: (To the bald head guy) Lain kali servis itu kereta baik baik. This is the first and the last time I’m taking this…..apa nama….LRT

drong said...

OKT: Yeah!!! I have made a Malaysian record to be the first minister riding LRT...Malaysia Boleh!!!!

Malay Passenger: Aiyo Datuk...glamour sangat lah...macam Malaysian Idol.

Lady Passenger : I suggest Datuk make another record to be the first minister eating chicken during the cabinet meeting.

Indian Passenger: No lah...I suggest Datuk to make record to be the first minister to send your children to Sibu Kindergarden

Brian said...

OKT (thinking): sigh... take LRT summore must stand... Steven better put me on Star front page tomorrow.

Woman (thinking): Wasted la, forgot to bring my camera, otherwise can take picture

Man with tie (thinking): Nametag tu rosak suit Hugo Bossnya je.

justforfun said...

OKT: "Life really sucks...."

OKT: "(Sigh), look at me, just look at me! aaaaiii! (big sigh and shake head)"

Bald Man: "You're okay Tan Sri..."

Lady (intercept): "Yeah... just look at us, we don't even have nice suit like you... even our well-doing friend next me only have a nice tie. So cheer up, Tan Sri! Cheer up! Do a big grin like me... say EEEEEeeeeee.."

Bald Man: "...(continue)... at least you got hair... and your groin doesn't smell"

Man in tie (thinking): "Damned! I thought that smell came from Tan Sri...

Man in black (reposition himself and thinking): "...shit! I'd better cancel out the smell using my special weapon... na! there you go!"

Man in tie (thinking): "Holy cow! The smell is getting stronger! I'd better get off asap and let Tan Sri have the whole train."

bikerwannabe said...

OKT: "...blah..blah...blah...Saya sebagai seorang pemimpin mesti "show example" lar. Harga petrol naik, DPM kata change lifestyle, kita mesti "lead the way"..blah...blah...Malaysia boleh!... blah...blah...blah..."

Bald Man, Lady & Man in tie (thinking in unison): "heh heh... dat fella got booger hanging out his nose...heh heh!!"

yehjiangfan said...

OKT : This ain't HALF bad.

Man with tie : Yeah, with a limo and driver at the station waiting...

Woman : You look familiar... You were on Malaysian Idol RIGHT????

TreVesco said...

OKT: When you guys leave, don't forget to spread that I was taking LRT, ok?

TreVesco said...

OKT: Smile to the camera la! Like me! First thing to do to change the lifestyle - SMILE.

lc teh said...

I donwan 2 contest lah... If I win and choose 1, I have to come all the way to KL. If I choose 2, you guys have to come all the way to SP, I don't need to wear a coat anymore, last time I wore a coat was when I got married.... You create such a great joke!! Thanks for the laugh.

Cheneille said...

OKT : niama... Make me stand and hold the dirty pole like some commoner. Where can?? I'm going to ask the SPNB chairman to install seats for VIP. Eh you, how many more stops to the SPNB HQ?

Eric said...

to the tune*... like a virgin, LRT for the very first time... like a virgin.

psst, does it hurt?

Eric said...

OKT: We're forming yet another commitee to study the effects, the efficiency, the problems, the.....

passengers 1&2 (smiling) - yes yet another study committee in boleh land

passenger 2 - ffs another committee?! where's our transport plan?

pengembara said...

I got sum ..

OKT: Aiyoh, you think I ak-shun kah? Bangla in my lobi run away so noone make my suit stylo mylo. Take LRT and stand so suit okay mah ..


OKT: DPM say change lifestyle. Ah Kong siau want to use lang-chia. Say he transport in charge so must show example. I smart. LRT got air-cond mah ...


Big boss say turun padang to keep an eye on rakyat since petrol price rocket. So I moon-light as survey man.

OKT: Ah-so, tell me ah, if petrol become RM10 one litre, toll up 30%, roti-canai up 50 sens .. you still vote BN next time?

Ah-so : chee sin !


OKT: Lucky no rain hor?! If rain get wet at Masjid Jamek because I have to change line.


OKT: Take LRT must pay toll or not?

Good day!

LRTPOLES said...
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Eric said...

Just give us our damn 4billion PER YEAR transport upgrade plan please.

Anonymous said...

Man with tie : Shit! Election time already?

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