Thursday, June 15, 2006


(Adam: Wake me for food only.)

Some days when I wake up in the morning and I think…

1. Nationwide increase of fuel prices
2. Nationwide increase in electricity rates
3. Perak to increase water rates by 15% from July (I expect it will be nationwide eventually.)
4. Landslides kill innocent people.
5. Authorities lay the blame for landslides on God.
6. Authorities insist that they are powerless to stop unsafe hillside developments.
7. Unsafe developments continue.
8. Malaysians continue to buy unsafe, substandard housing.
9. Nationwide sugar shortage.
10. Formaldehyde in fish.
11. Bird flu.
12. Liars in Parliament.
13. Kids dying in national service (that statement is so tragic).
14. Hollywood-style shootouts on the streets.
15. Ulamas offering to destroy racial harmony, cultural understanding, community acceptance. And replacing brotherhood with “Tolerance”.
16. Et cetera…et cetera…et cetera…


Then I think…

1. The food is great.
2. The weather is not severe.
3. No natural disasters. Well…close one eye la.
4. Lots of public holidays and shopping malls.
5. Cheap DVD’s.
6. It’s better than Ghana
7. Errrrr……errrrrr……errrrrr…….

………..I think I will go back to bed. Goodnight.


Steven aka TP said...

Wow Pat.. you are very angry lah. In all honesty, I don't blame you. However, my family and I took your suggested route, and now we cannot find cheap DVDs, have fewer public holidays, fewer 'mega-malls' but definitely better than Ghana. Oh.. they qualified for the World Cup. I suppose they are one-up on Malaysia in that regards.

Cheers :)

Mohd Noor said...

Go to penang la steben, dvd onli rm 4 one! when there can taruk nasi kander one. aiyoh thinking of food, i also nak move to penang lah, run away from the hot air of klang valley especially from coming from the putrajaya and parliament areas.

Cuddly Family said...

hahaha moving back to penang.. now there's a thought..

More congestion, building all along the beach front, erosion.. apa lagi.. even the food tak sama lagi..

but yet. it's home :D

PT listed a lot of points that concern hubby and myself these days.. emigrating also crossed mind but .. this is home :(

unless tiada kongsi raya lagi and we have to live in seperate areas cos all dont wanna to "contaminate" each other...

Ummi said...

read about the kongsi-raya stuff yesterday. got really pissed off actually. tell me again, what is the meaning of masyarakat majmuk?

Anonymous said...

Have anyone ever wondered why the traffic lights are working fine and yet there are still traffic policemen directing the traffic daily? Its just plain ridiculous! What is the use of IT? Is Malaysia capable to be classified as a 1st world country? Its still a long way to go...SIGH!

Mohd Noor said...

oh the allboleh gomen, please tunjuk ajar me on the many ways to live in malaysiaaaaa

Cynthia said...

I was planning the same since 2002. I carried my plan through last year, and I have not regretted it since!
Only thing that holds my heart in M'sia is my family and that too is a temporary state. They'll be joining me here next year.
I know I sound so selfish but what else is left for a 'minority' group in M'sia? I love being a Malaysian but as someone said somewhere "you love Malaysia but what to do if it doesnt love you back?"
When I was young, it was still possible to sit with your neighbours of all races and truly enjoy yourself chit-chatting away. There was true brotherhood. Its not the case now much mistrust not because of the people but seeds of discord sown by those power-hungry, greedy politicians!

BabyBear said...

Good ta see you back, Patrick.

Keep up the good job!

: - )

Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick,
I think its best to move as your kids are still young. The education system is way too kiasu producing parrotts as its all about memorising never what you think never promoting critical thinking. If we go back to why Malaysians never question and never fight for their rights you can go trace it back to school. If a kid has alot of questions the kid is called a chatterbox, annoying, banyak mulut. Unlike some other countries where one slip of any minister the whold country will bring u down n make u resign but usally theses ministers will resign themselves ! At least they have the tahu malu factor and not balme everything on God.
As the saying goes donkey here donkey there better be a donkey in a better country. After all it naver has been our country. Wonder what we did in our last lives to be deprived of equal rights. Your kids will grow up with the same frustration as you have....
Suggestion: How about replying to the comments posted by your ardent readers ??

2nd Class Citizen said...

It is not easy for middle age career man to emigrate as you need to start everything from scratch. Your family will take a long time to adjust to the new environment.

Trust me, Malaysia is not a perfect country to stay, but at least it is still better than many developing countries.

My suggestion to you is to stay on and fight for minority right, at the same time save enough money for our children overseas education. Once graduated, encourage them to stay there and apply for PR.

We are too old to leave now, but at least we give our children a hope.

So, Patrick, wanna join me for teh tarik and nasi lemak?

Steven aka TP said...

Mate.. on a more serious note, all I can say that Malaysia is going on a downward spiral. Sure, I gave up a senior position and relocated my family to Australia. Guess what? My wife smiles a hell of a lot more these days. My kids love the lifestyle. My friend, also ex-Malaysian, has a full-scholarship to the U of W. Australia. But she got rejected by UM despite scoring 9A1's - huh???. And I was given a fantastic opportunity doing something I love but was denied in Malaysia as my surname was 'Lim'.
So yes, it was a difficult adjustment during the first 12 months. But now the rewards are being reaped that I can only dream of in Malaysia.
Then again... I can always change my name, religion and choke myself in 'sweets' during government meetings and being a yes man in a suit. ..sick...
Hey.. you, Min and the kids come by and visit anytime, ya?

Maxforce said...

I confessed that I too had such thoughts. At least my pay would be doubled if not tripled. Everything here is so expensive, in relative to our salary.
However, this is where I live. This is where I grew up. Yes, there are many hungry unscrupulous politicians. Yes, there are also many idiotic leaders making caveman remarks. Yes, prices of everything is going up but our salary.
But NO! I am NOT leaving. I am NOT leaving just so the evil idiots would win. I am NOT leaving just so the evil idiots can make more money without facing any resistance. I am NOT leaving the place where I know all my life!
Maxforce shall fight back

Mohd Noor said...

why la run away. when you see injustice, have to fight one, not run away lah.
people forgot already things like reformasi or whatever, you have to stand up. yes you get katok on the head lah but if dont want to stand up susah la. run away tak bagus.

su-ann said...

it's true that the system here tends to dampen freedom of speech as such that the future generation wont have the liberty to speak for themselves.

some of those not fortunate enough to study overseas will end up being parrots or sheep in society if they continue to conform to what has been 'naturalised' in our society to just 'accept' that things are the way they are.

even some of those who do study overseas, it's too late because it's been embedded into their minds since young, not to speak up and not to ask questions.

children in general are better off studying overseas from a young age, as they are more exposed to the importance of freedom of speech. often some teachers in schools here tend to victimise outspoken students (speaking from experience of course) and this can be a problem for the future generation, that they will end up being mindless sheep who can't think or speak for themselves.

sad, really.

Sarah said...

The day I registered my kids at school in Malaysia is the day I realized they have no future in Malaysia. I refused to fill the race column in the application form and school principal said, much as she agrees that my kids are Malaysians, the education ministry wants the stats and I must fill the race column..
Di I regret leaving Malaysia?.. Ofcourse I do.. but my kids deserve better..

mob1900 said...

The 'Better Than Ghana' mantra has been abit contagious lately...

Trashed said...

Aiyoh, Patrick, oreddy the Leatherback turtle donchwan to come back to Terengganu and I betchu the fireflies in Kg Kuantan (kelip-kelip) will go the way of the dodo bird. And these flers have been here for thousands of years.

And soon, you baargers living in Ulu Kelang should move, even though MPAJ say "semuanya ok". So, Patrick, you will have to "migrate" to another part of town. Try PJ, lah. Plenty of tokking kok by the MPPJ.

DBKL isn't any better. Remember that the court started sealing their building after failing to pay up a court award ?

So, how lah ? Seems like every gomen dept is trying hard to waste as much of our tax Ringgit as possible and our so called leaders (whether in govt or Parliament) are pretty much clueless or choose to remain silent (to protect their own interests, mah)

And now, some ulama says kongsi raya type celebrations "could" undermine Islam.

Transparency, accountability and integrity. If this was available in large doses in Malaysian society, people will not even think of crossing the waters like Johan (one time mascot of Malaysian sports).

At least we're better than Zimbabwe.

astrosurge said...

PM - "Tun (Dr. Mahathir) bebas nak cakap apa pun, bukan satu masalah kepada saya kerana kita ini negara demokrasi."
(Utusan, 9/6/6)

Me - "Negara demokrasi?" *faints*

Our parliment worse than Zoo Negara;


Dean Arif said...

Hmm... I had the same thot 2 days ago abt moving out of this country since I'm so sick of all the stupidity churned out by our elected (& non-elected) clowns! I do not want my children to grow up and have the herd-like mentality - "follow like buffalo". Clearly this bolehland has gone from bad to worse.

What have we become? When will the race-based politics end? We're so busy trying to poison each other we forgot to compete with the rest of the world. Every joker in power is so busy making short term gains, they forgot about nation-building, forgot about elevating our sports capability, and most important of all, forgot about instilling noble values in our youths.

As long as I'm still alive, I will not miss Mr. Ravi's Deepavali's open house, Mr. Lee's daughter's wedding with the baby pig staring at me on the table and I shall have the x-mas tree in my living room in December when my in-laws drop by from Sabah. I do not need some mufti telling me how to be a good muslim...

Cuddly Family said...

dean arif, totally agree. I want my kids to learn all aspects (despite some family members very outspoken negative views on front of them) of our culture. I told them (as my parents have always taught me) that you are malaysian first. I've tried not to fill in the race form (I come under "Lain-Lain" hehehee so I fill in Malaysian in the space available hehe) and the same assumption I always get with religion. B/c Im Mat salleh celup MUST mean Im Christian, I cant be anything else apparently. Nemind I know more about buddhism (and have more affinity for it) than Christianity.. sigh.. I look like a foreigner in any country Im in hehehehehehehehe...

Having lived/worked overseas and seeing both side of the coin in many ways, I don't know if I'd want to live anywhere else. I'd rather see how we can change things (w./o having major street demos and hurting anyonelah), if not for us, for the kiddies. Idealistic? Perhaps.. but better than complaining and then biar saja...


but then i cant afford internationl schl

Samm said...

Nonid to migrate lah. Make more $$$$$$$$$ and we can then live like a king here.... keyword being "make more $$$$$$$$".

Can then close both eyes to everything else happening out there.

obefiend said...

i am not a minority nor am i rich.but like most malaysian i am tired of how the negara is being managed. they use our money then they charge us back when we are using the lebuhraya and stuff.. ourageous

i will take ghana..its not that bad

at least they make it to the world cup!


Dean Arif said...


I can feel how you feel coz my "minority" wife face these kind of thing almost everyday. When our kids go to school, we WILL NOT fill anything under the "race" space. I mean, I can't even define their race since they are so "rojak" already! And I'm sure, there are many many "rojak" Malaysians out there...

It has been nearly half a century since merdeka and we are still not one, united bangsa Malaysia! Why can't we be equal? What has the m/c/i/lain2 got to fear? If you work hard, for your family or your country, why must you be afraid? If you are one lazy baarger who's afraid of losing your privileges, then move to Ghana, you don’t belong here!

Look at Korea and Japan, they are far far ahead of us despite many years of turmoil. Soon, China will follow suit. But they are proud of themselves and their country. They identify themselves as Koreans, Japanese and Chinese. Look at us, we can’t even define ourselves as Malaysians first. Most of us are in love with this country, but does not get an equal amount of loving in return. True?

Cuddly Family said...

Dean. Totally true! that's what I've always thought. When you are outside ur country, you are identified as Malaysian, first and foremost. That's what my parents always taught me. Yes, you have this cultural heritage but you are Malaysian. That's what Im trying to teach my kids (who look rojak too hehehe)...

What is Malaysian these days anyway? As you say, what race is REALLY pure anyway?

ontahsapo said...

ya la...better sleep la...

lanatir said...

We're no longer better than Ghana wor... they qualified for World Cup :P

Manny said...

Frankly, I don't see the benefits of living here beyond the great food, Cheap DVD's and the plain fact that i grew up here. I'm 20 and already I'm beginning to see the brunt of the level of idiosyncrasy our 'beloved' politicians, education system, and MP's can throw. (yes, i know MP's are politicians. I said them separately because our MP's are a breed of their own.). Get 9A1's, apply for UM...DENIED!! But the yuppie that flunked 2 subjects and 'B'-ed the rest got in. WHY..? Quota. Fine, write letter to MP pulak and maybe can get some voice of reason from him. Nope, wonderfully offers me a speech about how "It's not enough to ace exams and or extra-curricular activities". I'm sorry what the fruit!!! Another obtuse excuse for racial profiling. Sure staying and fighting for minority right is a nice dream but to what point and purpose.

Cuddly Family said...

Manny, and why not? Maybe you have some measure of success or maybe you won't.. but my view is: it won't cost you any more (or let's say you aren't going to be any worse off than you were before).. I can understand to a point your frustrations and resentment, if I was in the same boat (Im not so brainy, spent too much time in the water in my "youth" lol).

Perhaps Im idealistic, I like to think there's hope still.. There was a phrase from Terry Pratchett that I must look up, talks about hope and how if u don't have it, life aint worth living sorta (not that Im advocating mass suicide or something)..

I don't know what else to say to be honest..

BabyBear said...

manny, you're wrong...we don't get cheap dvds here!! pirated stuff don't count! hehehe...the oris are damn expensive la...imagine US9.90 sometimes cheaper for a new dvd in the USA. now that's cheap!! ; - )

aaa_mira29 said...

if i am a bumi and i also can think about living in another country what more for the non-bumi. when i grew up in msia i was suffocating from religious pressure, racial pressure, and so many otherstuff. i feel like everyday i lived with a buttoned up colour to my ears. and i agree with anonymous. what i hated most when i grew up was the EDUCATION SYSTEM. it was hell and it did so much damage than good. i love learning ALOt but i hate going to school. something wrong isnt it? not only i am told "dont ask stupid questions, its not coming out in the exam!" and then get a slap and told "just memorize and follow dont ask questions!" and then get hair pulled, and teachers who say " if you want to learn come to my tuition class!" and then open their hand waiting for money and of daily "ur a stupid cow! ur useless!" abuse, man it did alot of damage, it destroyed all my willing to learn, my curiousity, my WANTing to learn. and i love learning! thats the whole ironic thing! and i went to 4 schools all also like that (accept one which lets just say they cant la) And about that list... how about perkahwinan misyar? how about the sexism? and NO this is NOT a womyn only issue it involves everyone cos it is done mostly by the men to the womyn right? and also got vice versa at time tho rare. guys can whistle and kacau girls as their daily job and GET AWAY with it? cops also will just look only like movie! then was the janda gatal la, pretty women no need to work lah..oh mi god, and the syariah court where guys can easily divorce his wife or marry up to 4! but the if the wife is beaten, or treated like a dog also susah nak divorce! and they are not tracked to ensure they give money to help single women and their kids fend themseleves left to starve and beg at the streets. men marry new wives and dont even tell their first wife and it is LEGAL and it goes on and on. ive seen these stuff happening to my aunts, its grossly disgustingly UNFAIR. men and womyn are equal so stop treating womyn in a way that wont be treated to men!

Mohd Noor said...

i like cheap dvds also tapi feel guilty la buying them but what to do.
i enjoy balik pulau penang. nasi kander penang is still no.1

Manny said...

Haiz...whatever happened to Patrick, no comments..nuthing so far..???

davidteoh said...

hey Patrick

I think Malaysia is a great place, all this rubbish aside, I think it has lots of potential. Maybe we are just going through a cleaning process - i mean could it be things will get worse before they get better? Okay so i'm living in a hopeful dream. Still, you're right the food is good (with lots of MSG).

Anonymous said...

I think Malaysia is a great place too. Sometimes we've just got to learn to accept whatever we have n appreciate it. I, too realizes that there are a few things lacking here n there but still we 'Malaysian' can be considered fortunate enough to stay in this peaceful country.

p/s:at least nak keluar lepak pegi kedai mamak at 2am x rasa takut!! ;p

Jenn said...

Actually, the cons are more than the pros. So, I suppose.... emigrating...???

Sugarfree said...

the cons are more than the pros, i reckon, too, yes. concur with you, jenn. education system screwed, "gomen" half past-six, corruption galore...i can go on but you get the drift. sad, sad. the only way may be out.

ShaolinTiger said...

I moved away from UK to come here, why emigrate.

Not like anywhere else is better, everywhere has it's own problems.

Some more transparent than others.

The Unladen Swallow said...

Our forefathers emigrated from their own countries hundreds of years ago, either to escape tyranny or for a better life in a new world. Has the time come for us to do the same?

If there's one thing that needs to be added to the emigrate list, its that the beer price gets higher every year. Our Parliament is cruel.

lloydcheam said...

You know, I didn't even bother to look at the reasons why we should have left this country and jump straight into the reasons why we should have stayed. I was thinking, 'hm... what would PT comes up something good for me to rethink about my future again...'

PT, what bout my next generation, if I want to provide them at least the oppor. to go to Chinese elem. n high school, finish college/Univ and maybe just a car each (if i still have anything left)? I remember some of my financial consultant friend said, 'one kid one million riggit oi!!' That really give me a spine chiller.

Ah Chong said...

Emigrate? Too far out of mind coz don't have the money, the degree and the I have a family to support. Next option? Live with the system, act stupid and polish apples, what to do, have to cari makan. Because of the politicians, we have racial problems, take a minute off and look around us, heck, bumi or non bumi, if you are in trouble, count on me, I will give you my support. Me not running away.

Manny said...

If running away means having a better life for both myself and my future 'spawns', then count me in. Why stay when your own country treats you like an alien when you can go elsewhere be treated like an alien but still have a better life (it makes more sense this way).

Sugarfree said...

Absof*ckingly, Manny. Concur 100%.

Joy said...

in malaysia we are ALL second class citizens regardless of race yes u read it right, no difference as to whether you a bumi or not a bumi. Most important is how well CONNECTED YOU ARE.

speak to any non-connected bumis and ask them did their kids get scholarships, did they get the APs, did they get the RM100 millon govt. contract...

if emigrate, we are also second class where shall we go....

i will choose the later as though we are second class citizens in australia, uk, usa, at least there are laws to protect us against discrimination!!!

Julius Bean Laden said...

At the present..... not that severe lah until have to eat grass in the otherside. At least, we still have grass to eat ( infact plenty )When tak boleh tahan.....and you have the "extra" to go then go lah...

Ask those who kept saying stupid things in the papers to go lah. ( I mean go to hell...)Then, people like you and me can kongsi raya and makan roti and kaya, tak ada susah payah, can live harmoniously after so many years merdeka. Chears 2020...... 49 years merdeka and still "negara membangun" and sedang membangun. I think perhaps ---- BELUM BANGUN...!!?? hehehe

Mohd Noor said...

Selangor is the MOST developed state in the country!
PJ boleh!

Sugarfree said...

speaking of negara belum bangun, now..can someone tell me why are we lagging behind our southern neighours so much? we started out at the same time but yet...we r so far behind and they don't even have enuff land to start with! not to mention, oil and stuff. what'd happening, man? puke blood la, this.

Anonymous said...

At the rates that things are going now (at least basing on what is being said by bloggers here), perhaps when the next census is being done, we may actually have less population:)

Everyone has their own story to tell... the discrimination they have gone through, the "crappy" education system they were subjected to. If the grass is greener on the side, then by all means, do emigrate. However, there are some who seemed take pleasure of bashing the country and ridicule those who chose to stay from the comfort of their adopted country. Yes, you have made gazillions more money than any of us and you are enjoying more "freedom", but please, don't belittle the country you were once part of.

Anonymous said...

i may have missed it but i don't think i read any comments from visitors criticizing those who have no choice but to stay here. hmmm.....

Manny said...

noones criticizing those who choose to live here, we just debating whether Patrick should migrate, not migrate or just go back to sleep...speaking of which, where is he...its been 49 comments and still no word from him...still sleeping is it..?!lol

patrickteoh said...

Well, I think the comments are more interesting than the blog itself:-) Thanks for being so vocal about how you feel.
There are lots of things that make emigration seem worthwhile. The most worrying thought is that so many of us are not even thinking that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. We know it isn't greener but we still think we will get a better deal on the other side of the fence. Isn't that worrisome? Sure in another country we will also be 2nd class citizens but so many of us think that being that over there is preferable to the same status over here. Says a lot doesn't it? Manny's comments makes sense..."Why stay when your own country treats you like an alien when you can go elsewhere be treated like an alien but still have a better life (it makes more sense this way)."
Manny, I'm here. Just busy with work to pay the bills. Like so many others who commented here I'm past the emigrat-able stage. Too old, no qualifications, not enough money. But like someone suggested, I can do is stay here, work and try to make sure that my children have an OPTION.

I don't think anyone is belittling the country of their origin. I am sure ALL Malaysians feel a sense of belonging and roots here. It's just that they are not happy about how Malaysia and Malaysians are being treated.

Joy may be right about everybody being 2nd class citizens over here except the 'elite' community. Hmmmm...

Thanks Ah Chong. Well said. Lloyd, a million per child won't be far off the mark at the rate things are going. So how?
Thanks for your comments, Shaolin Tiger. Unlike most of us you have an OPTION.

Anonymous, learn to accept and appreciate things the way they are? That's been what Malaysians have been doing for too long.I can appreciate good things just like you but I won't stand for crap.
David, I hope you are right about us going through the bad before we hit the good. Signs are that ain't what's happening:-)
Yay! I like aaa_mira's comments.
Samm said to just forget everything and make money. I wish I could do that. I wish.

I think I will go back to sleep now and dream of how I can help to change things for the better. Goodnight.

Concerned mother and wife said...

Many times I've thought of emigrating. Even gone as far as downloading the forms, check out options and calculating the points towards applying to emigrate. Then I step back to think again. We, as Malaysians, are as much to blame as the authorities with the state of our country. Do we still have good food? I don't think so. Not as good as it used to be because the food vendors get greedy and they start to use cheaper ingredients, cut back on portion, etc. Excuse? Rising price of petrol, sugar, etc. Kedai Perabot/Expo places are churning out crap furniture and Malaysians are buying them without protest. Developers are building houses which are smaller and totally not suitable for Malaysian lifestyle yet we see newspaper report of people who line up from late at night at the developer's office in anticipation of the launch. Highland Towers fell 12 years ago and reports have been published that hills in Ulu Kelang are not safe for development. Yet, people are still paying good money for houses situated on the hills in the area. Yes, the approval officer/s in MPAJ ought to be shot for approving those projects but if there isn't demand, why would the developer build?

Maybe it's time to think what we can do and how we can be more vocal about our rights. Then perhaps (my idealistic self) the authorities will think twice before pulling a fast one on us.

Maxforce said...

I doubt the govt give shit about our individual efforts.
I think many of us had either written to the govt itself, some MP or the press. Either we got ignored or we get some half assed answers.
Time for concentrated effort?

Sugarfree said...

I'm all for combined efforts. Nothing's like unity to fight for 1's rights. Now or never. Not so much for ourselves but more for our children. Let's not see their future getting screwed by some nutheads. Let's do it!

seen_er said...


Really enjoyed your writings.. and I also enjoy reading the responds you get from your fellow bloggers. Its really nice to be able to discuss issues more objectively rather than some other politically-inclined sites where responses then to more on bashings rather than discussing.

I agree totally with maxforce and sugarfree. Sometimes I think our politician forgets that they are answerable to us, the citizens. Only in Malaysia where going into politics is actually a license to print money...

Mohd Noor said...

i think we can talk talk talk forever and nothing will change lah. less talk more action.

Manny said... can lead a politician to congress, but you can't make him

zeekin said...

Chill.. We should , perhaps, respond to the Jasin fler, "close one eyes" to all these rubbish...


pray harder so that you can reserve a place now in the might's land.. just don't bother about bolehland anymore.. won't improve i guess...

i suggest to all tokkok fans that, IF patrick is to join the politics, we gives him full support. OK? he can choose to join which ever party, or fight as an individual mp.

BEST route is, join MCA, be a minister, than em seng em seng hat lei yat keng , change all the stupid policy..


Sugarfree said...

if patrick becomes a politician, i'll be the 1st to support! why don't you consider, patrick? you have the balls to be 1! the existing 1s are either corrupted, 1-eyed or simply don't care. come on, Patrick, go for it!!
we'll be behind you all the way!

: -- )

Malaysian 'Gah said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
malaysia 'gah said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I am indeed very very proud to be a Malaysian and never hesitated to tell anyone I AM A MALAYSIAN until I start reading all sorts of NEWS on the net. I always wanted to move back to Malaysia where I left behind all my family and friends. I am not sure not, what's wrong with the BolehLand, is it still safe for me to move back after 20 over years away? Patrick, you are too old to migrate and I am too scare to move back, how irony!!!

Sugarfree said...

dear anonymous, what about your friends where you have moved to? aren't they endearing enuff? tell us more about your current home.

Mohd Noor said...

elo patrick,
The comments are becoming more racists lah. Are we going down that path?

patrickteoh said...

mohd noor, you're right. But I am sure that those racist comments are just made by people who have nothing better to do but talk nonsense. As you notice racist comments and personal attacks are removed at the first possible opportunity. Thanks for pointing it out.

Okay, people? Keep things clean. Intelligent. Humourous. Thank you.

Manny said...

hmm...i read the deleted comment before it got deleted and for a guy that says that he's subjected to racism true be it or otherwise, he sure is being a big racist and a hypocrite himself...huh the irony!!lol...anywho, glad there's a 'ketua darjah' here who keeps things clean around here as

patrickteoh said...

Patrick Teoh for MP!!! Hahahahahaha.....thank you for your confidence and support. Now I know that should I decide to run for office I shall have no less than 5 votes:-) Not quite enough but it's good to know. Eh zeekin, join MCA ah? Become a minister? Before that I must learn to speak Mandarin and improve my BM by a hell of a lot:-)
Hey Manny, you're a funny guy. I mean that. You can lead a politician to parliament but you can't make him think. That's a great line. Ever thought of sending it in to The Star or the NST?
Thank you, see_er. Too many politicians have forgotten. Once they get voted into office they become government servants. Literally. When they should be citizen servants. They should serve the citizens not the government. But just look at our system. Even the slogan Kerana Mu Malaysia appears to be tied to certain people whose faces appear in all the newspaper ads and billboards. Malaysia IS NOT Tun Mahathir or Abdullah Ahmad Badawi or Najib Razak. It is US. Get it???
Sugarfree, unity in purpose is what we should strive for. Together we can MAKE things happen.
Concerned mother and wife, you're absolutely right. The Malaysian consumer is one of the biggest culprits. We never ever make a stand. We complain and keep on buying. Sub-standard houses? Renovate. Bad furniture? Buy more from another shop. Un-drinkable water from the tap? Buy filters/bottled water.

Anonymous says, "at least nak keluar lepak pegi kedai mamak at 2am x rasa takut!!" Maybe with the latest happenings and all the re-surfaced tokkok about malls installing CCTV cameras etc. Anonymous will start thinking twice about that.

Hiyah, trashed. I am told that a lot of the fireflies have doused their fires and moved elsewhere already. How to move from Ulu Klang to PJ? Didn't you hear that PJ is now a CITY? Housing there will be even more ridiculously expensive. I read in the Star today a list of amenities that PJ has as a city. I almost fell off my chair laughing. Some of the things that this city in Malaysia's first developed state boasts of are The PJ Civic Centre, the PJ police headquarters and the St. Francis Xavier church!!! Yippee!!!
Not leaving and staying to fight is noble indeed. That's what we should do. Those of us who choose to stay, fight for what is right. Those who have made the decision to live elsewhere can support by letting more people know their reasons for leaving the country of their birth. And so far the commentors who have chosen to leave left not because they hate Malaysia. Just what has been done and is being done to a country they love.
hey 2nd class citizen, teh tarik and tokkok is always welcome in my day.
I hope that my children will not inherit my frustrations in their homeland. I hope they will stand up and try to make a difference for themselves and for all their fellow Malaysians. Amen.

Dean Arif said...

Wow, the comments are getting more and more racist. But aren't we all racist (to some extent)? Aren't we all ruled by a racist government? Hence we are fed with race-based politics mumbo-jumbo day in and day out? With all these brainwashing, how can we NOT be racist?

I could feel for my fellow non-Malay bloggers. I too want equality for ALL Malaysians regardless of religion and skin colour. But that's too much to ask coz the powers-that-be are too busy dividing us and reaping profits from it.

We're going into our 50th year as an independent nation. The new NEP should be given to those who work hard. Public education should be based on true meritocracy. There should not be any 5% or 7% discount to a certain race. If all things being equal, theoretically, everybody will strive to work hard and you will see this country turning into an economic power house.

But... That shall remain a dream... *sigh*

Sugarfree said...

dean arif, absof*ckingly concur with you there.

you know, we try our utmost to ignore the blatant discriminations but everyday we are inadvertently reminded of 'em by way of advertisements (property ads, that is, that scream out discounts for the privileged majority), the news, etc.

terrible terrible terrible as simon cowell would say. i rest my case.

su-ann said...

Want to make a difference? We can speak here and blab on about injustice etc. What about Animals? Please make a difference and stop animal cruelty at:

spca website

Make a Difference and Speak for those who cant speak for themselves.

Animal cruelty is taken for granted because animals dont have the liberty or even the opportunity to complain to us.

Please spread the word :)

Manny said... its about animal rights ah..?! I haven't even gotten access to quality education in public U yet, and now I'm supposed to worry about goats and cows getting high grade hay to chew on already...? I know-lah we as malaysian not exactly "animal friendly" or "nature friendly"...(come to think of it, we're not even "neighbour friendly" in some instance) that said... how on earth are we suppose to get folks to tend to animals when they can't even control their own kids. Go to dinner at some uppidy-assed restaurant and there's bound to be one annoying lil' 5 yr old there screaming his lungs out, if i we're the prime minister i'd make it mandatory for kids below 7 to wear mufflers over their mouth before going into public... haiz.... fighting for animal rights is a noble cause but what exactly are we fighting for them, better living space, better access to food, more love..?? I not even getting any of those right now and Im a HUMAN fer christs no propper place to live, coz if i buy a house...for sure in the next month or so there will be cracks and what not popping up on it...tell the goverment and they blame GOd... want me to write a pettision to God--leh..?! FooD..? right sugar... pipe water also so murky but the bills are going up..? more love...aisey...lets just leave that bit out fer now don't get me wrong i think animal rights is important too, but i think i need fight for the right to live better then an animal before i can start helping the animals live better themselves... anyways, here's a lil somethin-something to gross out you guys ...Bon Appetite!!!

Maxforce said...

I whole heartedly concur with Manny. First we "kautim" the human problems. Then we fix the "animal Kingdom"

Calvin's Girl said...

Actually, its not about racism here.. It's about equality rights to every citizens of Malaysia.. I agree with Dean Arif and also to the prev posts that's been deleted.

But still, I'm happily enjoying the great food and the multi talented citizens here.

Laviinia said...

I have been reading all the comments to this post with great interest.

While growing up, I learned the difference between me and another girlfriend of mine and how she would do so much better in life just because she was a Bumi. Businesses wanting to survive needed to have one Bumi on their board of directors in order to be successful in getting projects.

I realised that I won`t be able to achieve much in Malaysia just because I am an Indian and I accepted it. Now, when I look at it, I realise that is because I didn`t have enough self-worth. I was proud of who I was but I wasn`t proud of who I was in my own country.

It`s like when a woman is abused in a relationship, the longer she is abused, the higher probability it is that her perception of normality changes to make it seem that the abuse is normal and is right.

Being away from the country gave me time for myself and studying here too has had a huge impact on me. I have come to be proud of my identity-first as a Malaysian and then as an Indian.

Realising that the system is wrong and should be changed is only half the problem. The other half is actually getting sensible people in jobs which have impact on people`s lives-politicians, ministers, government officials etc.

I`m not sure if many of the readers here in this column watch Hindi movies but a recent Aamir Khan movie, Rang de Basanti is perfect for my generation of Malaysians. "A Generation Awakens" is what we need to do- wake up.

We`ve gone from being oppressed by the British to being oppressed by our own people. Don`t you think that we, the youngsters, should act rather than talk and talk?

patrickteoh said...

Manny and Maxforce. You're being unkind to su-ann. Look at it this way. If we are not 'human' enough to care for animals we sure ain't gonna be able to care about our world and how we can improve it. Right or not?
laviniia, i agree with you 100%. Youngsters should act. Read, be aware socially, politically, care about wanting change for the better. Too many young people I know could care less other than planning which club to go to on the weekend. As long as the powers that be continue to produce generations of youngsters who don't know, don't ask, don't care, they will be able to continue their ways.

Maxforce said...

I do not think we were unkind. We just happen to have a different opinion on this. Yeah, you ve got a point about humanity there. But I think what we were trying to say was just this:
Humans-wise, we are saddled with so many never ending problems. Unless this can be solved, or to an extent mitigated, it would be unwise to look into caring for animals.
I do not abuse animals. And I have always deter anyone abusing animals. But I think the priority is to solve our so-many problems first.

Calvin's Girl said...

Agree with maxforce. It is not we wouldnt want to focus our attention to animal abusing. It's like "Tak boleh jaga sendiri, nak jaga org lain pulak" tat kind of thing. How to take notice of other issues when the most important one is in a kelam-kabut state?

I'm 23 and i do care what Malaysia will be in the next 10 yrs down the road. How could we youngsters act when Malaysia langsung tidak mau pinjamkan telinga to let us speak out?

"Too many young people I know could care less other than planning which club to go to on the weekend." - PT

How do you know? Did you ever asked? And most importantly, do the 'elders' really care what we think? We weren't even given a chance, well like yeah by voting only. And kalo menyuarakan out our thoughts to one of the elders, they will go "Nape cakap camtu.. nanti org lain terasa, nanti org marah. Biarkan yg 'tua' kendalikannyer". <-- ???
Well like what? We the young ones are not part of Malaysia?

I guess one has got to be at the age of thirties to get the peluang to menyuarakan hati, well if like that, all the youngsters-kan, dont have to poke their nose into this issue yet and just go party and have no worries.

su-ann said...

patrick: thanks!

manny, calvin's girl, maxforce: if you'd read what i had posted properly, and had actually gone to the link, you'd realise, to make a 'difference' is just to fill in 3 details on a website. not to 'petition' against the quality of animal feed, and whatever conclusions that were misconcepted.

pardon me for saying this, but it's mere ignorance and selfishness which makes malaysia what it is today. i am not refering to either of you as what is stated above, what i am saying is that if it is within our reach to make a difference, why not? it's so easy to shut things out and live in mere bliss of hedonism and selfishness, it's harder to extend that little bit of concern of social responsibility.

the message i was trying to get across was, that we can sit infront of our comps and natter on about what we're not 'happy' about... but do we see any changes? it takes 5 or 10mins to sign a petition online in hope to change the law, how much of a 'hassle' is that to anyone who has the opportunity to sit infront of a comp?

how does being 'human' make one more superior? because it enables us to speak, make money, live in what we label 'technological advancement,' etc. ? i'm not criticising humankind, but animals do not degrade themselves to the extent which some people do to get money, political favours, corruption, emotional and physical blackmail, incestual acts, torture, war, and the list goes on. no animal has ever bombed a country or condoned slavery.

to sum up this uber long comment, whilst perhaps my previous post may be open to interpretation and everyone is entitled to their opinion. i must say that after reading the case studies and legal impositions on animal cruelty, i felt compelled to spread the word and try and help out. well, it's true what they say, perhaps "ignorance is bliss?"

Manny said...

WHOA!!! Back the cartwheel up a bit... WE ARE IN NO WAY SUPPORTING ANIMAL CRUELTY!!! I have a deaf cat that I take care of quite dearly, thank you very much! The reason I said what i said was to get my point that we need to change our mentality first before we can help animals. Sure I can go sign the pettision (which i did) but do you honestly believe that its going to change anything..?? It's nice to be an optimist but it's more important to be an optimist that brings his/her umbrella when its cloudy. We live in a REAL world where people don't even have much value for human life, how can I possibly come to think that by signing a few pettsions and getting a couple of laws enacted I'm all of a sudden going to be able to 'enforce' love onto fellow human beings, It doesn't matter how many laws and bills are made. If the social mentality remains shallow even for human life what more for a voiceless animal. It's like how some Malaysians choose to double park, they know in their minds that there is ample parking around and that there's a law against it. but for the sake of convenience they do it anyways. Mentality!! Thats whats we need to change first, how do we do it..? By striving to live better as humans, co'z only then will we rid ourself of this 3rd world notion that "animals have no rights". I apologize sincerely if what i said previously was misinterpreted. that as not my intention and I'm sorry.

patrickteoh said...

Maxforce, nobody is wrong on this issue. What I meant was that while we attempt to alleviate ourselves we also silutaneously should not lose sight of our human-ness. Make sense ah?
calvin's girl,I am glad that you do care. Since the beginning of time I guess elders have told young ones to shut up and follow. Like the Chinese say, i eat more salt than you eat rice, want to tell me ah? And I guess for the same period of time youngsters have spoken up inspite of that. And we move forward. To believe that it is useless to speak up and stand up because nobody will listen is to give up the struggle isn't it? You're right. You ARE part of this country and you have every right to be heard. And don't allow anyone to tell you otherwise. How do I know? I have asked. I have spoken to some including my own children. Does not consitute a credible survey la I know. Do the elders really care? If they are doing a proper job they should.
Eh Manny, no need to apologise la. What you say is true also.

Calvin's Girl said...

I have a dog, a stray cat at home, few hammies, a turtle, fishies.. I love animals Su-Ann. I even sometimes go feed the strays... :)

Ok, will go and see the site. I hope it would help SPCA to fight cruelty.

su-ann said...

i posted up the site to get the word out there and in hope to make a difference some how.

everyone's entitled to their opinions, it's more a less a so-called 'free world.'

things never change when we don't believe they will or when we stop trying and dampen our freedom of speech.

appreciate those who have checked out the site and signed up :)

and for those who don't, it's cool too because everyone's always entitled to do as they please. but it'd be nice not to dampen the vibe of those who are trying, because it's pointless to criticise hope, because if there's no 'hope,' there's no existence of striving for a better life.

awsome blog patrick!

Maxforce said...

As predicted, got flamed for the comments.
In any case, I admit, I didnt bother to check on the link, so my apologies. And yeah, signed up for it. Didnt realise it was that easy.
If you have mentioned that it was only a 3 step process, I am sure you would have more support. Please do take this constructively as a marketing suggestion. Yeah, marketing - cos everything we do to enlist support, in effect we are marketing something.
No problemo PT. I know that in many situations there is no right or wrong. In fact there will be repercussions no matter what you do. Well, in this case, I assumed that we were petitioning, we are going to be animal rights activists, which prompted me to think what calvin girl has mentioned. No time. My style of doing things has always been very aggressive - charge and attack the main problem, and bite until a follow up has been done. And I thought at that time - whoa, animal rights? We re facing many more crucial problems.
I would like to quote Manny that it is the social mentality that has a problem. And I would like to extend it to the govt and the people of this country. Obviously there is a problem with mentality. That is why we have so many idiotic comments and actions from the govt. And I also believe, IF we could somehow get everyone to "fix" their mentality, then all major problems can be fixed, including animal cruelty. Those who abuse animal are basically mentality sick. So if their mental condition improves, then animals will not be abused.
I have compassions for animals. But the comment that animals have not cause war is irrelevant. Humans more superior than animals comment, to me is also irrelevant. Whatever it is, animals should not be abused. That is all. End of story.

Anonymous said...

I can also be a racist if I want, it is so easy. I have family who died during the 13 may 1969 riot. I can easily focus on hate and let it guide me. But why should I be like that?

People who did not experience loss because of racial conflicts can easily sprout racial provocations. They can say yes we have a valid reason to say that racial remark. Well so do I. But there itself lies the problem. It will become an endless cycle of tit and tat.

When I read about the deleted comment's racist remarks and Calvin's girl's agreement with people like him, I dont like it and I dont like her for supporting racist remarks like that.
Yes she may say that she has the right to say such things but then what will that accomplish?
If we want to discuss about fixing the racial problems in the country, it is not productive if people who come to the table bring nothing except argue and tell how negative the other's races are as if our own race is so perfect. Oh they can say your people can say that to us, so now its my turn to say that to you...
See? It transfering the hatred to another innocent bystander because someone of his race said something negative to you.

Remember there are extremists in every racial groups who wants nothing better than to start a racial strife.
No, Im not saying keep quiet, makan diam-diam and enjoy the peace of the country.

What I am saying is that in order to change the country, we need to make people listen to us, not invite them to listen to our attack.
People who like to start provocations should ask themselves, what is my goal here.
If my goal is to have racial equality, then I need an audience who will be sympathetic to my situation.
If my goal is to start a racial strife, then all I need to point out bad, negative and hurtful remarks about the other race. Its that easy.

We must learn diplomacy. We cannot attack a person to change him or her.
Just because some people are taught that way by their parents it doesnt mean its correct. I know parents who say bad and negative things about their children say they are useless tak guna etc and then wallop their kids abuse them thinking that will change their children to study harder etc.
And this children will grow up thinking hey I was raised like that and Im fine so why not I apply that in my social dealings.

If people hate Malaysia so much, fine leave. If people want to make it better or change it for the better we need to win people to our point of view.

In the end its about numbers. We live in a voting democracy. The goal is to win people to your cause not attack another race so that race will vote for your cause. It doesnt work that way.

Patrick you can delete this if this is too much and I pun dont mind.

Calvin's Girl said...

It's not about being a racist I'm agreeing on, anonymous. It's about equality rights. :)

That is what I've pointed out earlier, "What I am saying is that in order to change the country, we need to make people listen to us, not invite them to listen to our attack." - anonymous.

Mana lah ada org nak bagi peluang kat youngsters to speak out? All we youngsters can do is, express ourselves through other sources, like for an instance, PT's great blog. :)

I don't think Patrick will delete your post, you've pointed out many great values there.

Laviinia said...

Speaking out..........

I recently had the chance of being on the welcoming committee of a delegation of Malaysians touring Australia- student leaders from public universities and representatives from various universities/the education sector. It was a great experience for me for a number of reasons.

I sat with 3 students and one official as well as an university official. Our topic was flexibility as in how flexible are the educators to the students.

We, public school educated students, have always had access to the "spoon-feed" method. We are taught what to study for the exam, how to write an essay properly etc etc. There`s not much room for thinking skills to be adopted in our school curriculum and we are taught to accept that everything the teacher teaches us is right and is not to be questioned.I think that is such a disadvantage to us.

Western education on the other hand, expects you to question the teacher. That is one of the things I faced great difficulty with when I first came to study here- the fact that my tutor doesn`t mind me talking back, questioning his logic.Imagine how I felt- 10 odd years of being spoon fed and someone out of the blue telling what I thought mattered.

I brought this up when I was in conversation with these visiting delegates. Frankly speaking, I was expecting to be blasted for my views but was presently surprised by the reaction I did get.

The 3 students there supported my stand throughout. The opposition I got was, not surprisingly, from the official.

"Talking back" is not in line with the Asian values, he argued. My reply was that though we would like the educator to bring himself/herself down to our level, it is unacceptable that we not respect the educator at all.

However, I would like to point one thing out. Our Asian values are really our saving grace. It teaches us that elders need to be respected and held in esteem.That is something that really saddens me here-the lack of respect the elders get. On the flip of the coin though, just because they are our elders, that doesn`t mean they are always right.

This thing about children are only meant to be seen and not heard is really getting too old an adage. Our voice should be reaching others loud and clear. PT`s blog is one way but why don`t you write out against this?

There`s so many ways that you can do this- "Letters to the Editor" columns in newspapers, writing in protest to the government officials offices..............there`s so many ways.

Arundhati Roy published a book sometime ago in spite of the fact that she may be put on the government`s spite list for the facts she was writing about...............that is the kind of thing we should be doing.After all, we live in a "democratic" is in our right that we do so.

PT is perfectly right in his view that many youngsters are more interested in going out clubbing than anything else. I know- I see it............among my friends, even myself.

Consumerism is slowly gaining hold in all the youngsters. Everyone is forgetting the things that matter- family ties, friends, culture and are more interested in making money.

That is one thing frequently mentioned in this comment section- money. Have people forgotten the sheer simplicity of life- meeting up with loved ones, enjoying every second we live?

Money making is what is ruining people. Landslides happen because houses are built where they are not supposed to be built. Houses are built because of the demand. Demand is there because the prospect of owning a house increases a person`s financial value.

Then again, love can`t make the world go around, can it?

Maxforce said...

Simplicity, how I wish I could live in such live. Unfortunately I cannot. No, I am not rich. But I do not believe that money making is ruining people. Money making could be ruining people but not necessarily so. I have always felt it to be weird when I hear Money is the root of all evil and other similar remarks. But then whenever donation is needed, etc, they go look for people with money. AFter that, the cycle continues.
To me, making money is okay, so long as it is done with conscience. Landslides happenned because of unscrupulous people, not money making exercise. And money making, could save lives.

Laviinia said...

No? You don`t think money-making is ruining people???

Comparatively speaking.............on an average, nowadays, how much of time do parents really get to spend with their children? Between our generation and the generation of our parents?

In order to live a good life, you need money. Money can only be obtained if you work your butt off in your job. In Malaysia, that just means putting in extra hours at work. Extra hours at work mean less time at home.

Also, working also can cause a lot of stress in your own personal health as well as personal life. There are so many cases where the person overworks himself or herself...........Take for example a working mother in Malaysia. She gets up early, gets breakfast going, goes to work, comes back, prepares dinner. Basically, she is on her toes since 6 am till about 10 pm everyday.

I know a few families where the husband works from morning till night. The only time the child does get to see the father is during holidays or weekends. Thankfully, the mothers are housewives otherwise what interaction does the child have with the parents?

What happens in those cases where both parents are working long hours? After all,as mentioned earlier on, living expenses nowadays are not cheap. Tuition, rent etc salary is no longer enough to support a family. Who ,then, is the model in their children`s life? The daily help? Are they the perfect role models for the child?

What about all those children born to parents with mega-bucks? Born knowing what the circumstances of their life is, do you think they understand what life is really about? The impression they get is that because they have money, they can get anything they want.............well, a good majority of them at least............

Look at some of the royalty all around the world for instance..............partying, alcohol, etc etc.............they`re just wasting the money their ancestors have left in their name.

I know that money can save me. I have, in my own way, contributed something to a poor village in India. People who fundraise don`t just target the rich- they ask anyone who can afford it.

The key word here being "afford"...........I could afford 2 dollars a day so I did it. It meant giving up a coffee a day on my part but the greater good was so much more appealing than a coffee and that clinched it for me.

If you think that landslides happen because of unscrupulous people, well, what makes them unscrupulous? Greed?

I`m only going to bring up the fact that we are Asians because we seem to be imbibing the bad qualities of the West while they get our good traits.Sadly, for us.

su-ann said...

much appreciated on your constructive criticism maxforce.

yes, it is true that mentality plays a strong role in one's actions. however, if stronger legal impositions are stated in and enough hype is generated to put pressure on placing action, it will eventually get the ball rolling. nothing is done when nothing is done.

in regards to the irrelevance of the rest? well, to me what is relevant is that atleast a few more people signed up, and that's great :)

otherwise, ignorance only promotes detriment to society. and how one chooses to be a part of society is irrelevant to me, as long as the efforts of others to attempt to make a difference is not condemned to scutiny and ignorant criticism. --> no reference to anyone, just a general statement.

Calvin's Girl said...

Well, actually materialisticsm is also one of the reasons behind all the demands, esp in KL. People tend to want the finest, the best everything, mau muka, etc and so therefore demand grows.

Sigh, come to think about it, Laviinia's kinda correct abt working parents. Me and my siblings rarely see my dad back then cos he always balik fr work when we're long ago asleep. My mother was feeling left out as well, and there goes the divorce case. All just because my dad thinks that he have to work very hard to provide our household enough money, make sure there's always food on the table, tuitions and all. He still regrets it till today that he has neglected our family due to money. But then, we can't turn back time, can we?

I don't blame him for the broken family and I'm thankful for everything that he has given to us siblings. But there wasn't any real 'closeness' between us, till today. Everything happened because 'chien zhok guai'. (money was the devil)

I do not think i would want my kids to experience what I've experienced. It's sad and bitter, not something that a child would ask for.

Money matter, indeed is ruining people's life.

Maxforce said...

lavinia, you cannot just make the assumption money making is ruining people jus cause the parents does not spend enuff time with their kids. The problem is not with money making. The problem is that we have too many parents who are not fit to be parents. My colleagues all are successful professionals married with kids. They spend a lot of time with their kids. They make good decent money as well. It depends on how you manage your working and family life. Of course it is easy to blame money making instead of our own weaknesses. For me, kids are a no no, simply coz I would not be able to take care of them.
Employment I find is the funniest thing in Malaysia. The employers and practically most of the employees seemed to think that it is a one way matter - a master-servant relationship. It may be in the old days but no more in today's world, or at least until the perception changes. If we are not suited to work long hours, my advice is don't. What if the job requires? Get another job! Maybe they are ppl who now think, "This idiot Max tok easy lah" Maybe that is true, but I ve always believe that if you make yourself marketable and equip yourself with the necessary skills and knowledge, you ll never starve in Msia. For the record, my longest time looking for a job was 2 months and that is cos I was a little to picky. Shortest time? 3 days.
Stress? Aiyoh, EQ low, what to do? OK, maybe I am sounding a bit too high and mighty ledi. A bit too much. My apologies. But seriously, I wake up in the morning going to work as one person. When I leave the office, I am another. My motto is don't bring back your problems at office back to home. Yeah, it is difficult to do, but can be done.
Aiyoh, royalty wasting money and partying also come into picture ar? THose are idiots what can I say? Also, I ve always believe that if you have it - the skills knowledge and experience, money will come. Not the other way round.
Yes greed and fear are still the greatest motivator. But what is greed and fear? You ve said it yourself, greed is the one thing that prompt these idiots to do all the evil things. Is it money, or greed for money? Is the problem with money making or the greedy unscrupulous people? We need to be clear on this, coz my favourite hobby is money making. I love it so much. But I never use any unscrupulous means to do it. Hey, please do not victimise honest money making lover like myself :p

su-ann, well, what can I say? Agreed on most of the things you ve said and er, like I ve said, there will be repercussions no matter what you do. So oh well, expect criticisms, they will come.

Calvin's girl, you may not be able to turn back time and go back to the past, but you can create the future!!! Talk to your dad, spent more time with him, I am sure, you ll find the closeness you're looking for! (Your experience sounded like mine. I am glad to say that my dad and I are now buddies)

Laviinia said...

maxforce..............not my intention to victimise you. Thousand apologies if i came across as that.

Will reply to your post another time. Having headache now.................

Maxforce said...

No worries, I know that. It was a generalised statement

bongkersz said...

we are no better than Ghana, they qualified for World Cup. Where's Malaysia? :D

kat said...

Some more 'pros' for you, PT..

7. Our toll and petrol is still the cheapest in the region...
8. Our politicians really care...they have campaigns to teach us to smile (and how put the hand over your heart whilst doing it); they've decided to adopt the build-and-sell concept; billboards to tell us our petrol is so much cheaper after being subsidised; get the police involved to nab National Service dodgers (after they clear their criminal cases backlog, of course); and finally last but not least, they care for our health wat..asking us to reduce sugar intake and reduce harmful emission by taking public transport...

phooey...things are so 'good' that I just have to laugh..better than crying, right??

Calvin's Girl said...

LOL Kat... LOL ...