Thursday, June 01, 2006

More excrement from the big guy

(The Big Minister: See I told you baargers already. Now how?)

Photo copied from laman web Menteri Besar Selangor

There was another landslide in the Ulu Klang area yesterday. This time the landslide killed 4 innocent people.

I live in the Ulu Klang area.

I am very sad for the families of the victims (and I shall slap the next person who tells me that it's lucky it is only an Indonesian squatter area).

But more than sad I am ANGRY.

I am angry that such a thing could have happened again in an area that has already experienced 4 other fatal landslides since 1993. I am angry because like all the other times the politicians come out and visit the area, they put on the requisite sad and concerned looks. And they make statements. And then all will be forgotten until the next landslide.

Since I moved into the Ulu Klang area about 5 years ago I have seen hills being cleared, housing built and being built on precariously steep hill slopes. Since the 1993 Highland Towers tragedy there has been much talk about scrutinising developements on hillslopes etc. and how the authorities are going to be more careful in their approval of such projects. Talk, talk, talk...then more people die and talk some more. So 4 more landslides have occurred since 1993 and more people have lost their lives. Watch out for more talk and pronouncements from our elected representatives.

And then be prepared to die. From landslides caused by irresponsible development, drinking the tap water or just simply from working yourself to death to pay for the higher priced petrol and electricity cos nothing is going to happen make anything better.

In The Star today, the Big minister of our developed state was reported as "fuming". Meaning
that he is very, very, very angry la, that this has happened. He "...put the blame squarely on
greedy developers, contractors and consultants and ordered the proper authorities to review
projects situated in high gradient areas..."

So there. But this next quote is a killer one la.

"...I am fed up with the developers' attitude. In this case <...> the stage government's technical team foresaw the problem and had recommended the developer take mitigation measures to prevent a landslide. But they did not heed the call, and I am coming down hard on the developer of this project. I will make sure future projects involving high gradient areas are scrutinised with a fine tooth comb."

Just from that one paragraph alone, I as a member of the tax paying rakyat have a lot of questions I demand answers to.

Fuming? If he had any conscience or an ounce of honour he would resign. Sure the developers are to be blamed for cutting the hillside. But who gave them the approval for the project in the first place? It is a high gradient project in an area where there has been 4 other fatal landslides. So why were more developments allowed?

The government's technical team had foreseen the problem???!!! If they had foreseen the
problem why the f**k did they still allow it? Measures to prevent landslides? If such things were 100% possible the big Man upstairs would go out of business.

And the developers "did not heed the call"??? What the f**k does that mean? So what were
you doing about it? You mean they told you and your people to go f**k yourself and you let them? How many had to close one eye to allow that to happen?

So now you say that you are going to scrutinise all future projects involving high gradient areas.
So after the 5 landslides and the tragic loss of lives you are still planning to approve projects in
Ulu Klang which you yourself admit is a landslide prone area? I don't get your logic.

One more thing. So those people died and the Big minister made all the right noises at the
site. But I hope that as he drove out of there he also noticed all the other "projects" that are
being carved out of the Ulu Klang hills. Doesn't need his technical team to foresee shit. Just
drive along Jalan Ulu Klang. Anybody can see that there are scores of landslides waiting to

Wait...wait...wait...with one eye closed how to see, Patrick. Shit!

postscript: This MB guys is so full of crap that if he doesn't release some on us from time to time he'd this bit from the state website (which they copied from The Star)...

Retaining wall failed, says MB
Posted on Thursday, June 01 @ 15:19:22 MYT

KUALA LUMPUR: The landslide, which flattened the longhouses, was caused by the failure of a

retaining wall built by the developer of a nearby project, Selangor Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr

Mohd Khir Toyo said.

He said the retaining wall was only completed a week ago.

“Maybe it was a faulty design by the developer's consultants,” he said at the scene last night.

Dr Khir said the 54ha development was a distance away from the houses that were buried in the landslide.

However, he said the state government ordered the retaining wall to be built because it had reason to believe that the building works would cause the soil to become loose.

He added that the land where the longhouses were located was given to Malaysians but they

were rented out to Indonesians.

Dr Khir said the retaining wall was 100m long and 0.6m high.

“This incident should not have happened at all. I am very disappointed with the irresponsible

attitude of the consultant and contractor,” he said.

He hoped that the relevant authorities would take the necessary action against them.

the star online

I have red-lined the bits I think are shitty and stupid coming from anyone who is the Big minister of a developed state. You want to play also? Get a red marker pen.

I am not being very funny today as I write this. I find nothing to be funny about. Strange.


kk said...

I am just as sad and angry like you and everyone else with a heart. The only thing that I would red-line is the MB's key performance index!!!

Mohd Noor said...

Although I dont usually curse, but today exception for the big boss of the most super duper develop state in Malaysia!!!!!
babb*** punya MB!!! Toyo fukcer!! Just reading you makes me angry la Mr Patrick.
I dont know why la these Selangorian MBs, last time also got crazy MB also, remember that guy house renovate in Ampang so stay at 5 star hotel penthouse in shah alam for a year or so.. Now we got some crazy fuker bab* Toyo pun still going gila on the most super developpping state in his ass la faaaker!!!
aiyo if you got gomen serviceman reading this post, come la to my blog and attack me there sambil you fellers play with your MB's dindongs!

joy said...

before the mr. know it all MB starts pointing fingers at the developers, he should stop and think.

if ur ppl in position did not approve any of these development, would such thing happen.

as always don;t blame the developers as the developers merely submitted their application for approval.

it is WHO APPROVED THE DEVELOPMENT in the first place??

again our country has no ministerial responsibility as if so our mr know it all MB should have resigned or sacked with the shah alam saga.

I hates P*GS said...

Oh well,
who cares when FIFA is going to start soon.
Personally, I feel bad for this on-going landslide in the Ulu-Klang area and it's just like another suicidal car bomb in Iraq.
'Ahem', I am numb already.
Another photograph session for our PM and DPM, along side with the fat BIG MINISTER.
We all expressed our deepest condolences to the indons and so on...
Where's the sense of responsiblity from our leaders to accept their wrong-doing?
PM expressed,"In this case, we have to establish a council. Hehe."

bongkersz said...

"retaining wall was 100m long and 0.6m high."

wtf? 0.6 m high? and you call that retaining wall???

cheebuy ministers, always the same responses, same shit talks.. Why the responses always the farking same? 'Show sad face, kita rasa kesal.. akan mengambil tindakan, sedang tunggu report.. perketatkan undang-undang, kita beri amaran..always the 'default' answers' C'mon la, creative bit. Maybe when they become ministers, they will undergo some kind of secret training so that in any situation, all o them will give these cheebuy answers.. again and again and again, play the blaming game, so far never see any of our ministers admit their mistakes in public, even it's so damn obvious he/she is part of it.

boyplunger said...

Who's to blame??? I smell bloody politicians' dirty stains. How you know ah? Cos next few days see politician voicing out ma (below are possible scenes enacted)

MB Toyo will is bloody greedy developers. Ehem. greedy developers who require state council approval. (indirectly you council officers incl the MB are greedy and inconsiderate too)

PM and DPM will say... we shall form a committee to investigate, no stone shall be unturned. (shows how irresponsible our leaders are, everything got problem..form a committee hah)

Sammy Vellu will say.. retained wall ah? oups not MR3 road so not my problem. (i know not your problem so shut up)

OKT will say.. deeply sorry for the families involved. First to arrive at the place to help out. (Get out of here)

In the end..nobody will accept the blame. 5 landslides ah? I believe HEADS must roll by now!

How to voice our anger? Any ideas? I want MB's head to roll followed by whoever is linked to this..

*lynne* (azlynne1972) said...

such a tragedy! The only silver lining is thank goodness the death rate is "only" 4 (2 confirmed, 2 yet to be found).

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't a "recommendation" something that "should be done" as opposed to MUST be done?

So when the fuming toyol says that the "... technical team foresaw the problem and had recommended the developer take mitigation measures ... didn't heed the call..." what grounds will he have to "come down hard" on the developer?

Different lah if the relevant authorities had said "no work allowed until a retaining wall is built", and the developers ignored that order, right?

but as far as I am concerned, the REAL question is why and how on earth (haaha) was the developer allowed to "develop" that area in the first place??? All those government agencies that gave the approvals - THEY are the main ones to be "come down hard" on lah!

not that I'm saying the developer is blameless... but come on lah, when you point your finger at someone, three point riiiiiiight back at ya!

another case of SSDD (same sh*t, different day).

i have serious doubts about where this country is heading :-(

TP Lim said...

Hey there Pat...
Yeah, it ain't funny. In fact it is downright insulting to the everday Malaysian. I honestly believe that it is a major miracle that the mechinery of the country keeps running with the bloody bunch of clowns at the steering wheel. Only God knows how the country has not gone down the path of Ghana.
It pains to hear that the home I left behind continues to lag.. and at the same time, still thumping the 2020 battlecry.
Yes, he is fuming.
Come the opening ceremony of the FIFA World Cup, I bet the only thing he will be fuming about is when his favourite team (who cares which one it is) gets knocked out of the competition. Landslide? Deaths? Who the f**k cares? That's the leadership attitude in bolehland.

Signing out from down under.


Maxforce said...

I am just puzzled how come these ppl could say such thing, esp to media summore?
Our MPs, MBs whatever cannot even say the proper things... I wonder how they become our "representative" in the first place?

mob1900 said...

Lives lost are just numbers or statistics to these Big people.

As MB, he would have thought these 'tragedies' would never happen to them. Malaysians or not, those lives lost are still lives. Again I wonder how they sleep at night? ...comfortably in a big plush bed in a fortress made for Kings.

C-Fu said...

wei pakcik where r u in ulu kelang la? me hillview, neh the tanah runtuh area. come la we go mamak one night :">

patrickteoh said...

C-Fu, you're in Hillview??? But your profile says you're in Australia!!! Oh-oh, you're a lying politician too?:-)

bongkersz said...

c-fu, is that you in the photo? :D superman returns! :D

Anonymous said...

i agree with mob1900....u should see where the "exco village" is....the houses built for the selangor cabinet ministers who need a place to live nearer to work....bullshit...its just an excuse to live in a plush community...they will not suffer landslides or any act of God disasters.....they sure picked a great place to build those damn houses.....if only their families were the ones who perished in the landslides...then all hell will break loose....lousy buggers!!