Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Malaysian Slogans

(Adam practising for a possible career in slogan writing for the Kerajaan.)

Through the years since Independence we have been bombarded with loads of government slogans. Most of them have been crap and have achieved nothing more than taking up space. Slogans are by definition a word or phrase used to express a characteristic position or stand or a goal to be achieved. In typical Malaysian style the creators of Malaysian slogans have done little except provide a good laugh for the readers. Sometimes.

Since I started a list of Malaysian slogans in the comments section of the Stay Home blog a number of comment-ers have sent in their 'contributions'. I thought that it would provide a good giggle so instead of leaving them in the comments section which some visitors to the blog might miss I have decided to list them here. Contributors in (...). The list will be updated as and when new slogans are remembered and/or received. Enjoy...

(For the sake of some of our foreign visitors who may also want to understand and learn from our Malaysian slogans, can someone translate the BM into English? Thank you. I've done some that I can. Please excuse my less than SPM BM, okay?)

1. Visit Malaysia. It's Like You Never Left Home (I can't blame this on anyone cos it's my own:-)
2. Malaysia. Truly Asia.
3. Bersih. Cekap. Amanah.
4. Berkhidmat Untuk Negara - Service For The Country
5. Keranamu Malaysia - Because of you Malaysia
6. Cinta IT,Sayang IT (anonymous) - Love I.T.
7. Sekolahku, Rumahku...(manny) - Your School, Your Home
8. Malaysia Boleh!!! (can't believe you guys forgot this (manny) - Malaysia Can Do It!
9. Budi bahasa budaya kita (ummi) - Courtesy Is Our Culture
10. Efisyen Efektif (and two other E's that I've seen on a Khir Toyo billboard, can't remember though) (unladen swallow) - Efficient. Effective.
11. (removed)
12. Cemerlang, Gemilang, Terbilang (Ummi)
13. Negara bersih, rakyat sihat (Ummi) - Clean Country. Healthy Citizens.
14. Satu Lagi Projek Dari Kerajaan Barisan Nasional (bongkerz) Another Project By The Barisan Nasional Government.
15. Belia Benci Dadah (Deb) - Youth Hate Drugs
16. Bahasa jiwa bangsa. (actually, this is one of the few good ones) (Adrienne) (Thank you, symposium for pointing out that silly spelling mistake...Bangsar!)
17. Tak Nak! (Anonymous) - Don't Want
18. Saya anti rasuah (Nazir) I Am Against Corruption
19. Bersatu kita teguh, bercerai kita roboh (Deb)
20. Undi BN, Undi Pembangunan (bongkerz) Vote BN, Vote Development.
21. Majulah sukan untuk Negara (Deb)
22. Pandu cermat jiwa selamat (Deb)
23. Pandu dengan cermat. ingatlah orang tersayang (TG Sheril)
24. Jauhi diri anda dari dadah... (echo...dadah... dadah... dadah...) (Keropok)
25. Mesra, Cepat, Betul (Mesra? Okay lah, to be fair to the men in blue, sometimes when you talk to them nicely, they can be very helpful and friendly. Syabas!

Cepat? Ever tried calling them about a robbery? They will only arrive at the scene 2-3 hours after the robbers have looted everything clean!

Betul? I agree with this one... They are always RIGHT! Don't argue with them, they are always right! No matter how wrong they are, don't "cari gaduh", just shut up... ) (Dean Arif)
26. Kepimpinan melalui teladan (Anonymous)


juliana said...

your kids so grown up already!!! how time fliess!! miss u loads! regards to you and your family :)

The Lost Butterfly said...
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The Lost Butterfly said...

hahaha...the most happening slogan of the year -
even the schools use it!!!

it seems like we are focusing too much on being 'cemerlang' in order to be 'gemilang' n 'terbilang'!!!

i'd like to add one more slogan,
'Bersatu kita teguh, bercerai kita roboh'!

i kinda like this one! ;p

Lizzam said...

"Tukar Cara Hidup Anda"

eh, wait...was that a slogan or what? i'm hearing it quite frequently recently

Adriene said...

Bahasa jiwa bangsar.

The Lost Butterfly said...

'Belia Benci Dadah'..hehehe..

I'd love to see the incident bet Adlin n Salim in the previous AF concert!! ;p

Anonymous said...

Anyone here remember that awful song on Palm Oil on radio?

Maxforce said...


Instead of laughter from the article, I felt sadness. Perhaps we would find it funny that we have so many slogans and so little action or implementation. Perhaps we would find it ironic that we spent so much time preparing slogans instead of action plans and follow throughs. Perhaps we find amusement in the "bullshit" that we were fed.
But I think we should all feel sad instead. Why? Because it is a mark, a symbol, a legacy of our failures.
A slogan or what I would prefer to call as a warcry is an essential tool. However, it would seemed that we spent too much time with warcries rather than actual implementation. A warcry can be a strong motivational factor but without a strong implementation and follow through, it would lose its value and become a sad amusement tool - a subject of ridicule.

nazir said...

now that maxforce bought it up, i find what he said is relevent. just look at this slogan:

"saya anti rasuah"

a slogan on a button doesn't always goes inside the soul of the barrier.

but i think what P.T and other comment-ers are trying to point out here is how much the creators of these slogans had done to implement what they've said.

but then again, we're the one who're responsible for our action. with or without slogan, lets be responsible to ourself, and to others as well.

lecram sinun said...

Patrick, I actually sort of remember number 16.

I also remember the "Muhhibah" campagin from way back then... but that was in the days of "respect" and probably could not work in these times of "tolerance". LOL!

Anonymous said...

patrick, another one for you la. "you support me, i support you." while it may not be a national slogan, our PM did utter it, and since it bares an eerie resemblance to, "you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours", it warrants mentioning.


sympozium said...

"Bahasa jiwa bangsar" - what does Bangsar have to do with all that? "Drunken yuppies jiwa Bangsar" seems more apt.

Balajoe said...

"Work with me, not for me" is a good slogan to be told if you want to give false sense of hope...

Cuddly Family said...

"Close one eye"
"It's normal practice for Bumi businessmen"

(see today's Jasin MP saga)

Anonymous said...

''Tak Naik! ''

Anti smoking.

Mohd Noor said...

I know this is off topic but dear God, im hearing that old tv pendidikan song for the learning english episodes,

"learning english is lots of fun, lots of fun (repeat2x)"

man, we should bring those tv pendidikan back!

joy said...

"Anti rasuah!" the slogan on the badge which the police has to wear on their uniform.

LOL like a badge can do wonders. what a waste of tax payers monies to pay for the cost of having thousands of such badge made.

sonicwall said...

Patrick, maybe you should come out with famous quotation in Bolehland. Lets me start the ball rolling.

"Even if they talk until they foam at the mouth, if God says you stay, you stay," Rafidah, referring to the fact that she had kept her job in the Cabinet reshuffle

"It is act of God", by Samy Vellu

"If foreigners think that Malaysia police are brutal, please go
back to their own countries and not to stay here." by Nor Omar

"Malaysia Ini Negara Islam - You Tak Suka, You Keluar Dari Malaysia" by Dato' Paduka Haji Badruddin bin Amiruldin, Jerai MP

"Ya, duduk, duduk, duduk, duduk, racist, ini Ipoh Barat racist, duduk, duduk. Duduk, perkauman, perkauman, perkauman, ini perkauman, duduk, cukup" - Mohamed Nazri bin Abdul, during a debate in Parliment

“If he continue to remain in the party, he would be like the opposition. It’s better for him to be a ‘jantan’ (man) and leave the party,” Mohamed Nazri bin Abdul,relating to Dr. M

eantautjk said...

Its "Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa" and "Tak Nak"

or is the second slogan intentional as in "Harga petrol tak naik lagi tahun ini"..

patrickteoh said...

Hi sonicwall. You're right. Maybe we should start a blog to list silly statements made by politicians. Might be a HUGE blog though.
Mohd Noor, you're not the first person I've met who misses those TV pendidekan programmes. Anyone remember Bing and Bong?
lecram, you're absolutely right. The Muhibbah campaign had great promise. But like all things Malaysian it fizzles out after the initial flash.

Anonymous said...

pandu cermat jiwa selamat

kepimpinan melalui teladan

cheers and keep up the good work patrick

AnakBrunei said...


Its not only those in M'sia that miss the TV pendidikan shows. We in Brunei also grew up on them! I remember Bing and Bong vividly! Oh and that Learning English song! I cant get it out of my head now! Hahahah.

Mohd Noor said...

The Bing and Bong clowns! Ahh.. those are such innocent days... sniffs I miss them so much.
But aisey when my mind go back, I also remember the abuse and the rotans and the 8 hour study session in my room! ackkkk!
Please someone create some type of selective memory eraser like the one in The Endless Sunshine of a spotless mind movie.
But then the gomen can also use it to erase our memories of the bad things they did.

p.s. if they dont want to bring back the tv pendidikan shows ar, why not someone in the tv industry start one lah! bring back the new version of Bing and Bong hehehehe smoking bong-o!

daniel said...

Hi Patrick, these slogans maybe crap but it is an essential part of the Malaysian economy! It creates lots of business for the cronies putting them up as huge billboards, tv commercials and creates jobs for the jingle composers.

Dean Arif said...

I bet no one can remember this:

"Jatidiri Penggerak Wawasan"

It was one of those yearly Merdeka slogan (that nobody gives a toss anyway) in the late 90s. That was a few years after "Wawasan 2020" first coined by TDM.

And what about this slogan that you always see whenever you have to make that dreaded trip to the police station:

"Mesra, Cepat, Betul"

Mesra? Okay lah, to be fair to the men in blue, sometimes when you talk to them nicely, they can be very helpful and friendly. Syabas!

Cepat? Ever tried calling them about a robbery? They will only arrive at the scene 2-3 hours after the robbers have looted everything clean!

Betul? I agree with this one... They are always RIGHT! Don't argue with them, they are always right! No matter how wrong they are, don't "cari gaduh", just shut up...

Anonymous said...

Malaysians, well everytime theres an event or something not right in the society etc this is whut happens:

1. Slogan
2. Song

What a waste of duit rakyat ! coz no one cares and it never gets past the full implementation stage wham bang theres yet another slogan !
From - ME !

TGSheril said...

we're forgetting one very important slogan.

pandu dengan cermat. ingatlah orang tersayang.


The Lost Butterfly said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
The Lost Butterfly said...

oit oit...don't forget this...

i grew up with this slogan..

"minum MILO,anda jadi sihat dan kuat!! Majulah sukan untuk Negara!!!


bongkersz said...

Undi BN, Undi Pembangunan! (lol.. lol.. lol.. what a shitty twisted slogan is that??)

Eh, listing those silly comments by politicians sounds cool hahaha!

nazir said...

The Endless Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind is one of my favourite movie till now. now that mohd noor had mentioned it, i want to watch it again. hahaha..

The Unladen Swallow said...

Does anyone recall the Berhati, berhati di Jalan Raya music videos of the 90s? Extremely amusing stuff.

patrickteoh said...

Hey Deb, did you know that Malaysia Boleh was originally a MILO slogan? So I'm told.
Anonymous says that in Malaysia everytime there is an event or something not right in society there is first, a slogan and that's followed by a song. Does anyone remember the lyrics of some of those songs?
Daniel, you may be right. Those slogans and jingles do create work for some 'lucky' Malaysians.
Reeda, you guys over in Brunei got Bing & Bong too? Wow! Bong was played by an old friend of mine, Beng Choon. Now deceased.
Thanks for the compliment, Steven. Glad you visit.

Manny said...

Haha here's another slogan, it's for the "new" Satria Neo.. "Desire Has A New Name" (lol..yeah, A new name is about the only thing the darn car has got, just a rip-off the Gen-2 model with a fresh body kit and all of a sudden 'voila' it's new "pride of the nation" reborned)

"Khidmat Negara, Tanggungjawab Bersama" ('tangungjawab bersama'...really..??hmm when was the last time i heard a Dato' or an MP's kid getting selected huh..??)

"Bersih, Cekap, dan Amanah" (PDRM and JBA, the irony here is that neither is 'bersih'; water so murky, police so corrupt, neither is 'cekap'; both have a long waiting period for even the most braindead of transactions and 'amanah'...haha..i assume everyone knows how 'amanah' they are by now)

mob1900 said...

can't beat all these nice slogans, didn't realised there's soooo many 'til everyone contributed. lolx

Only remember a 'quote' from our infamous Semi-Value fler:
"Jangen Hisap Dada, Dada tarak baiii untok kesehaatan!"

on national tv...somor =P

Anonymous said...

Cemerlang, Gemilang, Temberang

(Opposition's slogan during KLCC fuel hike demonstration).


Anonymous said...

Looking at these slogans, I suspect if we install turbines on top of parliment building, or wherever these slogans come from, we might be able to generate a decent amount of energy from hot air generated in the building itself.

Ummi said...

mob1900, i was thinking of the same hilarious words by samy vellu. lol. how about the "kite harus menderma dare (darah to be exact)" one?

Mohd Noor said...

I love Sammy Vellu. Used to had a blog tapi dah over dah. *sigh*

astrosurge said...

how abt
Angkat Masuk Tolak Picit?
Katakan Tak Nak Kepada Rokok?

Mohd Noor said...

laa my english is horrible!

Anonymous said...

Going beyond expectations... Malaysia Airlines. Sampai kene jual bangunan Mas for RM 130 million,

Wawasan 2020. Sekarang I a bit "was was" lah about the target. Cheers 2020 anyway...

Julius Bean Laden said...

Going beyond expectations... Malaysia Airlines. Sampai kene jual bangunan Mas for RM 130 million.

Wawasan 2020.... Sekarang I a bit "was was" lah about the targer. Cheers 2020 anyway

Palmdoc said...

Guess what anyone can use these slogans too :P

Government Slogans for Medical Doctors

obefiend said...


thats the slogan for me. but i would like to touch on the

"satu lagi projek kerajaan BN"

first of all do we have a shadow government laying low in subterranean cloister building projects around bolehland?. who the fuck came up with the stupid idea of puting this signage on every JKR project? might be the same person who gets the contract to build the sign in the first place!

"dato' letak ni i charge 340 ringgit je satu kaki! u dapata 20%"

"ok ok setuju! approved"

another SLOGAN that everyone seems to forget

"RED means stop"

thsi goes out to the boyfriends and suamis who dont seem to understand when the red flag is flying.. no sex please! LOLOLOLOLOL


obefiend said...

wait i need to ADD

BING AND BONG are the english gods of malaya. they should get dato'ship la. i wouldlike to thank them personally. thats where i learn my english!

"learning english is loadsa fun...everyone!"

Calvin's Girl said...

LOL I remember a campaign song very well in my brain now,

"AIDS merbahaya... AEDES pula mengancam manusia" ... a dikir barat clip they had there back then on tv... *ROFL*

Slogan "Inflasi Sifar" - Zero Inflation (Ikea is expanding)

mob1900 said...

Bing & Bong!
Now that you mentioned, Noor, I remember theose lovable clowns with acting capabilitiy of a nun. We were so excited whenever our cikgus sit us down on that B&W Tv Pendidikan. We always thought the morale of those English lessons were to avoid speaking like Bing & Bong, hence the clown outfit but in reality they were really trying very hard to us English. lol. Sadly the only thing that makes me sit infront of one now is either Gregory House or some skimpy-clad beauties running on beaches.

And yes, Ummi, I remember he mentioned the donation of 'virginity' too by that Semi-Value fler, we were young but we caught it straight and LIVE somor. Pity that he probably still thinks what's wrong with those statements he made...

smeagroo said...

15. Belia Benci Dadah tapi orang tua boleh menggunakannya tanpa was was.

25. Mesra - bila dapat duit kopi
Cepat - bila ada ang pow
Betul - Jaga betul2 kalau tak bagi ang pow

17. SHould read as TAK NAK not Tak Naik. In fact our newest slogan shld be Semua Naik!

Mohd Noor said...

I can tahan a lot of things except corruption and bribes.
A lot of people are too crazy about money now days.

Anonymous said...

"Semuanya OK"
"Satu lagi projek BN"

naeboo~ said...

isnt "guna tanpa was-was" the slogan for this local toothpaste?

forgot the brand. :P

amanah, berkhidmat, ikhlas dan dedikasi
(kastam malaysia)

Grengo01 said...

Guys, I think you got it all wrong on the SAYA ANTI RASUAH... the printers of the button badge missed an N... and not wanting to waste money on reprinting, the can lah attitude prevail, but,

It should have read


Grengo01 said...

Yo Pat,

How could we forget Bing and Bong.. hahaha.. as the song goes,

Learning english is lots of fun, lots of fun, lots of fun,

Learning english is lots of fun, with english on TV.. yeah? Or did I miss something out?

Dare to change Proton's tagline I think....

eantautjk said...

Havent heard 'Gaya, Mutu & Keungulan" for quite some time, no wonder not all WC games live on 'RTM - Teman Setia Anda'.
and then there's 'Kibarlah Jalur Gemilang' when we can see all those super patriotic vehicles on our roads.

bongkersz said...

Gunakan tanpa was-was is Zaitun's slogan. The company selling toiletries and cosmetic products. 'Use without hesitation! ' Lol lol

naeboo~ said...

grengo>> daring us to change non-functioning parts, they meant!

Anonymous said...

that's what you do.
yes,it's true
state your case...
Don't let it go to waste...

fireangel said...

Patrick! Ada spelling error sikit.

"17. Tak Naik! (Anonymous) - Don't Want"

Erm. I think you meant Tak NAK. lol. Tak Naik is sumthing you WISH the government would say about.. certain things.

Is it too late to add some more?


Catchiest dikir barat song ever!

Grengo01 said...

naebo... hahaha... I am finding it out the hard way... First I need to dare to change the power window.

Grengo01 said...

isay fireangel,

another spello error ah? I think Patrick need to start another blog on possibly errorneous slogans:


ada lagi ka?

Ummi said...

I saw this slogan this morning and somehow, I found it funny. I dunno...maybe it's just me...

"Pengguna Perkasa, Negara Sejahtera"


smeagroo said...

Pengguna perkasa is being referred to the rakyat when they use viagra or some say tongkat ali. When u r good and strong, negara sejahtara. the country boom and the nation will arise.

Sugarfree said...

"Dare to change Proton's tagline"? It might as well been "Dare to give lousy service because cheapest car around". I should know. I took my Proton car back to the workshop to repair the same leak 15 fucking times!! Imagine all the wasted time and the resulting frustration. Damn...never local again.

Grengo01 said...

wonder what the 'perkasa' in that slogan should mean... 'mighty'? I hope they are not referring to NS's arms training. We may find more looney shooting and killing on the streets later..

Silencers said...

Some of the slogans you listed aren't really slogans the govt came up with, and is not exactly worth the ridicule.

11. Guna Tanpa Was-Was [this is a slogan by Zaitun, a muslim cosmetics company]

19. Bersatu kita teguh, bercerai kita roboh [this is a Malay proverb]

16. Bahasa jiwa bangsa.[i believe this is also a Malay proverb]

Anyway I'm a malay so let me translate those that you didnt translate, or translated wrongly, for you, lol.

3. Clean. Efficient. Trust.
4. Serving for the Country
7. My School, My Home
11. USe Without Doubts
12. Excellence, Glorious, Famous
14. Yet ANother Project of the BN Govt
16. Language is the soul of a people
17. Tak Nak [not Tak Naik]
19. Together we stand, divided we fall.
21. Sports Progress for the Country
22. Drive with care, lives spared
23. Drive safe, think of your loved ones.
24. Stay Away From Drugs
25. Friendly, Swift, Correct

Anonymous said...

somehow 'nak tak?' and 'malaysia bo lah' appear to be more realistic desciptions of what's going on, as opposed to their well-spun original forms.



Kenny Ng said...

'Sekolahku, Rumahku'... isn't it means My School, My home?
JKR also with their slogan... 'Jasa Kepada Rakyat', to me sound more like 'Jangan Kerja Rajin'.... hehehe

Kelvin said...


nor'aini said...


how come u forget
"Maju Sukan Untuk Negara"

but this London...

kat97085 said...

Does anyone remember a malay song (of course) in the 90's that compiles every slogan there is at that time?

It goes like;
Tampal poster, gantung sepanduk merata-rata..
then they sing all the slogans although when pu together the lyrics doesn't makes sense at all..

Anyway, I still remember the dancers carrying slogans walking around the stage.LOL.

Anonymous said...

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