Thursday, September 22, 2005

DVD Reality

Here's an example of how technology destroys memories.

One of my favorite movies when I was little was SHANE with Alan Ladd. Cool hero. Great gunfights. One of my favorite scenes from SHANE was the shoot-out in the saloon. Shane had come into the saloon and shot up the bad guys. He looks around, holsters his pistol and turns around to leave. The hero worshipping boy, played by Brandon De Wilde was hiding under the bar having followed Shane into town against the orders of his father, Van Heflin. The boy looks up and sees another bad guy up on the first floor with a Winchester rifle about to shoot Shane. Boy shouts, "Look out Shane!". The vertically challenged hero whirls around draws his Colt and shoots. The bad guy clutches his chest and falls dramatically through the banisters and crashes to the floor.

That was 1950's memory. And now 21st Century DVD reality.....

Boy shouts, "Look out, Shane!"
Alan Ladd turns around. His eyes are closed! He draws his pistol. He fires. At the floor!!! He brings the smoking pistol up to level at the bad guy. Eyes still closed. Bad guy takes the cue and dies!!!!!



lecram sinun said...

patrick, just had to say that these are great pics!

Chet said...

Hey, Mr DJ from my youth. :)

patrickteoh said...

Hi there Toni. Hey surprised that you found my blog. How did you do it? It's been such a long time since we last 'connected'. How have you been. Did u hear that I was guest on the Chinese radio station 988 last week? It was quite fun speaking my broken Cantonese mixed with English and getting all the phone calls from people who used to listen to my radio programmes on Radio 4. I was surprised to know that many of 988 listeners, which is one of the most popular stations in Malaysia, actually are not Chinese literate. They just like to listen to the Cantonese station.

walkthrulife said...

can't make my test. maybe next time..


Johny Chen said...

Dont lah spoil fantasies by step framing ur DVDs
If they ever do my work on DVDs,i'm sure u will see my patented 3 point turn every where

Thanks 4 the card