Thursday, September 08, 2005

Serendah retreat

In case you're looking for a tranquil retreat from city life but have not been reading the papers or socialising with the right crowd to know, here's something you might like to check out. Sure looks like paradise or something close to it from the photos. Go check it out.


lecram sinun said...

Wow! That's a cool looking place!

On another note: Glad you are getting more active on your blog. I started myself in March. At first I was at a bit of a loss as to what to do on it. I have since tried several things and quite enjoy it. In a lot of ways I look at blogging like a cyber meeting at the fountain in the town square to express and exchange different topics and opinions.

BTW... trashed is our friend DK who is now in SD. (lol... is that cryptic enough?)

Trashed said...

Lecram - bahger you !

Now people will come looking in Simpang Dua. How to write the magnum opus if that fler Patrick keeps bringing wisky ais ! That fler - bad influence, man.

Wahh, the other day he taroh the waiter in Alexis. But then, he oways like that one.

lecram sinun said...

trashed - how you like my "lagu kotek" post?

patrickteoh said...

Well...I'll be darned. Is this how it works? Oh I have to come back here to check if anyone has posted comments issit? Ah so. Got it now.
Ya that Serendah place sure looks inviting. Was planning to take the family there until I took a closer look at the photos and realised that the place ain't exactly kids friendly with lots of high and unrailed places for kids to fall off of. Some more the fler whose contact was listed quite lun see one. I called the number and left a voice message. He just texted back and said go see our website if you want details. Okay. Whatever.But will go check it out one day lah.
Lecram, like I told DK I need money la for stuff that I can write that people even remotely want to read. So don't know about blogging for sure. But it is interesting I must say. Oh ya I was told about DK being trashed and all. Duh! Just heard the other day that your old friend MV is a millionaire. You?
Oi DK wisky ais is like the muse of life ma. BTW, these days it's White Label and not Black. Have to downgrade wor. Fuck it's expensive to drink in this town. Eh you can't blame me for tarohing the Alexis buggers what. How can serve crap like that and charge premium prices? Somemore found out later that the manager I taroh was Lewis Pragasam's wife.
The other day I paid RM25++ for a gin and tonic at the Mandarin Hotel. Parking at the Shang after 7 p.m. is RM15 flat rate!!!
Mr. DK, can send some photos of the family ah? Speaking of which ah, those flers in Souled Out always irritating me with their unsolicited sms's one. I never go there one but still they send. Haven't seen BK for eons. Blissfully happy I am told.

Trashed said...

Picture I can send.

Parking @ RM 15 tak boleh tahan.

Minum @ RM 25++ lagi cannot stand.

Lecram, Patrick - we are in wrong line lah. And if I see you drinking Mahaguru ... life got no meaning.

Lecram, the lagu "K" was exhilarating, cheeky and risque ... and you are definitely the star in HNT. As usual, you rock, dude. What next to top it ? Has this Patrick baager visited DBDT? Must make his fingers work a bit ler.

And Patrick, the link to OTE article has been sent to m53 since you screwed up the Indian shopman. Relax a bit lah, brudder.

lecram sinun said...

Weather is cooling down so my own season of wisky ais is coming up. MV a millionaire... sure lah! Me... lucky to pay the electric bill.

Patrick when you visit my blog... leave a comment, will ya?

trashed... not sure about next week HNT... maybe I do Picasso.

patrickteoh said...

I just went to lecram's and left a couple of comments. Enjoyed the Penis Song. Hadn't heard that one in a long time lah. Eh kawan what is your wisky ah? When I'm in the USA I tend to buy those gallon plastic bottles of Canadian Club for $20. Great value. Same end result. MTW what is an HTN?

lecram sinun said...

Patrick, I usually drink what is available. But one can find black label and chivas for $20 to $25 a bottle at some "warehouse" places. When I can afford it, a shot of single malt is nice.

HNT = Half-Nekkid Thursday ... the general idea is to post a pic of a body part and tell a story about yourself through it. As the title indicates - it happens on Thursdays. There arte about 170 bloggers who participate and visit each others blogs to look and read... like most of those who commented on my penis song post. If you click on their handles, it will take you to their profiles and you can pull up their blog to see what they have posted. Doesn't have to be risque (but that's fun too) and it's a good way to discover other blogs and be discovered. My first few were pretty tame but fun nevertheless.

For more info you can go to the site of the guy who started it or to the HNT guidelines page

There is also a blogroll there of all who participate.

patrickteoh said...

Ya whenever I am in Albert Lea, MN I go to this place called the Depot. It's like a big liquor warehouse but it's a retail outlet. $20-25 usually can get a litre bottle of Black Label but hey can't beat $18 for a gallon of Canadian Club:-)Single malt schmingle malt. I think they are overrated lah. Some friends bought a bottle the last time we went out drinking. It was RM280++. Something called MacCallan. It was good but RM280++??? White Label more economical. Anyway, we enjoyed it and after the first bottle I too got a bit crazy and ordered another bottle which we also finished. Of course, the realisation the next morning wasn't pleasant. Neither was the hangover. C'est le vie.

HNT - Just realised that there actually aren't any naked photos of me when I was a kid. Apparently, granny back then believed that the camera captures the soul and would not allow any photos to be taken. The few that we have from those days were studio photos taken when my mom stole out of the house without the old lady's knowledge. Different times.

Trashed said...

But please, ah Patrick, I donwan to hear that you are drinking Mahaguru to get the buzz.

Face drop man.