Friday, September 16, 2005

SMS a Malaysian into Space.

Some Malaysians are obviously pissed off that the first Malaysian "astronaut" is going to selected through a vote via SMS. Perhaps before we pump up our blood pressures we should do a reality check on ourselves lah. This is not some "to boldly go where no man has gone before" endeavour. It is just a gloirified joy ride because Malaysia spent some billions of Ringgit and purchased some Russian MIG jet aircraft. A simple gift for purchase promotion. Anyone who is fit and can add two and two and come up with four and who can spend a few millions can go. So the fact that some civil servant has come up with the vote-by-SMS idea augurs well for the development of Bumiputra entrepreneurial skills and should be applauded lah. Don't let's get our knickers into a twist and start believing that we are embarking on a Malaysian space programme here. The best thing about this is that we have have struck upon a great idea for a Malaysian reality TV show that can compete with Academy Fantasia and Malaysian Idol etc. Let's hope that RTM doesn't allow this idea to go to waste and use it to finally get back some audience share. Well maybe that's too much to expect.


Tigrrr said...

Really, ah? SMS votes? Doubt if it'll equal the audience participation that AF commanded. The only time I ever voted via SMS was the final of the 1st Malaysian Idol. Voted ONCE.

Trashed said...

That SMS ah? Patrick, wat izzit ah? How can people vote and send some fler out to space? Popularity contest izzit ?

Helen said...

Goodlah, ask the RTM orchestra to come up with some angkasawan theme song and then RTM can compile CD and downloadable ringtones.(at a price of course) Ah, since we are there, might as well cash in on those wallpapers and VCD momentos (no worry about competition fr our favourite pasar malam VCD vendor. Contrary to popular belief, these vendors DO have taste)