Monday, September 12, 2005


We went to Minnesota, USA in March. Spring. My wife, Min and the kids Laura and Adam had never seen snow before and they wished that they would although it was already spring and the winter snows had melted. The day we arrived in Minneapolis/St. Paul airport it was a chilly spring day but no snow. 20 minutes away from our friend's house in southern Minnesota it started snowing. It snowed and snowed and snowed and didn't stop for the next 26 hours! By the end of the snow storm the town, Albert Lea had recorded a 19 inch snow fall. And according to the folks there it was the worse snow storm they'd had the whole winter! Of course for the next few days the Malaysians didn't get any appreciative looks from the residents of the town. We had wished for snow. Actually they're right. Snow is overrated. Sure it is white and pretty and all. But that lasts for about a day and a half. Even for the kids. It is really no fun when each time you want to go outdoors it would involve at least 20 minutes of suiting up time. And when you're out you can't really stay out that long unless you want to get frozen feet or a frozen bum from sitting in the snow. And let me tell you being cooped up indoors when it's too cold to go outside is not fun at all. And then the snow starts to melt. Water on the sidewalks turn to ice. You fall on your bum a zillion times just getting to your car. Then snow turns to slush. Black, oily, yucky. Snow? Nah. I'd take a sunny day on Batu Ferringhi anytime. Well, maybe if it snowed in Malaysia for a couple of days each year it would be alright. Just for the change.

I also don't know why I wrote all that leh. Must be the nicotine deprivation. It's raining and I have run out. Ah what the heck.....I'm going to go suck on a sweet now.


Dinda's Sharing said...

Hey you can get a couple of days snow a year in Malaysia ;-) Just take a trip to Genting! You can then step back out into the sun and warmth..AND your favorite pastime...a roller coaster ride..neat huh!
It was nice reading your snow blog and so comforting that I have Malaysia as my home to escape that horrendous type of weather I used to live in!
I am so jelouse that Afdlin got to meet Pak Lah..that's my next mission to accomplish! I already got to meet Tunku Abdul Rahman,(before he died of course) and Dr. I have to plan a strategy to meet Pak Lah..(and his wonderful wife)...any idea's would be greatly appreciated ;-)
This blogging is addictive..I must get back to some work!
Love you,

patrickteoh said...

Hi Dinda. Genting? You must be joking. You are referring to the so-called snow house up there. YUCKY is the word. The 'snow' inside look more like somebody spread some ice shavings around. 2mm of it on a dirty floor. But it is amusing to see all the people dress up enough for the Antartic to go into what is slightly cooler than an air-conditoned room:-)

lecram sinun said...

You are right... snow is overrated. Doesn't snow where I live in Central California... perhaps once in 15 years... maybe. We get the fog instead. But if we have a need for the white stuff... it's only a 45 minute drive up the Sierras.

Trashed said...

Batu Ferringhi ? Ehh, Patrick, better beaches and clearer water at the offshore islands on the East Coast like Tioman and Perhentian. Those are the places where you can really lepak and chill... before "development" rides rough shod over these pristine isles.

And the islands off Sabah, shiok osso.

But you are right. Snow is overrated and highly restrictive to lifestyles.

patrickteoh said...

Ya every year from July to October we try to kid ourselves that we're just like San Francisco or Fresno or Jack The Ripper's London. Hey we got fog also lah. Only thing is this fog of ours will kill you. Courtesy of Malaysian big business and Indonesian farmers who don't really have choice. Okay lah so Haze doesn't sound as good as fog.

People like you are lucky, lecram. Cos you've got choice lah when it comes to weather and environment. For us for 45 minutes north, south, east or west...more of the same brudder. Hey don't consistancy ok?:-)
Trashed, I know that there are better beaches on the east coast and all. But firstly, they ain't particularly kids friendly and I try not to go because by going there I am only contributing to the environmental degradation that's already started. So there.
And about snow being restrictive to lifestyle my friends over in Albert Lea, MN say no wor. They say that it is cold lah but life goes on for them as per normal. Unless of course there is a blizzard happening lah.

Trashed said...

Of course, have to adapt in Albert Lea, lor. Where got choice one?

Cannot just go ta pau char kway teow if hungry. And make sure you have enough medication for your kids runny nose.

Wahh, I dinch realise that Malaysia osso got seasons,man. Indoor and outdoor !!!

Amber Amethryne said...

I hate snow. I studied in England a few years ago and have travelled to other European countries as well in summer and the thick of winter. Made another trip early this year for almost 2 months. It was supposed to be spring, but Europe was covered in snow! Autumn is my fave, I like looking at the leaves turning from green to red, orange and brown.