Wednesday, September 14, 2005

whish wisky is the besh?

So we're having some sort of discussion about which wishky is the best to drink lah. lecram says he likes a single malt when he can afford it. trashed keeps reminding me not to sink to the level of Mahaguru. Actually have never tasted Mahaguru before. Never even seen it before. Where you get ah, trashed? For years I heard about the tragic results of drinking Mekong but when I finally did it tasted quite okay lah. No I didn't drink it when I was already sloshed. Quite sober that time. In Bangkok. With lots of ice and soda Mekong is very drinkable. And at RM12 per litre bottle you can't beat it for value man. I mean look, I spent RM280++ for that MacCallan and although it was good didn't think it was worth the money or the hangover. Oh yes, the crap served as house pouring whiskey at ALEXIS @ GE Mall is something called Lighthouse (if I remember correctly but don't blame me if I don't cos drinking that shit will fuck up your brain cells) That is absolutely the worse spirit of any name that I have ever drunk. Some years ago my Filipina house help got me a bottle of whiskey from the republic called White Castle. It smelled like the stuff my wife uses to remove nail polish. Got it on the bar one night when the staff came over for a piss up. Of course it was the last bottle opened that night lah. After the BL, WL....the next morning my Filipina said she was proposed to by at least 3 members of the staff.
Goes to prove even bad whiskey has its uses.
Years ago I has a taste of a whiskey called Scottish Prince. At the home of this friend who was then rolling in $$$'s. To this day I claim that it is the best I have ever tasted. Could be due to the fact that I sneaked a peek at the price tag (which was left on the bottle for obvious reasons) The Duty Free price was RM780 and this was 10 years ago! Maybe that's why it tasted so good. So how much does snob figure in the taste of a whiskey?


Trashed said...

Aiyaya, Patrick.

Donch know whish is the besh, lah but you can find Mahaguru at Alexis .... NOT !

Last time I saw PJ Old Town got. But I think Brickfields sure also got. Sentul sure ada one but I donch know where in Ampang.

I think maybe cheaper to get mabok with tequila shots than wisky but maybe cheapest to buy your own vat in Scotland. Kongsi lah.

I remember many years ago, you told me about the "power of alcohol" to explain unusual character modification. But sometimes when you get hot, donch know if you really marah the fler or just mabuk.

But you okay lah - you da man.

lecram sinun said...

The evenings are cooling fast here so it's time to swap the "vodka collins" for the wisky ais.

I've tasted a few in my time. Do like the amber roast of a single malt... though a good belt of White Label will do in a pinch.

There are of course the econo brands that come in gallon plastic bottles are ok but better with soda.

BTW my uncles use to drink wisky tanni and I use to get a kick watching the mosquitos land and oof them on those balmy Malaysian nights.

Anonymous said...

I don't claim to know much about whiskey, but I do love my whiskey. :) Thought I might just mention one of favorites..

Jameson Gold Irish Whiskey is suprisingly smooth and sweet. "Tripple Distilled" is what it says on the label. It's affordable and I personally love it even though I've been bombarded by all kinds of fine single malt and double malt by my extravagent uncles during family gatherings.

If you like sweet flavours in whiskey, give this a try, it's got a honey taste in it. Oh, and don't bother getting this in bars, bistro's, or clubs. For some strange reason they either water the stuff down or serve the regular Jameson stuff (which ain't too bad... mixes better with coke compared to that JD or BL crap).

BTW, is it just my imagination (or plain drunkard ass) but do most bars in places in Bangsar serve watered down alchohol??


patrickteoh said...

Always glad to meet a fellow connoiseur of the golden liquid of life:-) Yes, I think I have tasted Jameson Gold Irish Whiskey. Can't remember it though. I personally do not like the sweeter stuff. And the only time I will drink Jameson is when it is made into Irish coffee. And that is something I rarely order. Like you I have been bombarded with single malts and all the other malts. Most of the time by people who have more money than taste for whiskey really. Not that I mind of course:-) But when it comes down to serious drinking I just like to stick with the basic stuff. Dewar's White Label is fine with me. Recently, I've been told about how good Famous Grouse is. Today somebody said that there's nothing better than Old Parr. So where will this end anyway.

Do the bars really water down their drinks? I don't really know. But when I was running bars I never thought that the effort was worth whatever ill-gotten profits that it could have brought. I guess what some bars do is give you less than a shot every time you order a drink. Then when water, soda, coke or whatever else is added all you're tasting is the mix.

I have not had a drink in Bangsar for a long time. Just cost too much to drink there or anywhere else these days. Better to get some friends together, sit by the pool, fire up the grill.........and drink.

Trashed said...

Ehh, Patrick. Which bar were you running leh ?

I thot you orways a customer only? Baarger, if you are behind the bar, sure every night get short count.

patrickteoh said...

Eh trashed I'd have you know that I am damn good bartender ok? LOL...You didn't know meh? I used to operate a bar called Radio City in the then newly opened and happening place called 1Utama. Had it for a couple of years before the highway construction and police and religious department raids with TV 3 cameras in tow finally dealt the death knell to the entire area which those days used to have bars, discos, KOK's. Before that I used to own a place in the Central Market Annexe called Alibi. And before that I operated a bar/disco in Kota Kinabalu called The Bistro, the first disco in KK. 3 bars. Never made any money. But had lots of fun. Wrong formula I guess. One of the deejays during The Music Machine/Tin Mine/Federal Club days is Ronnie Choong who is now the multi-millionaire tycoon of nightlife in KL. He and his partners own all the coolest hottest places in town - Beach Club, Nuovo, Rum Jungle etc. He got the formula right. Reinforces my belief that we are put here for different reasons. LOL.

Trashed said...

Ya ya ya. Now I remember. Sorry le. Memory also fading.

Radio City was quite happening in 1 Utama and Alibi osso OK. Never been to Bistro in KK. Forjot, forjot.

Wahhhh, Ronnie Choong taiko of KL nightlife ah ? I thot it was that Zouk fler, wassisname ?

His formula is China dolls and have good frens in DBKL, izzit ?