Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Rich And Famous

Just came home from attending a launch for a watch. And got a taste of the lifestyle of the rich and famous. This watch is a Swiss watch like the rest of them. Well, except for the Seiko's and Citizens lah. Apparently, there are only 6 pieces in the world. So far. Each one costs RM1.375 million. The one launched tonight is coded #1. So it was a world premier lah. The guy said that they will only make more if people order them. It will take about 6 months for you to get one assuming you already have 1.375 millions in spare cash that is. Strangely, the crowd there weren't the 1.375 million Ringgit bunch as far as I could see. I mean I was invited man! The guest of honor was the Malaysian minister of domestic trade and industry. But I guess with the recent RGT5million farewell party debacle he won't be in a hurry to get one of these timepieces. Wait a while lah. And because YB was the guest of honor it was a dry function. Only got diabetes inducing colorful liquids in champagne flutes. Finger food was from Shrooms which meant it was quite good. Only trouble was that one had to pick up a lot from those fleet-footed waiters if one was inexperienced enough to go to these functions without first having dinner. My wife argued that since it was timed for 7.30 that we would get dinner. But when we arrived and saw the venue I knew it would have to be a grab and bite kind of thing.
All the guests were herded into a claustrophobic enclosure encircled by fake iron bar fences which made the whole thing look like a mini zoo with casual shoppers at the newly renovated Starhill Gallery staring in with immense curiousity. There was entertainment in the form of Mia Palencia. Sheila Majid was the main entertainment event although she sang to an almost disinterested crowd who was a little louder than her sound system. Strangely, at the end of each song she received resounding applause. I suppose fans of hers have heard those songs so often that they didn't really have to pay attention to appreciate her. Some star celebs there included the very beautiful and very tall,Bernie Chan. I requested her to give me a running commentary to what was happening on stage as she was the only one in our group who could look over the tops of people's heads to see something. The delectable Ida Nerina was there. JO Kukathas of Instant Cafe Theatre with her blond locks. A left over from her last role as a South African on the Road To Mecca. The young and the quick Adam Carruthers (TV8). That was all I recognised. I suppose there were also the sprinkling of dato's and Tan Sri's but these are these days becoming very inconspicuous. The event was hosted by FJ Benjamin. The people who continuously bring you new and innovating ways of spending your hard earned money....GUESS, Raoul, Man. U etc. They were nice and even gave me a door gift. Chocolates, facial oil blotting paper, wet wipes....I must ask Paula Malai, Zit Murad, Zahim Albakri, Gavin Yap and people like that what type of functions they attend. They are always showing off new, handphones, watches, cameras and other cool stuff that they claim were their gifts for attending launches and things and just standing around looking cool and famous. Well, I suppose that is the secret. Looking cool and famous. I've got to work on that a bit more. What to do?


lecram sinun said...

What's the strange empty space and the search bar doing there after your post??

Cool post BTW. Just got back from the SF fringe... blogged a bit about it too.

Trashed said...

Alamak, the strange empty space is his stomach, lah.

patrickteoh said...

I have no idea how it got there. The spaces I mean. I shall go read your blog after I take a nap. Woke up at 6 this morning to make it to the radio station Red 104.9 FM for a guest spot. It's a Chinese radio station!!! Had fun there using my very limited and broken Cantonese. Got lots of calls in from people who were my fans during the radio hey days. Ahhhhhhhhh memories.

Dinda's Sharing said...

What a cool blog this was to read in the office. I cracked up laughing about your door gifts..got the whole office staff curious! Anyway now you have wet wipes and facial blotters, and use them, you will compete with the 'cool dudes' who get the handphones etc. Otherwise your surprise gift at the next guest apperance might contain Adult Diapers and a state of the art (only for the rich and famous) diamond encrusted zimmer frame!
MMm the empty space is the one in your heart just waiting to be filled up with people who love you... ;-)

helen said...

Yo, Patrick. Heard you in FM 988 this morning. Wah, so nice to hear your sexy voice over the air again. Ei, your Canto is really 'ma ma dei' but nevertheless, good to know that you are still very 'Patrick.'

Bring more inside scoop on those rich & famous parties u and your family attendlah. Keep bloggin'.

Tigrrr said...

Facial oil blotting paper?? At the launch of an idiotically expensive watch? You'd think that they could al least afford to give you gold-plated facial oil blotting paper. Then again, it wouldn't actually blot anything then, would it?

Well, at least you didn't get a pen with a 2004 calender printed on its side.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I was there and saw you with Jo and the rest of the rich and famous! I received the same door gift which I did enjoy immediately after unlike the mini cooper launch I went to early this year which to begin with sounded too good to be true.We all got to choose a pair of mini series sunglasses (500 to 800 bucks you know)which I am still waiting patiently for,they promised to courier it to your home.(I think if they used normal post also already arrive)Thing is those sunnies were really cool and I was really looking forward to it, well,too good to be true. Wonder if Paula got hers?

patrickteoh said...

Me and Jo and the REST of the rich and famous???? Hahahaha...you're funny. Yes I did enjoy my freebies too. Gave the blotters to my wife. Used the vouchers to get 2 shirts from RAOUL at KLCC. Wore one of them yesterday. Got a comment from someone. "Nice shirt." Raoul. "Wah! Expensive one you know." I guess that's one of the appeals of it. LOL She didn't say I looked good in it. Just that it was expensive. Today it's back to wearing 3 for RM10 tees.

Mini sunnies? That's what I mean lah. I hope you get yours soon. Post photos lah so's we can see your expensive door gift.