Monday, September 12, 2005

September 12, 2005

Just read in Afdlin's blog that he got to speak to Pak Lah at the launch of Malaysia's latest TV channel MiTV. It is an eye opening insight into the man who is our Prime Minister and the first politician in a long time with an honest face. Go here and read it. It's worth your time. it's the blog titled....

Friday, September 09, 2005

My chat with Pak Lah... THE PRIME MINISTER! Part 2.

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patrickteoh said...

I thought I would add my own comment here lah. I also have a story to tell of another Prime Minister. This time the Tun lah.

Years ago when there was a supermarket in the basement level of what is Plaza Yow Chuan I literally bumped into him.

I was doing some food shopping there one evening and I noticed that there were these greasy looking types complete with sunglasses (at night). They had huge sling bags over their shoulders. Sticking out of these bags were ends of machine pistols. Of course those were pre-9/11 days and people like me were not so paranoic about these things. Although I thought it odd. While looking at one of these not very secret secret service men I pushed my trolley into someone. When I looked up it was......the Prime Minister. Unable to hide my now crimson red face I muttered a "Sorry". He just smiled and said, "Hello, Patrick. How are you? Are you still on the radio?" That was my first encounter with the great man. My second happened years later when I got invited to the Hari Raya Open House at Sri Perdana. No the invite did not come from the Tun but from his daughter Marina. Anyway, Min and I went and were suitably impressed with the event. But there was no sign of the P.M. So we stood around feeling rather out of place among the Dato's Datin's and Tan Sri's and Puan Sri's. Later I turned towards the main entrance to the house and saw that the P.M. had just come down and was standing there alone. I took the opportunity and went up to him to wish him Selamat Hari Raya. We chatted for a few minutes before a photographer approached and was about to take a pix of me and the P.M. All of a sudden the VIP's noticed that Mahathir was there and rushed over to greet him. So enthusiastic were they that they violently shoved me out of the way. I almost fell down the steps. But nobody cared. I stepped back and was just stunned. That was the first time I was exposed to such a large group of ass kissers in one event. Oh, what did Tun Mahathir say to me at that second meeting? "Hello Patrick. Are you still on the radio?".