Thursday, September 22, 2005

Some nonsense

I just went to read lecram's HNT and had a great laugh. Thanks my friend. You the best. But after the visit I feel like I'm never going to attain that level of blogging sophistication lah. So I thought I'd post this silly joke which I received via sms today from my secretary.

President George W. Bush has announced on CNN that the floods in New Orleans are believed to have been the work of an Iraqi suicide plumber.

Okay, okay so shoot me for wasting your time.


lecram sinun said...

patrick... it's only because i don't have a life! lol. actually, all of that was accomplished in an hour and a half... i surprised myself on that one too. thanks for the visit and comment... glad you liked it. now the pressure is on to top myself next week.

Dinda's Sharing said...

yup..I am pretty hooked on Lecrams blog page...however I notice you are getting more n more creative and ambitious..leaves me lagging behind..Think you should drop the jokes though! LOL
Mmm I am hungry now after reading about the food...One still cannot get a good assam laksa better than Penang! (ahem I am not old yet!)
Love you lots, DindaX

Trashed said...

Aiyah, Patrick. I tell you straight leh.

The joke sucks ! But okay lah - you dinch write it.